Last weekend of April ’17

For the next CF event in Europe we need to look to the high North. Roger Vin has invited and will welcome some crEUw-dogs on the Nimbus Fallskjermklubb in Rakkestad, Norwegen. Facebook-Site.

Roger calls is a unofficial CF- Training camp in Norway, for the Euro CF Challenge 2017.

Lets declare it official! The camp is ment for:

  • Newbies and professional training together to increase knowledge.
  • Jumping Saturday and Sunday primarily, but Monday also available.
  • Pasi Pirttikoski (CF) will lead the way.

Pasi started skydiving in 1986 and since then done thousands of CRW / CF jumps. If you don’t feel confident flying in close proximity with other canopies yet, Pasi will make you love your time under the canopy! We jump at Rakkestad, for best access for those driving. We will fly with a C206 Turbin.

Good luck crEUw-dogs up north, have fun and send us some pictures 😉

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Lightning event in Norway
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