ECF Challenge 2018, day 2

CF 17way
CF 17-way. The Base for the next jumps. Photo by Laurent Dreyfus

This morning we are blessed again with prefect weather. With a minor change in the base and also in the other groups, the ECF got airborne, along with our fellow Dutch accuracy and wingsuit competitors who are competing in the Dutch Nationals. We wish them a sporty and exciting competition.

All groups made 2 jumps before lunch. On the third jump of the day the base was expanded to a 16-way with promising results. So, the group was excited enough to pack their chutes for the last practice dive of the day.

Iza is very happy with her Lightning 113, small
Iza is very happy with her Lightning 113

Speaking of packing, 2 Polish members are packing with a bit more excitement than the rest. Szymon Chełmicki and Izabela Pilarczyk only got their new Lightnings just before this camp and put some jumps on them the weekend before. Szymon will be ‘the engine’ of the big-way, as number 4 he will push the top of the formation forward, giving it the drive we need. But, Iza must certainly be the luckiest one. with just 28 CF jumps in her pocket she is doing well with her brand new Lightning. Although Iza just started CF in May this year, she is a veteran with 5700 jumps, gathered together over the past 3 decades. Together with her sky-sister Agata, who also ordered a Lightning 113, she will be doing CF-2 back home. Good luck Iza with your plans and through this post again a big thanks from Szymon, Iza and the crEUw team to Performance Design for having their Lightnings just in time!

After two days of great weather the fairy tale seems to be over. Grey clouds rolled in during the late afternoon. The jumps in the afternoon were disturbed by ‘bumpy’ air. So we closed it for today, looking forward to tomorrow, ready to go bigger.

16-way base is excited and satisfied
16-way base is excited and satisfied
ECF Challenge 2018, day 2

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