Sequential Camp, May 25-28 in Moorsele, Belgium

Marc Calluy has more then 15 participants registered and is very thankful for the interest in the CF-camp at his club. There is a nice mix of already teamed up crEUw-dogs (3 UK teams and one Dutch team) and solo candidates who like to work on their technique. There will also be some newbies, so we can invite them for a beer and welcome them into our discipline


Benoit Rotty (multiple French/World-champion) will take care of the technical part.
We will also have Laurent-Stephane Monfort to assist on video. So, the team videographers will also get world-class coaching.


The entree fee is € 60,-
The jump tickets are € 23,- for non-members and € 17,50 for members (membership is € 100,-) if you buy 10 jumps as member, you get a free 11th jump.


There is catering at the club similar to the Wolk at Teuge. There will be no organised group catering because we will be a small group and probably will not jump on same loads. This makes us more flexible during the day and also for dining somewhere else other than the drop zone.


For those who do not have gear there are rentals:

  • Main canopy 7,5 €
  • Complete rig 15,- €

THE LIST (current May, 15)

  1. Henk (NL) L. 143
  2. Brord (NL) L. 160
  3. Frans (NL) L. 160
  4. Tash (GB) L. 126
  5. Mary Barratt (GB) L. 126
  6. Pete L. (GB) L. 143
  7. Kelly  (GB) L. 126
  8. Wes G. (GB)
  9. Jason (GB)
  10. Emily (GB)

There are more; like the post says, Marc Calluy has at least 15 participants registered.

If you want to register >> click <<

Sequential CF-Training
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2 thoughts on “Sequential CF-Training

  • May 15, 2017 at 12:05

    Unfortunately, this event is not being communicated so well. The text for the preview comes from an email to all of Henk. The preview is therefore only 3 weeks before the start online. A list of the participants is always composed of the registrations on this page. There were only five participants yesterday after this parameter. I’ve heard in the meantime that there are probably more. But I did not know it. I would therefore always want everyone to enter their intention through the registration forms. Then we can always create better or more complete lists.
    I now share your information with those of the registration forms in that post.

    thx to Mary,

  • May 15, 2017 at 11:38

    Is there a list of participants for this event? It’s nice to look at the lists on the other events and get a sense of who’s going to events and how the CF community is growing, so I’m wondering if it’s possible do the same for this? I know from the UK we have –
    Tash Higman (126)
    Mary Barratt (126)
    Pete Linstrand (143)
    Kelly Spittle
    Wes Guest
    Jason Hobbs
    Emily Sugars


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