Estonia Parasummer 2017
Estonia Parasummer 2017

We would like to know who is attending this event so that we can organize in advance and plan a CF briefing. In addition, you will receive further information by email after submitting this form:

Lightning 113Lightning 126Lightning 143Lightning 160Lightning 176Lightning 193I need to rent a Lightning (€7,50 per jump)

51 to 67 kg74 to 79 kg84 to 89 kg94 to 100 kg104 to 110 kg114 to 120 kg

no experienceCF 8 waybigger than 9waybigger than 16waybigger than 25waybigger than 36waybigger than 49way

A further registration is necessary, which requires the DZ for accommodation, meals, T-shirts etc. The fee for the boogie is dependent on the booking time. Copy the follow link for the boogie enrollment: