Vita from Henk Lunshofhenk_sprungfertig

Henk goes big in Finsterwalde, Germany

Task in the project: Chef Management, Press reviewer, CF coach, Section Briefing
Place of birth: Earth
Age: 1966
Languages: Dutch, English and Sranan
First parachute jump: July 1984, Ameland
Total number of jumps: 2800
Biggest CF-Formation: 44
Favorite jumping dropzone: Teuge
Favorite CF-Disciplines: 4way-Rotation, Big Formations and CF-Parabatics
Experience with other parachuting disciplines: Formation Skydiving and flying wingsuit
Favorite parachute types: Lightning 143/160 and Storm 97/107
Other hobbies: hobbies? no, no hobbies 😉
Occupation: Student

Henk Lunshof
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