The¬†Judges’ statement is as follows

After checking the evidence provided, the Judges declared that our attempt to set a European record for Largest Canopy Formation, made at Paracentrum Teuge, is valid!

Yes it is!!!!
We now have to apply for the record at the FAI.

Please notice the names of the Judges. Thank you Judges Rina Gallo, Vera Asquith, Judy Celaya, Gary Taylor, Jenifer Gordon, H. Allen Heits and Nicolas Bernard for taking the time to judge our attempt, we owe you one!
Also a big thanks to Bert Ham for gathering the evidence at the DZ and making sure our record could be ratified. Next time you meet up with one of the record holders, remind them they owe you one ūüėČ

The ECF 30-way record formation participants are:
Ciprian DrobotńÉ, Dennis van der Coelen,¬†Frans van Wijngaarden,¬†Gabriel Andrei, George Buijtendijk,¬†Gerben Frankvoort,¬†Herman Slot,¬†Holger Gnoth,¬†Indrek Pappel,¬†Izabela Pilarczyk,¬†Jari Lehti, JarosŇāaw ZwierzyŇĄski, Kira Tsindiaikina,¬†Konstantin Krivosheev, Matti Pirttikoski,¬†Maciej Gago,¬†Marcin BńÖk,¬†Martin Kuńćera,¬†Mary-lou Barratt,¬†Michal Balonis,¬†Pasi Pirttikoski,¬†PaweŇā Michalski, Peter A. Pfalzgraf,¬†Sebastian Cato,¬†Simoens Benedikt, Sujkowski Grzegorz, Szymon CheŇāmicki,¬†Thomas Rohde-Seelbinder,¬†Tom Brand,¬†Tom√°Ň° Deml.
On Camera: Laurent Dreyfus, Maurice Kostros and Tomsz Burza.

Confirmation from the Judges

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