Announcement for Spring Fling April 2017

Extract from the CF Google Group of the US CReW-dogs

Hello Everyone!lakewales_florida
Its that time of the year again to start thinking about the Spring Fling! This year due to scheduling conflicts we will be moving the Spring Fling to Lake Wales April 7th – 9th, 2017. But there are many people making plans to jump the weekend prior and all week in-between so if you need a longer CRW fix it sounds like many people will be around to do some small and big way formations for the 9 days starting April 1st (this is no Aprils fools joke either) through the 9th. So far over a dozen people have been making plans to jump the weekend prior that I am aware of.

Please let me know if you will be attending along with your canopy size so we can have enough organizers, video, and aircraft! Thanks!

The good news about Lake Wales is the hotels are much cheaper and the weather historically has been better so we anticipate more jumps for this years event! Hope to see you there!

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Brian Pangburn
on google group

The List:
Brian Pangburn – Organizer
Mike Lewis – Organizer
Eric Gallan – Organizer
Francois Hout – Organizer
Chico (video)

We are going to the Fling Sping with a nice group
The crEUw dogs-list:

Yuliya 113 Belarus ūüėČ
Pasi (FIN) 160
Jason (GB) 113
Simon (PL) 193
Marcin (PL) 143
Maciej (PL) 143
Michal (PL) 143
Pawel (PL) 160
Martin (CZ) 160
Frans v.W. (NL) 160
Lennert  (NL) 143
Henk (NL) 143
A. Janky (GER) 160
Marion J. (GER) 160

… have a look for updates @ CReW-google group

Plans to set a Women’s European CF record

Plans for an attempt to set a Women’s European CF record are starting to develop.

CF 9way with Mary in Florida. Photo by cutaway-Chico, USA
CF 9way with Mary in Florida. Photo by cutaway-Chico, USA

We will be warming up over the next few months, so spread the word; Female jumpers get involved!

All CF women, and those who would like to start CF and are interested in being part of this record, are invited to meet at the Parasummer Boogie (Estonia) in July. The Boogie will be good opportunity to start jumping together and preparing for a record attempt at one of the crEUw events later this year or early next year. The entry level of this project is zero CF jumps and much eagerness. Alongside the Summer Boogie we have more camps and can also arrange individual training weekends for crEUw-starters; check out our event calendar.

Boys, please come and play too while we prepare, but for the main event – the girls have got it Get involved and contact Mary Barratt.

More details to follow.

CF meeting point Estonia July 2017

Welcome to Parasummer boogie in Estonia!

At home with Indrek and Katrin from Estonia

This year Parasummer is held for the 18th time and again it will be in P√§rnu, Estonia. During¬† a week long boogie there are a lot of things going on ‚Äď coaching (FF, FS, WS, CF), competitions and probably they’re going to try to jump some records. No less important are the social gatherings and parties held during the week and of course the famous beach landing. There are two aircraft serving us ‚Äď Pilatus Porter (10 slots) and Cessna Caravan (15 slots) and for bigger formations, it would be possible to make those two aircraft fly together. ¬†The main CF load organizer will be¬†Pasi Pirttikoski, and the rumor is¬†that the goal is to practice flying 16-ways.
Parasummer 2017 July 14 – 22
Pärnu, Estonia

Unfortunately, we need two registration forms for this event:
Parasummer Registration

CF 9way over Estonia

Information about accommodation, prizes, events etc is really well put together on the boogie-website  and when the event gets closer you can follow it on boogie-facebook-site.

Smartphone CF shot in Estonia. Good advertising for our sport.

Fun fact: Parasummer was born under the name of CFSCE‚Äô 99 ‚ÄĒ Canopy Formation Skydiving Camp Estonia (changed to Parasummer in 2000). Despite the original idea, CF activity decreased¬†after some years until 2014 when more CF jumpers started to gather at¬†the boogie again. Last year we flew a 12-way kite over P√§rnu bay, piloted by Pasi Pirttikoski. We would like to keep the numbers up and tradition going, so we welcome all crEUw-dogs to participate the Parasummer & the Cumulus Convention 2017 in Estonia!


Construction of a landing zone on the beach

Text and photos from Katrin Raudsik

Größere Karte anzeigen

We would like to know who is registering here so that we can organize and forecast a CF briefing. We provide the crEUw-registration form.

The list:
Katrin (EST) L.113

CF 2-point 16way in Poland June 2017

CF Challenge 2-point 16way

CF 2way plane, Photo by Kuba Konwent
CF 2way plane, Photo by Kuba Konwent

Sky Camp Dropzone
Kazimierz Biskupi, Poland
June 8 – June 11

We invite all crEUw Dogs to a Big Way Canopy Formation Camp. This time it will be held in the centre of Poland, at Sky Camp dropzone. The dropzone operates a PAC 750 XSTOL plane, which takes up to 17 skydivers.
The aim for the camp is to improve our big way skills and prepare for next the European Record attempts. We will try to fly multi-point 16ways.

Plane of the Sky Camp Dropzone: PAC 750 XSTOL - Photo by Kamil Stawicki
Sky Camp Dropzone’s plane: PAC 750 XSTOL – Photo by Kamil Stawicki

Some organizational details:

  • experienced load organizers: members of the World Record Team.
  • cost: tickets 100 PLN / 25‚ā¨ , entry fee 100PLN / 25‚ā¨
  • accommodation: on the dropzone in shared rooms. Price per bed 50PLN. Another¬†option is ‘agrotouristics,’ which is¬†within 5-10km of the dropzone. Price ~50 PLN. This option we will investigate when we know the number of participants, and number of places needed.
  • meals: possible to order full catering / 3 meals
  • possibility to rent PD Lightning canopies: let us know which sizes you need. Rental fee 7,50 ‚ā¨ per jump.
CF 6way Box - Photo by Kuba Konwent
CF 6way Box – Photo by Kuba Konwent

See you there, you can’t miss it. We guarantee lots of CF fun, and Polish hospitality.

Registration for this event

Hanger, Sky Camp Dropzone, Kazimierz Biskupi, Poland
Hanger, Sky Camp Dropzone, Kazimierz Biskupi, Poland

Text from Marcin Bak

Größere Karte anzeigen

Dutch 16way in April & May 2017

CF Kilo team and more

Canopy Formation 16way
Canopy Formation 16way

Vervolg training Kilo team plus intermediates plus de eerste stappen voor een Nederlandse 16way.

This weekend, Henk would like to call all Dutchmen to fly a Dutch 16. Fake-Dutchs are welcome! We will think of something more. During the young season, we are going to have a flight where we flew our first European formation last year. On the great Dropezone in Teuge.
The registration form is available for registration. Please use it so we can plan better.

Date Training: April 15-16
Date attempt: May 20-21

The kilo team will continue training and we will make room for the rest as well. Further the first steps to fly a Dutch 16-way will be set ūüėČ

Every hour an actual live picture of the hanger from Teuge. Update without advertising, press F5 on the keyboard.

Vliegveld Teuge ‚Äļ Nord-West

Selection in Poland

Polish run for sportteam-selection

Our Polish team members have passed the first round of selection for¬†becoming the ‘best Sky Sportteam’ of Poland. This competition¬†is aimed at helping to promote Air Sports. Prizes for the people voting are:

  1. three yearly subscriptions on;¬†PrzeglńÖd Lotniczy
  2. a¬†double invitation to the gala final, on 18 February in Airport Hotel Okńôcie
  3. tickets to the cinema

The winning team will get a statuette of “Blue Cumulus.”

The second round is open now for voting. We wish our brothers a good election round and hope they win the Blue Cumulus! On 18 February they will know.


Cumulusy 2016 on facebook


Minute 1:03!! from 2:11 CF Team Poland: Marcin, Michal & Rudolf:

Locally in Portugal

The first CF Euro Camp in 2017

was held in Skydive Algarve, Portugal. The DZ has a nice Dornier G92, which is good for CF. Also there is no problem opening high. The DZ is really good for small formations, but not the best one for big ways (there are no good places to land out). This time we had a total of six CF jumpers from Finland, Estonia and UK. Pasi was organizing the jumps.

Mary, Pete, Pasi, Heikki, Indrek and Katrin in Portim√£o – Montes de Alvor


Jumpers did good basic training jumps where all of them had chance to make many docks. All jumpers were happy, even if the weather wasn’t the best for skydiving. They lost two whole days for weather problems, but in that part of Portugal there are lots of good places to visit.

All jumpers hope to be back in Skydive Algerve again. Maybe in later this year.

Text from Pasi Pirttikoski


Video Winter-Camp 2017 in Portugal from Katrin on Vimeo.

Skyline from Portim√£o
CF2way over the Skyline from Portim√£o

Planning 2017

Concept CF Planing 2017
Start End Dropzone Occasion Contact
Jan. 30 Feb. 4 Algarve, Portugal CF Winter Camp 2017 with Pasi Pasi Pirttikosky
Mar 18  Mar 19
Teuge, NL CF wake up (Weather cancellation)
Henk Lunshof
Apr. 1 Apr. 9 Lake Wales, FL, USA CF Meeting/Training US-CF google  Gr.
Apr. 7 Apr. 9 Lake Wales, FL, USA CF Spring Fling 2017 Brian Pangburn
Apr. 8 Apr. 9 Langar, GB CF Boogie (beginners & expert.) Mary Barratt
Apr. 15 Apr. 16 Teuge, NL CF Dutch 16way Training open Registrationsform
May 13  May 14 Langar, GB CF Scrambles fun 2-way scramble
Mary Barratt
May 20 May 21 Teuge, NL CF Dutch 16way Attempt open Registrationsform
May 25 May 28 Moorsele, Belgium Sequential CF-Training Camp Marc Calluy
Jun. 8
Jun. 11
Kazimierz Biskupi, PL
Challenge 2-point 16-way’s Registrationform
Jul. 8 Jul. 9 Langar, GB Grand Prix (Interm. & Seniors) Mary Barratt
Jul. 14 Jul. 22 Pärnu, Estonia
Parasummer & Cumulus-Conv. Registrationform
Aug. 7 Aug. 12 Saarlouis, GER 7th European Championships CF  
Aug. 26 Sep. 1 Neustadt-Glewe, GER German Skydiving Nationals
Sept. 8 Sept. 10 Cockerham, GB British CF Nationals  Black Knights
Sept.28 Oct. 1 Teuge, NL
CF Sequential Circus
Henk Lunshof

For updates, keep an eye on our google calendar (ECF events) or just integrate it into yours.
Would you like us to visit your drop-zone? Please send an email to Henk & Seele

For a better overview, the dates will be highlighted in the future. This is designed to help highlight the importance and priority:

ECF Top Event
ECF 4way / 8way or bigger

CF Boogie 16way or bigger
Regional Events
CF Beginners Camp

If you have more ideas, then please write a comment. Thank you in advance.

Record confirmation 2016

The FAI has ratified our European record!

logo_fai_2016We are proud to announce that the FAI has ratified our European record!
The compilation of the formation was determined by many aspects. Other jumpers could have flown on this jump, but the interchangeability of the wingloads and different sized parachutes forced us to a compromise.
Unfortunately, for reasons of weather, it was no longer possible to have all members of the project fly in a large formation. Either in the same size or even bigger than 25. We will continue to work to ensure that further participants can be represented in a European record.

FAI Record File Num #18026
Status: ratified – current record
Region: European
Class: G (Parachuting)
Sub-Class: G-2 (Performance Records)
Category: General
Group: Largest Formation Records – Canopy Formation
Type of record: ¬†¬† ¬†–
Performance: 25 parachutists
Date: 2016-10-08
Course/Location: Teuge (Netherlands)

ECF 25way Photo by Ming Chu (GB)
European Record CF 25way, flown on Oct 8th 2016 in Teuge, Netherlands with a group of European skydivers. Photo by Ming Chu (GB)

The Crew on this jump:


Gerben Frankvoort
Henk Lunshof
Eward Slot
Henny Wiggers
Wilco Peppelman
Richard Meijer
Frans van Wijngaarden


Thomas Brand
Peter Pfalzgraf
Thomas Rohde-Seelbinder
Marion Jankowsky
Andreas Jankowsky
Holger Gnoth


Marcin Bak
Michal Balonis
Pawel Michalski
Szymon Chelmicki
Maciej (Gajos) Gago


The last lock-up is in approach. Perspective of Szymon Chelmicki from Poland.
The last lock-up is approaching. Perspective of Szymon Chelmicki from Poland.

Pasi Pirttikoski
Matti Pirttikoski
Heikki Kammonen (EU-Record Video)


Ciprian Drobota
Sorin Enghel

United Kingdom

Photo von Wilco Peppelman
At the end of the 2016 European CF-season. Handmade flag and photo by Wilco Peppelman in Teuge, NL

Martin A Robiette
Ming Chu (EU-Record Video & Photo)


Sebastian Cato

Czech Rep.

Martin Kucera

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