European CF Record 2018 preview

Teuge from September 13 – 16

Teuge Briefing Kladde

ECF members training during the Parasummerboogie ’18 in Estonia. (foto byTeemu)

From 13 till 16 September the European Canopy Formation (ECF) members will organize a record attempt at DZ Teuge in the Netherlands. 34 members from 11 different European countries have responded to this invitational event. All of the participators have been training big way formations during the 2018 season to perform at their best. The training was done on the ECF events in Germany, Polen and Estonia.

A action picture from the inside of a formation being build during the last ‘Parasummer’. (foto by Frans v. W.)

Also 18 of the ECF members have already flown in a 51-way CF-formation during the Spring Fling boogie in March this year in Lake Wales, Florida. So the participators are pretty confident about their individual part of the record attempt.

Building a record is not only a difficult technical execution of the jump itself and the individual skills need to perform during the jumps. It is also about bringing together the support from the hosting DZ, some help in finance by sponsors and the luck of having the right weather during the time the event is held. The ECF group hopes that the puzzle pieces will fall well together during the record attempt.

Of course, since we have a new European record 2018, set by our Russian brothers just this last August, the pressure to perform is a bit higher to us, but we like that challenge  😉

Canopy Formation CF16way
CF16way 2018 in Gransee. Photo by Seele

So, while the ECF group will try to make an extra step forward during their record event this year, it will also be a preparation for a major event likely to happen next year, 24 – 30 June, also on the Teuge DZ. During this whole week of CF, which will be organised by the DZ as part of their 50th anniversary, the ECF group will get company from American, Brazilian, Argentinian, Russian and Australian CF friends. They are aiming to break the biggest CF-formation, a 56-way flown on 5 september 1996 above Kassel.

Those who just started skydiving and are curious about CF: we train first time CF jumpers around Europe. Just mail us and we will get you in touch with a coach nearby your DZ. Also, if you are in the neighbourhood and interested to see the ECF members perform, you are invited to visit Teuge and support the ECF members in their record attempt. The DZ has a cosy clubhouse with professional personal, ready to serve you some coffefe.

Canopy Formation CF16way
CF16way 2018 in Gransee. Photo by Seele


crEUw skies from the ECF team,

Russia and Europe Record Canopy Formation 28-way 

The Russian CF Team has set a new Russian and European record!

The Russian/European group had already organised big way events and put an unofficial 25-way record in 2015 as well.  This years three days record attempt should also be finalized in a large Canopy Formation Record.
The target was both Russia and European achievement. And so our Russian brothers did it!
On 26 August during the 4th 2-plane formation jump the Record 28-way CF Formation was built. The facts are already validated by FPS and FAI judges. While the Russians have 120 days for the paper work and formalities, the West-Europeans will have their attempt from 13 till 16 September on Teuge.


Some facts about the Russian/European Record

  •  the Record trainer is Denis Dodonov
  • the cameraman – Alexey Volynskiy, both multiple world Champions
  • 8 out of 28 skydivers joined  the project and some of them even the CF
    discipline only this year
  • 6 out of the 7 female CF members participated
  • a total of 16 jumps were made during the event
  • this season we had 6 training camps in small groups
  •  the  altitude was 4700 meters
  • the place is DZ Krutitcy, Ryazan region, Russia

CF Russia will first take a break and relax before analyzing the experience and move forward next year!
Of course the Russian brothers are welcome to join the CF Teuge party from 24 till 30 June. The aim for this event is very broad, from first time CF till flying the biggest CF formation above Europe, which would be a 64-way.

Congratulations to our Russian brothers with their achievement and also a big thank you for putting the milestone a bit higher for the Western European Group members. Go Russia, GO!

Natalya Lapshina

First 6way speed competition

The CF 6-way speed competition is a go

We call it "The Eward"-Formation. For fun or as a serious suggestion. Here demonstrated by Brian Pungburn with the Romanians, George (NL) and Indrek from Estonia.
6way speed, Formation: Eward

6 & 7 Oct 2018

Attached is a registration form to be send to.
Registration starts at 09:00 am on saturday october 6th. Registrtaion fee is set at €50,- , this includes a BBQ on saturday evening.


Would you all be so kind to spread or share this around?
registration form

Telephone nr organizers:
+32-475935076 (Marc Calluy)
+31-631664209 (Brord van der Maat)

All parachute systems used in Belgium MUST be equipped with an AAD unit on the reserve parachute!

Marc & Brord

CF 6way Speed
CF 6way Speed. Designed by ECF

Summary on the Skills 2018

European CF Scene 2018

Canopy Formation CF16way
Canopy Formation CF16way in Gransee

This year we have had two major CF skill camps so far (Gransee and Piotrkow Trybunalski) and I am very pleased to recognise a remarkable gain in the overall skill level. That does not mean we have reached the top but we are on a good way and I believe that we have a good chance to achieve our goal to set a new European Record building a 36-way Diamond this year.

The camps have reconfirmed that we need everybody participating to stay in the wing loading range of 1,300 to 1,380 to build a healthy formation. It has shown again that a formation with overloaded canopies at the top is sinky and hard to dock on. Only few canopies with a higher wing loading can be used in the big diamond and among those most need to be smaller sizes.

Canopy Formation CF16way
Canopy Formation with ECF-Flag in Gransee

For the record jumps we will of course have to meet certain standards. So everybody who wants to get on the record team is requested to be in the wing loading range mentioned above. Also the equipment needs to meet certain standards: every canopy has to have a line set with „world record trim“. A trim chart will be on our web site where you can check if your canopy is the way we need it. Alle sliders have to be quiet. That means that you have either a mash slider or a spider slider.

The location of the record attempts is not finally decided but you will be informed in time. If it is not going to be Gransee it might happen in Piotrkow Trybunalski in Poland.

For next year we might even try to organise a 49-way record in Teuge but that lies far ahead and may for now be looked at as a motivation for everybody to keep exercising.

Last but not least I want to make you aware that there will be a CF6-Special competition 6.- 7. October this year in Belgium. As we have tested this new competition format in Gransee already and liked it a lot I can only encourage everybody to participate.

Blue-Blue, ther PETi,
Photos by Seele

Canopy Formation CF16way
Canopy Formation CF16way, DZ Gransee Germany, Photos by Seele

Big Way crEUw-Camp in SkyForce Poland 2018

The SkyForce Poland Camp

UPDATE 20180614
(Tomek CEDRO)

The SkyForce Camp was one of the biggest canopy formation events in Poland till now. We had great pleasure and honor to welcome 34 guests from all around the world including “crEUw Dogs” and the World Championship Team Members and Trainers Brian and Yuliya Bangburn from USA. We all had a great time together both in the air as well as on the ground! Thank you everyone for attending the camp! Thank you SkyForce Poland for hosting us! Hope to see you all very soon again! 🙂

CRW SkyDivers are like big family and everyone can notice that right at first glance. Even the drop zone staff was amazed how close and wild but warm our relations are, how much fun and energy we can bring to the place, while being perfectly well organized and focused on our main goal – canopy formation piloting skills improvement. Although we had some entanglements in the air, everything ended up safely with no injuries or accidents. We take care of each other because we respect each other and simply love to jump together!

CRW is clearly a team play. Although everyone is different and individual, we all are part of the team. Work of one person reflects on results of the others instantly. We all know that, but this also brings attention and interest of the others. Maybe this is also what attracts new people to this Canopy Formation sport. After all, we are people from different countries, cultures, we use different languages and mindsets. Still, we are one big international jumping family..

We are open to everyone who will resonate with our vibration. We had an opportunity to welcome several people making their very first Canopy Formations jumps. Different configurations, different slots/places, different timings, and different formation sizes, all this brought us new experience. It is amazing to see that spark in the eye of a newcomer, hunger for skills and self-development, courage to shift personal boundaries just to get something new from outside that everyday life comfort zone.

Careful formation engineering and jump planning is the key to success and safety. “Briefing” before each jump is the time to get familiar with team and flight organization. So called “Dirt-Diving” on the ground before each jump prepares us to things that will happen in the air. Even those unexpected events or so called “failed jumps” are fun, but they are also always carefully analyzed after and well discussed during the “De-Briefing”, so we can all learn and improve together from our mistakes, deepen the understanding of the situation, and become even more skilled and foreseeing jumpers.

We are all aware of the learning curve. This is why we are all so grateful for such a great friends and teachers. This is why being together, sharing knowledge, is so important for us, because it grows trust, brings us closer to the life goals, helps us improve as a person.

Still, paths of life remains a mystery for each one of us. We felt really bad hearing about recent death of our true friend and one of the best riggers Steven Sims (USA). We honoured memory of Steve with a sunset jump with “one person missing” formation. We will always keep a place for you Steve, in our memories, in our hearts, in our minds, and in our Canopy Formations.. Blue Skies Our Friend, Our Brother!

UPDATE 20180601
(Tomek CEDRO)

Please kindly in advance fill in the Participant’s Registration Form and send its scan together with Insurance and Gear Papers to SIMON so we all have rapid registration upon arrival!


Thank you! See you there! 🙂

UPDATE 20180512
(Thomas SEELE)

bunkhouses with 50 beds

The event is from 8 to 10 of June.
The DZ is a very friendly dropzone with for now one Skyvan. They just got a second skyvan flown in and are doing their out most best to get that one flying as well.
So the change is we will have two skyvans flying.

Sky Force is a new dropzone, doing their out most best to let the skydiver feel at home. Their is a swimming pool, a bunkhouses with 50 beds and of course a cantina for drinks and food. Tents and Campers are welcome, but there is enough place in the Bunkhouses. The organizers Szymon & Marcin will be our host.

To organize the last details Symon and Marcin Organising a event like this means the organisation needs to know who is coming, if they need a sleeping place and moreof that kind of info. If you plan to go, let these hard working gay’s know you will take part of the event.

 Sky Force is holding the june crEUw and is located at  ul. Przemysłowa 48, Piotrków Trybunalski.

For questions or enlisting please mail to: Symon or Marcin

 The List update May 12
1. Roger – NO
2. Roland – NL
3. Onno – NL
4. Romanian Team
5. Romanian Team
6. Romanian Team
7. Romanian Team
8. Indrek – EST
9. Mary Lou – GB
10. Pasi Pirttikoski-  FIN
11. Heikki Kammonen, FIN
12. Henk NL
13. Lenart NL
14. George NL
15. Brian Pangburn – USA
16. Yulia Pangburn – USA
17. Marcin Bąk  – PL
18. Paweł Michalski – PL
19. Tomasz Cedro –  PL
20. Michał Balonis – PL
21. Maciej Gago – PL
22. Szymon Chełmicki – PL
23. Mirosław Skrzypiec – PL
24. Piotr Czubak – PL
25. Grzegorz Sujkowski – PL
26. Martin Kučera  – CZ
27. Tomáš Deml – CZ
28. Tomek Wziątek – PL
29. Justyna Sinica – PL
30. Jarosław “Zwierzu” Zwierzyński – PL
31. Peter Pfalzgraf DE
32. Sebastian CATO – SE
33. Piotr Piotrowski – PL

xxx. Tomasz Burza – PL on Camera


New Format CF 6way-speed

The FAI asked for new competition formats

The FAI has some time ago addressed all Air Sports Commissions and asked for new competition formats that fulfil the requirements of World Games and similar FAI First Category Events.

Most important is instant scoring and good visibility to the spectators. All freefall disciplines fail to meet this standard. They cannot be watched from the ground and instant scoring is not easy.

CF 6way Speed
CF 6way Speed. Designed by ECF

The only parachuting discipline that has been included in recent World Games has been Canopy Piloting. Accuracy Landing would also be suitable and especially CF to me seems also eligible. Therefore I have had some brain storming with CF people from around the world and brought my first ideas to the competitors meeting after the CF World cup and European Championships in Saarlouis where some members of the IPC CF Committee discussed them with the competitors.

Using that input and the ideas from the early Cumulus Conventions I made a rule set for a CF6 Special Event that we want to test at our CF camp in Gransee this May. If we can develop this new competition format and the crEUw-dogs like it I will take it back to the IPC CF Committee and present it to the next IPC Plenary for approval. After that it can bee presented to the FAI. If they also like it we have a good chance to get CF included in the World Games. These Games are the highest competition level for non Olympic sports and are recognised as an FAI First Category Event like FAI World Championships.

If you have questions or input send an e-mail

Looking forward to receiving feed back,

Last Rules-Version CF_2018_CR 6way special-04a
First compatition is planing in Belgium

Gransee is preparing for the May training

We just made our first jumps in Gransee this year

Dear CF Jumpers of Europe!

In the hanger of the dropezone

This year we are going to try the next stage, a 36-way Diamond. The past years have shown that we have a lot of talented and experianced Crewdogs around but also it became obvious that we need go faster if we want to get bigger. Being fast does not mean to rush into the formation but to be always at the right place at the right time and to go to our slot directly without hasitation when the formation is ready for our dock and also not abort a good approach only because we don‘t feel confident to make a propper dock.

For this reason we will have our Camp in Gransee to train these things flying formations form 6 to 14-way with runbacks to exercise getting close to the formation on the shortest way adjusting the level and distance to the formation all the time. Also we need to practice using little space in our waiting position in the echelon to not drive away the next in line and let him also be as close to the formation as possible. The next thing is good timing: We cannot wait until the jumper infront of us has docked before we start our final apprach to the formation from our waiting position. If I am a lock up for a free wing I have to fly towards my docking position as soon as he has started because I have a longer way to go. If there is a problem I must be able to wait close to the formation until the dock ahead has been completed. Flying away and comming back is not an option because it takes a lot of time and might shy away the next jumper following and so on. As you can see we have a lot of work to do. To see what we have learned we will have a short 6-way speed contest towards the end of the camp with an additional task to fulfill on landing.

CF FastFoward in Gransee
Home of the German CF-8way Team FastFoward, April 2004 in Gransee / Photo Seele

About the camp in May: There will be an entry fee of 50,- € to cover video slots. The jumps will be from 4.500 m with a ticket price of 23,- €. Camping with tents and mobile homes is possible at the drop zone. A little fee has to be payed to the club. Hotelrooms are availlable but rare. The DZ operator will provide a list that will be published as soon as it is available. Getting to Gransee is not problem if you are using a NAVI system. If you fly in to Berlin Schönefled airport (SXF) there is a train going from there to Gransee directly. If you should fly to Berlin Tegel you need to go to the Hauptbahnhof (main station) using public transportation and can take the same train to Gransee. We will pick you up from the Gransee train station if you call me under +49 171 657 04 90.

The floor for our packing tent is already prepared

At the DZ there is a little restaurant where you can have your meals at moderate prices if you do not bring your own supplies. We are planning to have a dinner with the whole group Saturday evening.

To keep organising efficient we want you to fill out the waiver and mail it to us before you get to Gransee! There will be a German version of the waiver on our web site that you will have to fill out and mail to us and an english version to explain if you don‘t understand German. There will be an exemption for us that we do not need an AAD to jump at Gransee as it is required for freefall jumpers.

If you have questions send an e-mail to Peter A. Pfalzgraf.

Looking forward to seeing you there.
ther PETi

Please help us with organizing and tell us asap if you will join. >> Registration-Form <<

  • 2 small Caravans (15 jumper each)
  • 50,- € Orga (Videobriefing)
    Please transfer the 50, – € Orga charge (use is described on the website) to the bank account of PETi:
    Peter A. Pfalzgraf
    IBAN : DE77 2009 0500 0007 2669 60
  • Jump-Ticket 23,-€
  • Briefing Aerea is a separat CF-Tent, size: 8m x 16m
  • please fill out the waiver and send it to us before you get to Gransee:
    waiver (english translation for your info only!)
    waiver german

General Briefing: Herman Slot (NL)
Head Pilot: Gerben Frankvoort (NL)


Special guest: Brian Pangburn has also signed up for Gransee in May

Registered participants
Registered participants

The List update May 8

  1. PETi L.160
  2. Janky L. 160
  3. Seele L. 143/160 (Photo & Video)
  4. RALFi L.143 (Video)
  5. Tom L.160
  6. Gerben L.160
  7. Herman Slot L. 143
  8. Eward Slot L. 143
  9. Holger Gnoth L. 160
  10. Ben L. 193
  11. Frans van Wijngaarden L. 160
  12. Indrek Pappel L. 126
  13. George Buijtendijk L. 176
  14. Roland Bijl L. 193
  15. Marion L. 143
  16. Yuliya L. 126
  17. Brian P. L. 160
  18. Gabi L. 193
  19. Cristi L. 176
  20. Milu L. 193

6-way speed contest

May 19. – 21. (Sa. – Mo.!!) Monday is a Pentecost holiday in Germany
Arrival-day shoud be Friday May 18
Flugplatz Gransee, Ziegelscheune, 16775 Gransee
>> last post from this training camp

Größere Karte anzeigen

Preview Berlin-Gransee May 2018

CrEUw dogs Training Camp Pentecost-Weekend

Flugplatz Gransee
Dropezone Gransee

May 19. – 21. (Sa. – Mo.!!) Monday is a Pentecost holiday in Germany
Arrival-day shoud be Friday May 18
Flugplatz Gransee, Ziegelscheune, 16775 Gransee

The camp im May is meant to prepare for the record jumps in September. The focus will be on improving the speed and accuracy of our group. I am planning to make mainly formations of 6, 8 and 14 jupmers with rumbacks to give everybody as much practice as possible. If it will be possible we might go for some 25-ways on Sunday. I am also planning to have one or two rounds of a 6-way Speed Fun Competition to test a new competition format for future World Games as the FAI has been asking for new suggestions. This could motivate our group to go as fast and clean as we need it for the upcomming record jumps in mid September.

CF FastFoward in Gransee
Home of the German CF-8way Team FastFoward, April 2004 in Gransee / Air-Photo Seele

Organisation: PETi

General Briefing: Herman Slot (NL)
Head Pilot: Gerben Frankvoort (NL)

Aircrafts: 2 Cessna Caravans (14 Jumper & Video)
The registrationform is online
>> Next post for this training camp

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tEUge crEUw

April 21 & 22 we do crw @ Teuge

Exit in Teuge
Exit in Teuge

Friday the KILO boy’s will fire up!
Who like’s to join them?

  • Saturday we start 08:30
  • Sunday at 09:30 uur
  • wingload, 1.37
  • Cost € 10,-
  • possible higher to cover the cameraman slot.
CF Seperation
CF Seperation


The list;
1. Gerben
2. Herman
3. Eward

4. Henk
5. George
6. Laurent (Camera)
7. Frans
8. Dennis
9. Roland
10. Jesse
11. Wilco
12. Ben / Eef

Florida Spring Fling Diary 2018

Spring Fling in Lake Wales was going on

March 22 – 25

The EU delegation again this year in orange. Only a few Poles prefer it nationally
The EU delegation again this year in orange. Only a few Poles prefer it nationally

We are on the last day of one full week of the Spring Fling event and we are looking back with much satisfaction to a time of friendship and big fun. Of course, we must make mention of the two 50-way formations and the one 49-way of which we were all able to participate.

The RawDogs presented their new shits during the boogie.
The RawDogs presented their new shits during the boogie.

The idea of the 49-way started at the Spring Fling 2017 when a 36-way was flown in one of the sunset loads. By then it already was a historical fact because after the 100-way from 2007 big-ways there had not been such a large formation flown. All the crEUw members who could and wanted to get in to the 49 and 50-way got at least one slot. Some of us were in the 25-base and flew in all of them. These formations flew perfectly and were very impressive to see. Not only from the ground, but also when you hang in them. What a rush! Brian and Chris kicked some ass by engineering these big-mamma’s, congratulation guys for keeping us safe.

Dirtdive-Briefing the CF 49 and 50way with Brian Pangburn at Spring Fling 2018
Dirtdive-Briefing the CF 49 and 50way with Brian Pangburn at Spring Fling 2018

Earlier in the week there was a full program. In the first days we flew allot of small ways so everybody could wake up from their winter sleep. Pups did their first CF jump starting out with one on one with an instructor, a coach or a very experienced CF jumper. After several small way formations, some of them got in the 49 and 50 way mentioned earlier. Wow, yeah it IS possible!!!

For those wanting to do something more exciting, the acrobatics classes gave them the excitement they never expected. There were side-by-side, three side-by-side and down planes to fill the air. The three EU-competition teams which get their training from Brian and Scott are taking back allot of ‘home work’ to practice at their own DZ.

CF 49way, the biggest Formation in Lake Wales since the 100way 11years ago. Photo by Seele
CF 49way, the biggest Formation in Lake Wales since the 100way 11years ago. Photo by Seele

The crEUw team is already looking forward to next year as Spring Fling is offering the Northern CF jumper the ultimate environment to prepare for the season to come. Thank you Brian, Chris and Staff for this opportunity.

March 19 – 21

Our bad weather days were Tuesday (rain) and Wednesday (strong wind)

The CF Seminar from Brian Pangburn
The CF Seminar from Brian Pangburn

New flags were hung in the hangers of Lake Wales. It was the flags of the Czech Republic and Poland that had not been raised here yet. Visually, the hanger was then represented much more internationality. But because we do not advertise by chance on the ECF site for gaining experience in the USA, the blue flag with the 12 yellow stars in a circle was not missing. This flag now hangs in the hanger of Lake Wales.

Team-Leader of the Airsports Parashute Team in Florida: Bob Edmiston
Team-Leader of the Airsports Parachute Team in Florida: Bob Edmiston

The bad weather allowed for presentation of theory. Like the General Briefing, a lecture on the piloting of a formation was also presented by Brian Pangburn. His in-depth knowledge went into it and Brian has excellently explained with a lot of experience.

On Wednesday morning it was the preparation for the acrobats of our discipline. The Parabatics are not an official sports discipline. But it is often the reason why some skydivers are interested for canopy formation, to inspire or want to start with it. It is an interesting opportunity to perform at outdoor landings or at events spectacular. There are a variety of forms with which parabatic skydivers appear.

The Leg-Grip to fly very comfortable a side by side and a downplane
The Leg-Grip to fly very comfortable a side by side and a downplane

With or without straps is a question of principle. Downplanes, Pinwheels, flag jumps or the joint jumping on the parachute even with fireworks were explained. In this workshop Brian was supported by Bob Edmiston. After the theory we could do only one jump before the already strong wind got too much to go up anymore.

The rest of the week the weather forecast is much better predicted. There are also more and more jumpers arriving, who came only for the Spring-Fling weekend. This allows all participants to translate the extensive facets of the Canopy Formation from theories into practice.

Much Technik & Tools to do Parabatics
Much Technik & Tools to do Parabatics

March 17 & 18

Hanger in Lake Wales
Hanger in Lake Wales

crEUw Members signed in for the yearly Spring Fling event at Skydive Lake Wales, organised by Brian Pangburn. This year the event is organised over a nine day span, giving room to much sub-disciplines in crew.

Rigs get packed with a special help
Rigs get packed with a special ripcoard

We also welcome a pretty big class of Pups, participating for the first time in crew. Welcome to you all!
An attractive sub-discipline is the acrobatics, Justina did her first down plane, having the thrill of her life!

The Raw Dogs Rigs
The Raw Dogs Rigs

Besides the bigways, also new on the Spring Fling is the competition coaching. Three crEUw competition teams did start the coaching program lead by Chris Gay. So while the Fling Spring just started, we are already excited by the choice of possibilities to choose from and are looking forward to a week of fun and gaining more and more cf-experience.

Sunset-Exit Tomasz Cedro XS
Sunset-Exit Tomasz Cedro XS

Like Ben was saying, redocking 3 times in one jump as number 2 and George did a 3 point 9-way ff a 2 point 12 way asking op in 3 stairsteps. Imagine the view and the excitement. Yes, we do rock and role!

Droprzone Lake Walkes
Lake Walkes, Home of the 100way World Record 2007

But, sadly, we had to close our second day of Spring Fling, missing out Justina in the sky with us for the rest of the week, due to a unfortunate landing. If you travel far to have your ultimate fun, a hard landing sometimes get to you more than expected. Hang in there Justina.

Now a new day is awakening and we are looking for new adventures!

crEUw skies for now

Text: Henk & Seele
Photos: Seele

Preview Spring Fling 2018

Brian Pangburn has posted a preliminary info for Spring Fling 2018

Aircraft in Lake Wales
Aircraft in Lake Wales

Still making plans for the Spring Fling. Thank you everyone for your feedback and suggestions. We should have a fantastic week in March. Please continue to let us know if you will be attending. Please provide you NAME, CANOPY SIZE, and DATES you will be attending so we have plenty of qualified organizers, pilots, and aircraft available. Thanks!

Spring Fling 2018 – March 17-25th – Lake Wales, Florida

  • Saturday 17th – 4 to 9 ways warm up dives. Try to keep as many smaller groups (target 4-ways) to do sequential dives with multiple points.
  • Sunday 18th – 8-way multiple point dives.
  • Mon/Tues 19/20th – 16-ways highlighting rows 3/4 wing lock up proper techniques
  • Wed 21st – Downplane/Dragplane day including seminar
    Piloting Seminar – or – 16-20 ways (this day could be substituted/swapped on any weather day)
  • Thurs 22nd – 8-way’s (speed with runbacks or multipoint sequential)
  • Friday/Saturday 23/24th Sunrise until noon – 49 ways
    (the goal is to get a good solid base and swap almost everyone [90+%] in/out to be on one large formation. Probably 4 or 5 total)
    Noon until sunset 9-20 ways.
  • Sunday 25th 4-way sequential competition. Draw to be done at sunrise. 4 Rounds. (Conclude by 2pm so people can fly out)

The List (last update 02.03.18)

  1. Brian Pangburn – Organizer March 17-25th
  2. Eric Gallan – Organizer March 17-25th
  3. Jim (Razz) Rasmussen – Organizer March 17-25th
  4. Chris Gay – Organizer
  5. Mike Lewis – Organizer
  6. Chris Bohn – Organizer March 17-25th
  7. Chico (video)
  8. Yuliya Pangburn (video)
  9. Hairy Bob (video and/or 143) Mar 17-25
  10. Denis Zhuravkov (Video)
  11. Seele L.143/160 March 17-25th Video
  12. Heikki Kammonen L160 (video) 20-25th
  13. Fabio Campanha. Lt 143/160
  14. Scott Lazarus
  15. Don and Sarah Bromley. 126 March 17-25.
  16. Eber Amaral – 143 March 17-25.
  17. Bill Clement. 160 March 17,18,24,25
  18. Simon-Pierre Bouchard 143 March 21-25
  19. Frank Matrone 143 Mar 17-25
  20. Dominic Matrone Mar 17-25
  21. Eduardo 143 Mar 21-25
  22. Andrew Phillips 143 Mar 23-25th
  23. Kira Tsindiaikina 113 Mar 18-25th
  24. Gene Ballard 176 Mar 17-24
  25. Shireen. 113 March 17-19
  26. Chad Neidigh 193 March XX
  27. Jason Hobsie 113/126 Mar 17-25th
  28. Sergio Obando L176/193 Mar 20-25th
  29. Steve Cannistra 126/143 March 17-19, 22-24
  30. Pasi Pirttikoski 160 Mar 18-24th
  31. Szymon “Simon” Chelmicki 193 March 16-25
  32. Marcin Bąk 143 March 17-25.
  33. Michał Balonis 143 March 17-25.
  34. Paweł “Rudolf” Michalski 160/176 March 16-25.
  35. Maciej “Gajos” Gago 143 March 16-25.
  36. Justyna Sinica 126 March 16-25.
  37. Cedro March 16-25.
  38. Miroslaw Skrzypiec 176 (not sure yet)
  39. Tomas Deml 143 17-25 March XX
  40. Martin Kučera 143 17-25 March XX
  41. Frans van Wijngaarden L160. March 17-25
  42. Joe Thompson (193 / 176 / 160) March 17-25
  43. Garth Baker- 160/176 Mar 19-25th
  44. Bob Lyon 126 March 22-25
  45. Carl Turpin 143, 17th-25th
  46. Feisty – new 160, Mar 18,22-25
  47. Ben Simoens 193 17th-25th
  48. Ken Kniech 160 17th-25th
  49. Fabio Campanha x March 17-25th
  50. Wes Guest 143 March 18-25th
  51. Leandro Donikian 126 March 17-25
  52. Magaly Sandoval March 17-21
  53. Christopher 143 March 17-21
  54. Mark Klingelhoefer – 160 – 17-25
  55. Olavo Falleiros – 126/143 17-25
  56. Geroge Buitendijk L176/193 March 17 -25
  57. Henk Lunshof L143 March 23 – 25 Boogie time!
  58. Lennert van den Berg L143 March 23 – 25 Boogie time!
  59. Daniel Purdy 143 March 17-25
  60. Will Goeman 160 March 17 -25
  61. Daniel Purdy 143 March 17 -25
  62. Chip Husband 160 March 17 -25
  63. Chad Andries 176 March 17-19 pup XX
  64. Mike Paolin 160 March 17-19
  65. Keith Williams 160 pup
  66. Daryl Wyant 160 March 18 -24
  67. Jonathan Nunnelee 160 March 17-19 pup
  68. Todd Kolczun 160/176 March 21-25
  69. Matt Faivre 160 March 18-25
  70. Nelson Pereira 176 March 17 -25
  71. Jenn Jones 126 March 17-19 pup XX
  72. Mike Goodin 143 March 22-24
  73. Mark Anderson 143 21-25
  74. Kevin Melton 143 17-25
  75. Herb laub 160 23-25 —
  76. Mike “Hoppie” 126 23-25
  77. Jim Brewer 143 22-25
  78. Caleb Foster 176 March 17 -21 pupX
  79. Cameron Chapman 143 March 17 -21
  80. Chris Drouin 143/160 March 17 -21 pup
  81. Randy Persi 143 March 21-25
  82. Matt Simpson 176 March 17-19 pup XX
  83. Brian Pirkle, 160, March 18-25


Source crwdogs google group

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Our community, ECF after the third year

A look back at European Canopy Formation project ‘crEUw’

by Henk Lunshof

Formation Pilot and coach Gerben, packing his Lightning in Finsterwalde, Germany

crEUw is a composite of CRW (canopy relative work, the old name for CF) and the EUropean cooperation. This cooperation has made CF and the interest for it, expand again. In spring 2015, Herman Slot, Eward Slot, Gerben Frankvoort and I took a look at where we stood with Canopy Formation. The status of CF in the Netherlands was then blatantly shakey. The active CF-jumpers could be counted on two hands. Also, in the rest of Europe, and in the wider Skydive community, the situation was no better. A program that would give CF a push in the right direction seemed highly desirable.

The Lead Coach, Herman Slot

With this in mind, in collaboration with European CF friends, the first CF Challenge was organized in Finsterwalde, in former East Germany in 2015. The location was chosen to make sure the Challenge would bring as many European CF jumpers as possible together in a successful event. And it did. In the run-up to this event pre-camps were organized in various countries. a very nice spin-off and part of the success story. In fact, 12 events took place in 2015. For the Challenge in Finsterwalde, 28 participants from Great Britain, Finland, Estonia, Sweden, Poland, Germany and the Netherlands enlisted. During the Challenge, which was actually at an early stage in the project, we flew some beautiful 16-ways.
The seed was planted, CF was again on the map in Europe. The participants in this first Challenge are still the core of the crEUw team that annually adds new members. The Challenge and the pre-camps repeated in 2016, with a new European record set during the CF Challenge ’16 at Teuge. The CF Challenge ’17 in Poland provided a new “Pilot” (the top jumper holding a big-way stable and on track). Many new members have joined the crEUw team in recent years.

Henk goes big in Finsterwalde, Germany
CF designed by Eward Slot, Photo by Laurent Dreyfus
Funny CF points designed by Eward Slot

That was the intended goal set out in spring 2015. After three years of CF big-ways and boogies in Europe, we seem to have achieved several stable recurring events; three larger CF boogies and about ten local and national events. The major annual events for the crEUw team are the Parasummer Boogie in Estonia, the Polish CF events and the autumn CF event at Teuge. Also, more and more crEUw members are attending the Spring Fling CF boogie in Lake Wales, Florida.  In fact, Spring Fling offers the crEUw team a good start to the new season every year.  In 2018, Spring Fling will last for 9 days, from 17 to 25 March. Due to the longer period of jumping, it is not only more interesting for experienced CF-ers, but also offers more for A & B license holders who would like to start CF. Going from zero CF jumps at the beginning of the week to a 16-way at the end of the week is not a must, but is certainly possible.

crEUw is looking forward as well.
The ECF FlagFor the coming years, in addition to the big ways, there is also a focus on competition, in 2- and 4-way teams. This began in May 2017 when four 2-way teams gathered in Moorsele, Belgium to be coached by French world champion Benoit Rotty. The first European training camp for competition teams of crEUw was a success. Although not everyone is open to competitive CF, these training camps are recommended to beginners as a means to continue working on basic techniques. In short efficient steps, coaches teach the right techniques. In addition, extensive guidance is given to advanced competitive teams. The biggest success may be the number CF2 teams who went to the training camp and then competed across three different categories at the British Parachute Association CF Nationals, which saw an impressive ten 2-way teams getting together and having great fun.

Photo by Ming Chu (GB)
A confirmation of our work. A CF25way, in 2016

A second new focus is the contact with the Russian CF group, which started during the Parasummer Boogie ’17. Too bad the Russian group did not succeed in their attempt to fly a 30-way record in September. The weather and organizational circumstances played their part. The merge of the crEUw team and this Russian group at one event looks quite challenging on paper and interesting enough to work out a further elaboration.

For now, the 2018 season has its structure of recurring events, some are already scheduled, the rest will follow over the coming months and will be published on this website!

Everybody is welcome to join the CF discipline. Spring Fling as a start for CF in 2018 is a must for everyone. Do CReW!