Preview Spring Fling 2018

Brian Pangburn has posted a preliminary info for Spring Fling 2018

Aircraft in Lake Wales
Aircraft in Lake Wales

Still making plans for the Spring Fling. Thank you everyone for your feedback and suggestions. We should have a fantastic week in March. Please continue to let us know if you will be attending. Please provide you NAME, CANOPY SIZE, and DATES you will be attending so we have plenty of qualified organizers, pilots, and aircraft available. Thanks!

Spring Fling 2018 – March 17-25th – Lake Wales, Florida

  • Saturday 17th – 4 to 9 ways warm up dives. Try to keep as many smaller groups (target 4-ways) to do sequential dives with multiple points.
  • Sunday 18th – 8-way multiple point dives.
  • Mon/Tues 19/20th – 16-ways highlighting rows 3/4 wing lock up proper techniques
  • Wed 21st – Downplane/Dragplane day including seminar
    Piloting Seminar – or – 16-20 ways (this day could be substituted/swapped on any weather day)
  • Thurs 22nd – 8-way’s (speed with runbacks or multipoint sequential)
  • Friday/Saturday 23/24th Sunrise until noon – 49 ways
    (the goal is to get a good solid base and swap almost everyone [90+%] in/out to be on one large formation. Probably 4 or 5 total)
    Noon until sunset 9-20 ways.
  • Sunday 25th 4-way sequential competition. Draw to be done at sunrise. 4 Rounds. (Conclude by 2pm so people can fly out)

The List (last update 12.02.18)

  1. Brian Pangburn – Organizer March 17-25th
  2. Eric Gallan – Organizer March 17-25th
  3. Jim (Razz) Rasmussen – Organizer March 17-25th
  4. Chris Gay – Organizer
  5. Mike Lewis – Organizer
  6. Chris Bohn – Organizer March 17-25th
  7. Chico (video)
  8. Yuliya Pangburn (video)
  9. Hairy Bob (video and/or 143) Mar 17-25
  10. Denis Zhuravkov (Video)
  11. Seele L.143/160 March 17-25th Video
  12. Heikki Kammonen L160 (video) 20-25th
  13. Fabio Campanha. Lt 143/160
  14. Scott Lazarus
  15. Don and Sarah Bromley. 126 March 17-25.
  16. Eber Amaral – 143 March 17-25.
  17. Bill Clement. 160 March 17,18,24,25
  18. Simon-Pierre Bouchard 143 March 21-25
  19. Frank Matrone 143 Mar 17-25
  20. Dominic Matrone Mar 17-25
  21. Eduardo 143 Mar 21-25
  22. Andrew Phillips 143 Mar 23-25th
  23. Kira Tsindiaikina 113 Mar 18-25th
  24. Gene Ballard 176 Mar 17-24
  25. Shireen. 113 March 17-19
  26. Chad Neidigh 193 March XX
  27. Jason Hobsie 113/126 Mar 17-25th
  28. Sergio Obando L176/193 Mar 20-25th
  29. Steve Cannistra 126/143 March 17-19, 22-24
  30. Pasi Pirttikoski 160 Mar 18-24th
  31. Szymon “Simon” Chelmicki 193 March 16-25
  32. Marcin Bąk 143 March 17-25.
  33. Michał Balonis 143 March 17-25.
  34. Paweł “Rudolf” Michalski 160/176 March 16-25.
  35. Maciej “Gajos” Gago 143 March 16-25.
  36. Justyna Sinica 126 March 16-25.
  37. Cedro March 16-25.
  38. Miroslaw Skrzypiec 176 (not sure yet)
  39. Tomas Deml 143 17-25 March XX
  40. Martin Kučera 143 17-25 March XX
  41. Frans van Wijngaarden L160. March 17-25
  42. Joe Thompson (193 / 176 / 160) March 17-25
  43. Garth Baker- 160/176 Mar 19-25th
  44. Bob Lyon 126 March 22-25
  45. Carl Turpin 143, 17th-25th
  46. Feisty – new 160, Mar 18,22-25
  47. Ben Simoens 193 17th-25th
  48. Ken Kniech 160 17th-25th
  49. Fabio Campanha x March 17-25th
  50. Wes Guest 143 March 18-25th
  51. Leandro Donikian 126 March 17-25
  52. Magaly Sandoval March 17-21
  53. Christopher 143 March 17-21
  54. Mark Klingelhoefer – 160 – 17-25
  55. Olavo Falleiros – 126/143 17-25
  56. Geroge Buitendijk L176/193 March 17 -25
  57. Henk Lunshof L143 March 23 – 25 Boogie time!
  58. Lennert van den Berg L143 March 23 – 25 Boogie time!
  59. Daniel Purdy 143 March 17-25


Source crwdogs google group

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Our community, ECF after the third year

A look back at European Canopy Formation project ‘crEUw’

by Henk Lunshof

Formation Pilot and coach Gerben, packing his Lightning in Finsterwalde, Germany

crEUw is a composite of CRW (canopy relative work, the old name for CF) and the EUropean cooperation. This cooperation has made CF and the interest for it, expand again. In spring 2015, Herman Slot, Eward Slot, Gerben Frankvoort and I took a look at where we stood with Canopy Formation. The status of CF in the Netherlands was then blatantly shakey. The active CF-jumpers could be counted on two hands. Also, in the rest of Europe, and in the wider Skydive community, the situation was no better. A program that would give CF a push in the right direction seemed highly desirable.

The Lead Coach, Herman Slot

With this in mind, in collaboration with European CF friends, the first CF Challenge was organized in Finsterwalde, in former East Germany in 2015. The location was chosen to make sure the Challenge would bring as many European CF jumpers as possible together in a successful event. And it did. In the run-up to this event pre-camps were organized in various countries. a very nice spin-off and part of the success story. In fact, 12 events took place in 2015. For the Challenge in Finsterwalde, 28 participants from Great Britain, Finland, Estonia, Sweden, Poland, Germany and the Netherlands enlisted. During the Challenge, which was actually at an early stage in the project, we flew some beautiful 16-ways.
The seed was planted, CF was again on the map in Europe. The participants in this first Challenge are still the core of the crEUw team that annually adds new members. The Challenge and the pre-camps repeated in 2016, with a new European record set during the CF Challenge ’16 at Teuge. The CF Challenge ’17 in Poland provided a new “Pilot” (the top jumper holding a big-way stable and on track). Many new members have joined the crEUw team in recent years.

Henk goes big in Finsterwalde, Germany
CF designed by Eward Slot, Photo by Laurent Dreyfus
Funny CF points designed by Eward Slot

That was the intended goal set out in spring 2015. After three years of CF big-ways and boogies in Europe, we seem to have achieved several stable recurring events; three larger CF boogies and about ten local and national events. The major annual events for the crEUw team are the Parasummer Boogie in Estonia, the Polish CF events and the autumn CF event at Teuge. Also, more and more crEUw members are attending the Spring Fling CF boogie in Lake Wales, Florida.  In fact, Spring Fling offers the crEUw team a good start to the new season every year.  In 2018, Spring Fling will last for 9 days, from 17 to 25 March. Due to the longer period of jumping, it is not only more interesting for experienced CF-ers, but also offers more for A & B license holders who would like to start CF. Going from zero CF jumps at the beginning of the week to a 16-way at the end of the week is not a must, but is certainly possible.

crEUw is looking forward as well.
The ECF FlagFor the coming years, in addition to the big ways, there is also a focus on competition, in 2- and 4-way teams. This began in May 2017 when four 2-way teams gathered in Moorsele, Belgium to be coached by French world champion Benoit Rotty. The first European training camp for competition teams of crEUw was a success. Although not everyone is open to competitive CF, these training camps are recommended to beginners as a means to continue working on basic techniques. In short efficient steps, coaches teach the right techniques. In addition, extensive guidance is given to advanced competitive teams. The biggest success may be the number CF2 teams who went to the training camp and then competed across three different categories at the British Parachute Association CF Nationals, which saw an impressive ten 2-way teams getting together and having great fun.

Photo by Ming Chu (GB)
A confirmation of our work. A CF25way, in 2016

A second new focus is the contact with the Russian CF group, which started during the Parasummer Boogie ’17. Too bad the Russian group did not succeed in their attempt to fly a 30-way record in September. The weather and organizational circumstances played their part. The merge of the crEUw team and this Russian group at one event looks quite challenging on paper and interesting enough to work out a further elaboration.

For now, the 2018 season has its structure of recurring events, some are already scheduled, the rest will follow over the coming months and will be published on this website!

Everybody is welcome to join the CF discipline. Spring Fling as a start for CF in 2018 is a must for everyone. Do CReW!

Bob Reger memorial skydive

Mike Lewis is organizing the first Vampire Boogie in Lake Wales, Florida

From our reporter and crEUw dog on site, Pasi.

Mike Lewis; I was the Vampire Boogie. Foto Sarah Bromley.

26 November, night
So they did it! We have a official 10-way CF night world record and also an unofficial 4-way sequential night Participators ready for the record dive.record as well! The sequential was done by holding the 4-way base and switching the 3-row divers in their slots. Congratulations to;
Mike L.
Michelle H.
Chip H.
Scot B.
John W.
Henny B.
Mike J.
Bob F.
Pasi P.


Participators of the CF night record attempt 25 november '17
Participators of the CF night record attempt 25 november ’17


26 November ’17, evening
About ten CRW-dogs currently enjoy their dinner and the thought that their name may be linked to the next night record. The tension rises.

26 November ’17, noon

While Europe was lying on one ear our CRW brothers did their best in flying that big official night record. The 22-way flew… but unfortunately with one wrong grip  😥
Still the team is in high spirits and will give it another go tonight. Too bad some have to leave, so the group and the record attempt will be much smaller. Good luck tonight guys, fly that official record!






Pasi, ready for the night.

25 November ’17, a short noon note
This morning we started with the memorial skydive for Reger. As it seems to be, every ash dive has it’s own twist. On opening our pilot, Mike, had two broken lines on his main and needed to use his reserve. Although the 31-way did not build completely the in air ceremony could be performed. Reger, fly free…
On the second jump of today, the 9-way base for tonight practiced while the rest of us could enjoy the Florida Sun, which we had to miss the last two days. Unfortunately Micke had to leave to get his flight to home, have a save flight Micke!
We are now with 24 participants to fly the official night record. Later tonight I hope to release the good news of a successful jump.


24 November ’17
Unfortunately day two also past with no jumps to log.  The group did train to be totally ready for tomorrow. The jumps are prepared, 09:00 circle up, and for the first jump Reger his memorial skydive is planned. After that, one “fun jump” is scheduled before the team will start with two training jumps. Later at night there are three night jumps planned, so all eyes will be aimed at Lake Wales, fly that record guys! Go, Go, Go.


23 November ’17
Day one of the Vampire boogie was a rainy day which ended up in no jumps at all. 🙁
For tomorrow we have high hopes and will circle up on 09:00 hours. A bit early for us Vampires and we even have some serious “fun jumps” on the menu for tomorrow! Also Micke Andresson from Sweden and now coach of the Qatar rotation team, will be joining us. So Europe will be represented by two men.

Vampire boogie 2017 Bob Reager Memorial Skydive
Vampire boogie 2017 Bob Reager Memorial Skydive

The goal is flying night crew with records attempts for those who qualify in the day jumps. Circle up 2 pm, skydive till midnight. Record to break is the 27-way, flown earlier this year at the same drop zone.
Also planned is the Bob Reger memorial skydive.

Pasi Pirttikoski will be the only crEUw member participating in this event. We will hold track of Pasi and his adventures in sun shine State Florida.
Early on this weel Pasi visited DZ Deland to meetup with the Qatar demo team, who were in full training, preparing their yearly National Demo with night exhibition as well.

Thank you Pasi for your first update, have fun and save moon-dives!

CF experience report 2017

The best at the end of the season.

The ECF FlagWe will enjoy jumping in Teuge for as long as it’s still possible. Politicians are about 70% through the decision-making process and in the end parachuting in Teuge will probably be sacrificed to the new flight routes. There are also speculations for an alternative, east of Teuge. So much for speculating on the future,  in 2017 we could still plan this weekend at Teuge and we can see that we will probably meet here for the last time in 2018.

Before the first load: Herman at the General briefing.
Before the first load: Herman Slot gave us a  perfect general briefing.

On Wednesday the ‘pre-pret’ started at Teuge with 7 crEUw-dogs. Onno Hoevers, our latest Dutch member to join the group, had the chance to refresh his CF-skills and to test his newly acquired L160. David Corbel, an old time British CF 4-way and 8-way competitor, got introduced to ‘big-way CRW’ as well. Too bad David had to sign off after the first jump. The two fun jumps on Wednesday sharpened us, ready for the CF Experience ’17. Let the good times come!

CF Pilot Szymon Slider
A key CF-pilot during this season: Szymon Chelmicki from Poland

The weather played a very unpredictable role in the run up to the event and during the event itself. The expected jumpable weather on the Thursday morning moved to perfect weather at the end of the day, making the waiting in the rainy morning worthwhile for the two jumps we did. Friday’s weather was even more surprising with only one weather hold, which happened directly after the first jump of the morning because the pilot had no ground vision on landing due to his glide angle. Of course, the crEUw dogs did have clear sight of the ground and a good kick start to the day.

Justyna S. celebrated many new experiences and positions in Teuge. Laurent took care of her and photographed everything.
Justyna S. celebrated many new experiences and new slots in Teuge. Laurent from NL took care of her and photographed everything.

We started in three groups. Szymon piloted the main group, supported by Gerben. In this group, the KILO team members tuned their formation to a fast and stable base. Meanwhile, Eward, Herman and Pasi took care of the rest of the participants in the two remaining groups. Many 9-way formations, and bigger, were flown, giving the puppies the opportunity get introduced to big-way and the rest a chance to work on their skills. Friday finished with two sixteen ways by the big group and a 2-point 9-way with Justyna and Tomáš performing in it. So, no more ‘pup’ label for those two! A great achievement for all participants to finish the first two days and of course, most of us enjoyed the “after bubbling.”

Laurent Stephan, the French national team coach, visited the event for the first time. With many nice videos and video clips from our event.
Laurent Stephan, visited the event for the first time, providing many nice videos and video clips for us.

Saturday was covered by rainclouds. As a bad weather program, Pasi treated us to an extensive photo show of the history of CF, starting in 1975 (additions to this collection are still welcome). Of course the real diehards kept their hopes up for a small change in the weather at the end of the day, but sadly this didn’t occur until after the BBQ started and the beer was flowing.

Szymon qualified as a CF pilot in 2017. He flies a safe base for the big formations.
Szymon qualified as a CF pilot in 2017. He flies a safe base for the big formations.

New cameramen Laurant Monfort and Seele joined Laurent Dreyfus, our homebased eye in the sky. Seele experimented with his leg-mounted camera in front of our big-ways, creating some amazing stuff. Great work Seele. A big welcome to Laurent Monfort on joining the crEUw-dogs. We enjoyed your company, knowledge and day-video’s. We hope to enjoy your talent at more of our crEUw events, and if possible with a bigger French delegation.

crEUw dogs banner 02
crEUw dogs over The Netherlands
Ready to Rock, Henk Lunshof
Henk is Ready to Rock CF big

After a full day of not skydiving on Saturday, the Sunday welcomed us with the first wrap & reserves jump experienced at a crEUw event since the start in September 2015. Good morning! In order to compensate the Friday also had some more pleasant milestones. Justina and Tomáš flew their first 16-way’s and Onno did his first dock on a 9-way. What a great job you three did! Although the aim of the event, flying multiple 25-way’s was sprinkled into the mill by the weather, we are very satisfied with the dives we made and with the new crEUw dogs, cat and cameramen.

Construction of a 16 formation. This is no longer a jiggle for us. Fast and safe!
Construction of a 16 formation. This is no longer a jiggle for us. Fast and safe!

The last jump of the event, still international with all the Dutch and Tom (Ger) and Ben (B), was flown with the crEUw-streamers and flag: a nice jump to finish the event with the blEU filling up the tEUge skies.
For now, thanks to the Wolk for their splendid catering, to tEUge staff for making sure we could make the most of the weather, to cameramen and the participators for making the event worth organizing and last but not least, to Herman, Eward, Gerben and Pasi for engineering and coaching us through the jumps.

blEU skies and CU in 2018!







CF experience report 2017
« 1 of 3 »


The CF History Story-Teller Pasi Pirttikoski
The CF History Story-Teller, Pasi Pirttikoski, sits next to his presentation

Three Video-parts (day 1-4) edited by Laurent-Stephane Montfort on youTube. Merci beaucoup Laurent!

Henk Lunshof edit an introduction-video to 16-way

CF experience 2017

Experience for bigger things!

The Teuge CF crew is hosting the last crEUw big way event for 2017 and are happy to welcome you to Teuge DZ from September 28 till October 1.

The goals are:
– 16-way base training in preparation for the European CF Record ’18,
– 16-lightway training preparing for when the bigboy base is ready to go bigger and
– big-way introductions for those who can already dock as number 4 or more.

Sorry to say, there will be no instructors available for introductions to CF!

  • Entry fee € 30,- by pre enlisting and € 35,- on arrival at the DZ
    (Entry fee includes the BBQ on the Saturday night)
  • Jump price € 20,- for altitudes 9,000 to 12,000 ft
  • Canopy: Lightning, wingloading 1.37 – 1.4
  • For renting a Lightning, see the enlist form

Breakfast (€ 5,-), Lunch (€ 5,-) and dinner (€ 9,-) will be served by the Wolk.
Travel companions can use the service from the Wolk as well, the BBQ on the Saturday will cost € 15,-.
A bed in the bunk house (€ 10,- per night) can be reserved at Werner.
Other sleeping facilities can be found on this site.
Please follow our website for more information.


The List

  1. Henk (NL) L. 143/160
  2. Gerben (NL) L. 160
  3. Herman (NL) L. 143
  4. Eward (NL) L. 143
  5. Laurent (NL) BT 120 Vid & Photo
  6. Nelson (F) 189photography Vid & Photo
  7. Seele, (GER) L. 143 Vid / Front-Photo
  8. PETi (GER) L. 160
  9. Pasi (FIN) L. 160
  10. George (NL) L. 193
  11. Lennert (NL) L. 143
  12. Roland (NL) L. 193
  13. Holger (GER) L. 160
  14. Frans (NL) L. 160
  15. Indrek (EST) L. 126
  16. Simon (PL) L. 193
  17. Gajos (PL) L. 143
  18. Czubi (PL) L. 193
  19. Tomas (CZ) L. 143
  20. Martin (CZ) L. 143
  21. Tomek (PL) L. 160
  22. Zwierzak (PL) L. 160
  23. Janky (GER) L. 160
  24. Marion (GER) L. 143
  25. Justyna (PL) L. 126
  26. Ben (B) L. 193
  27. Dennis (NL) L. 160
  28. David (GBJ) L. 160
  29. Onno (NL) L. 160
  30. Björn (GER) L. 143
  31. Wilco (NL) L. 176
  32. Tom (GER) L. 160
  33. Sujek (PL) L. 176

CF experience report 2017 (post after this event)

Every hour an actual live picture of the hanger from Teuge. Update without advertising, press F5 on the keyboard.

Vliegveld Teuge › Nord-West

Russian Record Weekend 2017

25 way approved & Record plan shifted to 2018

climb up in a Antonov

On 15-17 September members of the Russian Big Canopy Formation Club gathered at DZ Aerograd Kolomna to build a Record 30-way Formation. The weather had different plans and in reality gave only 1.5 days for jumping. Unexpected half a day “closed sky” added the challenge.

Hard opening in Russia.
Hard opening in Russia 😉

The result is that we have to move our Record plans to the next year. But we have got one more piece of experience, new for us communication with CF FAI judges which was very useful for improving our “delivery” quality and … got fun! And we finalized the camp in the discussion of the plans for 2018!

Text Natalia Lapshina
Фотографии CF России (a russian CF wordPress Site)
Dropezone website Aerograd Kolomna

Beautiful sunset in Aerograd Kolomna
Beautiful sunset in Aerograd Kolomna

Flight route planning via Teuge

The latest email to Teuge-DZ Members

Mail from Sept, 14

On the basis of all media reports on Lelystad’s proposed alternative flight route, and the consequence of this for Teuge and Paracenter, we have had a crisis consultation today.

Flugzeug Teuge
Dropzone Teuge

This consultation was attended by the Executive Board of the airport, the Paracentrum (Board & MT), the municipality of Apeldoorn, the KNVvL, VNO / NCW, AOPA and NACA.

It is clear that this possible alternative scenario for our Paracenter is not desirable and will have far-reaching consequences. On Wednesday, September 20th. is there a chamber debate Until then, we will continue to take the necessary actions, write letters and search the media. The 20th evening we meet again as a Board to discuss the situation. Then we will inform you again.

Text from
Edwin Boerkamp, chairman VPCT



crW cats record experience

‘crW cats’ get together at Parasummer

the crW cats dirt-diving a 6-way stack
The crW cats dirt-diving a 6-way stack

This year, CF at the Parasummer boogie included the first meet for women interested in joining the Women’s (crW) European CF record attempt, which is currently planned for 2018.

While some of the more experienced female jumpers in the crEUw team were unable to attend, we still had a pretty good turnout. There were six women in total and it was great to see a range of countries represented, with jumpers from Russia, Estonia, Finland, UK and Poland. Alongside a couple of familiar faces from previous crEUw events, there was an impressive number of new crW cats, with as few as 25 CF jumps.

Six was a good number to work with. It meant we could practice different slots in the larger formations and make a few all-women jumps practicing boxes, arrow heads and stacks. We had some great jumps and in the process set a new (informal) record for a crW formation flown in the Estonian sky, a 5-way stack. We all learnt a great deal and came away with clear ideas of what we need to work on and a good feeling about making a record attempt in the future; we look forward to going bigger and better. So, if you know any female CF jumpers, spread the word and get them to give the crW cats a shout.

A ground shot of the 6-way stack building with Teemu
A ground shot of the 6-way stack building with Teemu Hietakari filming

Text by Mary
Photos by Pasi

Pärnu in Estonia

Parasummer 2017

Fifteen crEUw jumpers from Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, The Netherlands, UK, Poland and (this year, for the first time) Russia joined together at the Parasummer Boogie 2017 in Pärnu, Estonia.
For the first time in Parasummer history a whole Caravan load was flown with only CF jumpers.






Some nice multi-point 7-ways and smaller formations where flown and there were a few training jumps for the upcoming European Women’s CF Record attempt. Beside the lift capacity from a Caravan and a Porter, a hot air balloon added to the fun. Some took this opportunity to do CF2 rotations from the balloon. On top of this. the group did a 5-way kite demo jump in to the city of Pärnu. This year the Parasummer Boogie continued into Sunday 23 July.

Info & Pics by Pasi Pirttikoski



Parasummer CReW 2017, so far… from Roger V on Vimeo.


Plan B for a bad weather-day. A Mr. Bill-Jump with Kathrin & Roger

2017_Parasummer_ – Mr.Bill_jump. from Roger V on Vimeo.

Meet the world at your home DZ

Web Challenge

CF 2way Photo by Tomáš Deml
CF 2-way Photo by Tomáš Deml, CZ

The FAI have launched a web CF challenge for all CF competition disciplines.
The competition consists of three rounds, each of which may be practiced as often as desired and the best performance, in the opinion of the team, uploaded for evaluation by the judges.  Footage needs to be uploaded within the 3 month competition window, which runs from 15 July 2017 – 10 October 2017.  So you can stay home and compete with the world, is that not wonderful?

Marc teaching Lennert the real stuff
Photo by

The ECF also just launched the Basics of CF2.
For those interested in starting a CF2 sequential team, this document will help you taking the first steps into this wonderful discipline. Besides the basics of CF2, there are a set of skydive maneuvers to practice. Step into the exciting world of CReW and bring together clockwork-like precision and tango- like dynamism. Come and do the CReW-tango!



CF- 8way Web-Challenge 2017

Targets for 2017

Last year we were fairly successful and established a European CF-Record. Of course, the 25-way that we made is only the beginning.

8way Box, German Team - Fast Forward
8-way Box, German Team – Fast Forward

If we want to go bigger we need better performance. We need to build faster. To do so we have to get our big canopies building a quick 9-way base, which will save time for the whole group.  This means they need the skills used in 8-way speed.
For an example, you may look at a video of the German National Team performing at the World-Air Games in Granada, 2001.

The trick about building fast is not flying at a high speed but to be in the right place at the right time and to dock without hesitation when it is your turn. To do this you need to watch and understand the build of the formation and anticipate your slot so that you can start your final approach early enough to dock right after the grips in front of you have been taken and, of course, you need to be able to hesitate in place if there is a problem with that grip, and dock right after the problem is solved.

The jumps of 2001 were not perfect but they show how quickly a bigger formation can be built.
For these reasons I want to encourage everybody to form 8-way teams and compete in 8-speed at the web challenge that is provided by the CF-committee of the IPC

By the way, every participant in the web challenge has a chance to win a complete CF rig no matter what their score is!

Ther PETi

Text in German

Das nächste Ziel für 2017

Im vergangenen Jahr waren wir ziemlich erfolgreich und haben einen europäischen CF-Rekord etabliert. Der 25er, den wir gemacht haben, sollte nur der Anfang sein, um weitere gute Leistungen zu zeigen.

8way Wedge, German Team - Fast Forward
8-way Wedge, German Team – Fast Forward

Wenn wir größer werden wollen, müssen wir unsere Leistung steigern. Wir müssen schneller werden. Dafür brauchen wir eine schnelle 9er Basis mit den großen Kappen. Ähnlich wie früher, als wir noch die Achter Disziplin im Wettbewerb hatten.
Ein Beispiel können wir uns über ein Video der deutschen Nationalmannschaft anschauen, die bei den World Air Games 2001 in Granada gestartet ist.

Das Geheimnis, schnell zu fliegen, liegt nicht mit hoher Geschwindigkeit zu docken, sondern zur richtigen Zeit am richtigen Ort (Anflugsfenster) zu sein und besonnen anzufliegen, wenn wir an der Reihe sind. Deshalb müssen wir den Formationsaufbau gut beobachten und verstehen. Unseren Slot lesen können, damit wir damit wir den Endanflug früh genug starten können und direkt nach den Griffen vor uns zu docken. Natürlich müssen wir in der Lage sein auf unvorhergesehene Griffprobleme unserer Vorderleute reagieren zu können. Die Sprünge von 2001 waren nicht perfekt, aber sie können uns zeigen, wie schnell eine größere Formation gebaut werden kann.

Aus diesen Gründen möchte ich alle CF-Springer ermutigen, 8way-Teams zu bilden um in eine Achter Web-Challange der FAI zu konkurrieren. Diese wird 2017 vom CF-Komitee des IPC auch für die Disziplin 8er Speed zur Verfügung gestellt.

Bonus: Jeder Teilnehmer in der Web-Challenge hat die Chance, ein komplettes CF-Rig zu gewinnen, egal wie er bei der Challange abschneiden wird!

Euer PETi

Проект CF в России (Project CF in Russia)

The complement to our project, in Russia

Ground Briefing in Russia
Ground Briefing (dirt-dive) in Russia

After the last two CF national records registered in Russia (a 26-way in 2015 and 18-way sequential in 2016), participants in the Big Canopy Formation project are now preparing to set a new record with a 30-way, or bigger. The record attempts are scheduled for 15-17 September 2017 at DZ Aerograd Kolomna, which is 80 km from Moscow. The record attempt will be a part of the Russian Parachuting Championships.

Russian Canopy Formation board briefing
Russian Canopy Formation board briefing

The project is being lead by Denis Dodonov a Senior Coach with the Russian CF Team, a tenfold world CF-champion and a participant in the World Record 100-way CF formation. The participants’ experience is very diverse, ranging from world champions and well-known Russian jumpers to ‘weekend’ parachutists with just a few hundred jumps in their log books.
Recently, a Big CF camp took place at Aerograd Kolomna (24-25 June). Following on from this, camps will take place every month until September when the record attempt will happen.

Russian CF 10way with rookies on side positions, looking for the right approach. Exactly like we do it.
Russian CF 10way with rookies on side positions, looking for the right approach. Exactly like we do it.

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