Vita from Heikki Kammonen
Finish: “Hyppyheikki”

Task in the project: Video
Place of birth: Laukaa, Finland
Born: 1950
Language: English, Finnish, a little bit German
First parachute jump: 21.7.1997 Dropzone Räyskälä, Finland
Total number of jumps: 1433
Video/Photo on CF-Formations: ~ 800 camerajumps in different CF-formations, the biggest was as primary videoman in 36 way diamond formation in Spring Fling 2014 in Sebastian Florida, USA,
Favorite jumping dropzone: Zephyrhills, Florida USA
Experience with other parachuting disciplines: FS-jumping and 6 Wingsuit jumps
Favorite parachute types: PD Lightning and Sabre
Other hobbies: Forest works with motor chainsaw.
Occupation: Lawyer, retired some years ago

Heikki Kammonen (Video)
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