ECF Calendar 2020

Attached is a collection of most ECF dates or CF events that are of interest to us in the coming year. The ECF dates are kept in an open google agenda. This calendar is also embedded on this ECF page.

14-21 March Fling SpringSkydive SebastianFLBrian Pangburn
28/29 MarchCF-small waysTeugeNLCF Teuge group
11-12 or 25 -26 aprilPups traningHoogeveenNLHerman Slot
11/12 AprilCF-small waysTeugeNLCF Teuge group
16/17 MayPink SkyvanSchwenningenGERCF-Team Fürstenberg
21-25 MayCF-small ways Sweden SWDPasi
23/24 MayCF-small waysTeugeNLCF Teuge group
27/28 JuniCF-small waysTeugeNLCF Teuge group
9-13 JuneCF Camp, 4-way & 16-waylocation will follw soonPLSzymon
27/28 JuniCF GPSkydive BuzzUKMary Barratt
11-18 JulySummer Boogie Kuressaare, EstoniaESEvent page
25/26 JulyCF GPLangarUKMary Barratt
08-22 AugustWorld Championship
Mondial 2020
Tanay Kemerovo, RussiaRUFAI
7-9 AugustCF-small ways Sweden SwPasi
27-30 AugustLarge CF Formation campRussiaRUNatalia Lapshina
12-14 SeptemberUK CF NationalsSkydive NorthwestUKMary Barratt
September?ECF camp????

The end of two great weeks

Closure of a round-the-world CF trip

By Henk Lunshof, Perris, 18 October 2019

After the exciting CFS exhibition jumps in China, from 10 to 13 October, and the successful World CF Sequential Record jumps on 16 and 17 October at Skydive Perris, the focus was transferred to the CF Night Record and the Path of Excellence Awards for the 100-way record holders who had flown that fat biggie in November 2007 at Skydive Lake Wales.

CF100 World Record 2007. Photo by Keith Macbeth
CF-100 World Record 2007. Photo by Keith Macbeth

The Night Record attempt started when we did a first one pointer attempt on the Thursday. However, we had a very negative experience with thermal conditions in the early afternoon. Very suddenly and intensely, thermals hit the 43-way we were building. The formation splashed apart in sections. There was an entanglement involving Henny and Martin, and Henny had to make a difficult choice, whether to land them both together. All respect to Henny for his assessment of the situation and decision to land them both, which saved the day. After this, it is safe to say, it was a no go for CF.

Men in White! Last preparation dive before the night dive. The white clothes make the grips more visible to the judges. Picture by Kermit.

Friday morning was an ‘abnormal’ start for us; we had a late circle up at 09:00 and wheels up at 09:30. Had we taken the ‘normal’ 07:00 wheels off load we would probably have missed the second wall of thermals. Those thermals had not only quickly broken our formation yesterday, but also the confidence of some of us, which was very understandable. Despite that, a thorough debrief and a 6-way test jump at sunset to check the air conditions kept hold of a ‘willing’ group of 38. Nicolas, who did an excellent job during the last jump by keeping his row 6 wing flying under extreme conditions agreed to step back to make a 36 diamond with stinger possible. That was great teamwork from you Nicolas, on more than these two occasions. Thank you for being part of our group. So, before we could make our night record attempt, the test jump and award ceremony took place, at the same time… leaving some award winners out of the ceremony. Brian, Kermit (Ken Kniech), Szymon, Eduardo and Yuliya, thank you for sacrificing a moment of fame for our safety.

This picture from yesterday is too nice to withhold from you. It shows an out of sequence building of the 43-way’s second point. While the 36-way is not yet complete and row 6 is not all locked in, row 7 is starting to hook on as well to save time. A technique that puts us on the edge of what a formation can handle, but making it possible to make 4 points before hitting the hard deck. This way of ‘building on the edge’ was not the way to go at night or in the thermals we encountered. Picture by Kermit.

The Path of Excellence Awards for the 100-way record holders were opened by the Red Bull XRW Display Team. This included intentional low pulls at 1,000ft by two members of the team. A very impressive show indeed.

After the Red Bull Team’s performance, the award ceremony included an excellent display of the CF and organisation skills; the participants in the 100-way record were grouped in to supporters, sponsors, cameraflyers, those on the bench and then, by exit order, the athletes. All individuals in these groups were honoured.

XRW display by the Red Bull team. Picture by Pasi.

There was also an unexpected tribute to an act of heroism that was shown during one of the training jumps made in preparation for the 100-way. Chris Gay and Maria Russell were asked to come forward. During one training jump above Empuria Brava DZ (Spain) Maria was in collision with another jumper on exit and was knocked unconscious. Bruno Brokken wasn’t mentioned here but it was his watchful eye that spotted Maria and then captured Chris’ heroism on video. Bruno himself made one attempt to top-dock Maria but was held back by the fact that he was jumping a highly loaded 135 main. “I didn’t want to collapse her canopy” was Bruno’s comment to me after the ceremony. Bruno, I recall that many years ago, in 1990 at your home DZ of Moorseele in Belgium, during an FS-speed star event, UK jumper George Pilkington was also knocked unconscious on exit and you, as a cameraman, spotted him and dove to his rescue, you were already my hero with that rescue. I am honoured to have worked with you for the last two weeks.

The 100-way athletes who were on the spot to receive their award.
Logo Museum Hall of fame

The focus at today’s ceremony was deservedly on Chris’ action in saving Maria. The video that most of us had never seen before was shown on the TV screens and many shed a tear. We all witnessed a truly impressive act of absolute valour from Chris. It’s an honour to be part of the CF family, which holds so many heroes. How much safer can you be than jumping with this kind of back-up? While the ceremony did not mention the missing friends who are not among us anymore, moments of thoughtful silence must have passed through many of us. After this, it took a bit of time to reset again for the night jump still ahead of us.

Path of Excellence

In the meantime, the test jump, with Craig O’Brien on camera, turned out to be a beautiful sunset jump. ‘The air was smooth, and we watched the sun dropping behind the mountains over Elsinore” was Yuliya’s description of the experience. So that put the light for the night jump on ‘go’. We head clean air waiting for us in the dark! The CF crew headed back to their goal for today, 37-way, here we come! Lights and pyrotechnics were checked, resulting in a sea of alternating LED lights in the packing area. The last changes in slots were rehearsed before boarding the aircraft. During the flight up, calmness was practiced in the airplanes as well as by the air through which the planes moved.

The ECF delegation performing at the CF World Records October 2019, from left to right standing, Gustavo Cabana, Bruno Brokken, Ben Simoens, Herman Slot, Szymon Chelmicki, Pasi Pirttikoski, Henny Wiggers, George Buijtendijk, and sitting, from left to right, Jason Hobbs, Henk Lunshof, Eward Slot and Gerben Frankvoort.

In spite of, or because of our training jumps and the issues we experienced, the jump in the dark had its difficulties and…. actually it was too much. The issues were in several rows in the formation and were eating up the declining working time too quickly. Unfortunately, right rows 5 and both row 6 could not hang their wing on the formation. Only the Spanish, which we had heard throughout the week coming over the radio in between our own communications, added a lighter side to the jump . “Hey, Manuel, look up, look up, check that, are they aliens?” and more of that kind of comment followed. In March, when we built the 36-way night record in Sebastian, several UFO reports were filed. Because of this, the DZ had already informed the police and fire brigade about our night record attempt but that doesn’t diminish the fun of roaming through the air at night and being mistaken for a UFO 😉 .

20-way box CF Night jump roaming the night above Perris. Photo by Bruno Brokken.

The trill must have been even bigger when the 20-way did their starburst and after that, at 2,000ft (610 m), the row 6 jumpers fired their pyrotechnics. Not a night record, but still a impressive show for those on the ground. Thank you:

  • Skydive Perris for hosting and facilitating us
  • The International Skydiving Museum & Hall of Fame for putting us in the spotlight
  • CFS for organising and sponsoring night light suits, pyro and landing lighting system.
  • Keith Macbeth of Skydive Moab sponsoring  the night fee.
  • Pasi Pirttikoski for being a great roommate this week.

Notice from the Webmaster:
Thank you, Henk for the insight into the last week from China and California. That was very hardworking! Many thanks to all who have sent the website photos (Chico, Kermit, Keith, Bruno and Gustavo). Mary has again edited the text and checked the English. If we all do things like these for our discipline, we can carry on with the great work that makes me so happy.
Each of us can play a part in this! It is important to support a website that does things Facebook can’t, that is self-sufficient, in that it doesn’t depend on advertising or other interests, and where everything is sorted automatically into a clear and accessible archive, thanks to WordPress (an open source program).
I hope all goes well over the winter-time and to see you in the air next year,

Record days!

By Henk Lunshof, Wednesday, October 16

Skyvan and Twin Otter
Skyvan and Twin Otter

Skydive Perris’ workers were completely stressed when they found the first CRW Dogs organising parachutes and preparing to skydive at 6am. Yes, it’s really true! These CRW jumpers do what they say! The staff’s plan to clean the packing area with a leaf blower, powered by a noisy gasoline engine, in the early hours of the day had to be modified because of all the CRW stuff lying around. Slowly, the rest of the 43 athletes and 2 cameraflyers began to emerge from the dark and prepare themselves for the first jump. The briefings from the previous day were quickly repeated before boarding the Skyvan and Twin Otter.

While the 25-way base practiced their formation, the row 6 and 7 jumpers did two 9- ways with run-backs. The other group claimed a 6-point dive. My group did at least 4, but it might have been 5. Essentially, these jumps were the starting point for the event, they let us know what our weakness are and how or where we could improve. Eduardo piloted our 9-way very well and got us back to the DZ by switching from run-backs to in-place rebuilds and turning the last formation back to the DZ while it was building. Thank you, Eduardo!

CF 43way Exit order
CF 43way Exit order

Jump 2, 3 and 4 of the day were 43-ways. The first 43-way jump (our second jump of the day) immediately gave us a World Record (of course, it had to be ratified by judges first) and gave us things to focus on as we improved. There was an issue with tension on the left side of the formation, so two people swapped sides for jump 3. This improved the tension issue, but there was still need to work on the time gaps between participants making their docks. When building a record formation, time is usually the determining factor. The faster each member flies to their slot, the quicker the next formation can be made and the more formations (= points) can be flown. It sounds simple, but it can be so difficult under the pressure of performing in a record dive.

Improvements on the timing issue came in jump 4. Unfortunately, thermals began to play a part, and so we had to stop building the third point. However, after a more than successful day, we were confident that we could break our new record the following day.

CF world record 43way with four points
CF world record 43way with four points. Photo by Gustavo Cabana

The early morning air of Thursday 17 offered us the smoothness we needed to fly that third point! After starburst, the sky was full of screaming CRW dogs, confident we had cracked it on this jump. For the fourth point we needed some extra woking time which was created by raising the exit point by 1000ft (305m). This, and the fact that the DZ is about 1500ft (457m) above sea level, put us on oxygen during the last few 1000ft (ca. 305m) of the climb. And YES we smashed the fourth point as well and with that exceeded the expectation of the organisers, Chris and Brian 😉

With the second jump of today we closed the first part of our three-day event, setting the new World Sequential Record. The third jump of today will be in preparation of our night jump tomorrow, a one point 42-Way dive.

Cf Sequential World Record Holders standing from left to right: Sean Jones, Taylor Cole, Jean De Ladurantaye, Henny Wiggers, John Young, Phiil Sparrow, Phiil Sparrow, Henk Lunshof, Herman Slot, Eber Do Amaral Rodrigues, Andrew (Sarge) Preston, Jon Yonke, Eward Slot, Gerben Franktvoort, John Bechte, George Buujtendijk, Chad Neidigh, Pasi Pirttikoski, Brian Martin, Chris N Warnock , Greg Meadows, Frank P. Matrone, Scott Lazarus, Will Kitto, Benedikt Simoens and Martin Dumas. Sitting, from left to right; Chris Gay, Keith Tolley, Steven Cannistra, Yuliya Pangburn, Jason Hobsie, Annie Dekoker, Chuck Backus, Fabio Campanha, Jackson Hoffman, Eduardo Guillen, Haytham Abo, Cliff Dobson, Nicolas Huard, Brian Pangburn, Szymon Chelmicki, Daniel Purdy, Eric Gallan, Francois Huot.

This series of reports was made possible by cooperation with Seele and Mary Barratt. They worked some night hours (@home in Europe) and odd daytime hours to make sure the publications happened as quickly as possible. Thank you, Mary and Seele for this great Team Work!

The game is ON!

Arriving and preparing for the CF Sequential and Night Record

By Henk Lunshof, Perris Valley, 15 October 2019

Dreaming of tomorrow, how would it look? (picture/cartoon by Henk Lunshof)

Tense, excited, enthusiastic, anxious…43 CF jumpers have just travelled towards Perris, California full of all forms of emotion. There is good reason for this mix of emotions and the will to undertake this trip. In the face of everything that has already been achieved, who would not want to participate in the next attempt to break existing world records in the discipline we love? This, of course, includes the world class camera-flyers, who are as much a part of the CF family as those who fly in the formations.

The term ‘the Dark Side’ could raise some questions or even some terrifying images but for me there is a different meaning and it is a key part of my CF experience. It’s that time when the fast-paced noise of the alarm clock bursts its way through the night, before the sun rises and forms thermals that bubble through the serene air. The alarm clock drags me through those dark side hours to the dropzone to fly our formations in the clean early morning air and, I must say, breath-taking colours as the same sun rises.

We are starting at 7:00 hours, Wheels up! (picture Henk Lunshof)

For today, 15 October, we arrived at DZ Perris in daylight to prepare for the exciting three days that lay ahead of us. During the CF World Record attempts, Perris is also hosting The Sequential Games 2019, a FS World Record team which has already flown a 130-way with a full no-contact transition to the second point earlier this week. What a way to go! In the coming days they will concentrate on flying the Jewel, an all out-facing formation that is known to be one of the hardest FS formations to fly.

So, for us today was an interesting sight-seeing day at the DZ, registering with manifest, then filling up our accounts, and, thanks to mandatory membership rules, the pockets of the USPA 🙁

Meet and greet, and looking forward to the days to come.

At 14:30 the briefing for the first day started. This covered DZ rules (which included information about flying patterns), the handling of the radios, use of airplanes, bigway sequential drills and the starburst drill. Mainly the day was used to catch up with fellow CRW dogs. How was your trip? And China? Those who had fallen out of planes with Eric at Lake Elsinore in the preceding days had some stories to tell as well. The tacos at the end of the day tasted good, hot enough to get us fired up for the next day, and we even had a shift in the time frame, giving us a welcome 6:30 start with a dirt dive and a 7:00 wheels up! Looking forward to tomorrow!

The air show in China summarized

11 till 13 October, written by Henk Lunshof

CF 5 way kite with smoke cartridges
CF 5 way kite with smoke cartridges

On Friday 11 October the CF World Team presented their special skills during the Air Sports Show, which was held in celebration of the seventieth anniversary of the People’s Republic of China. We built the 16-way in a record time and it was complete by 6.500 ft (1.981 m). This gave pilot Francois suitable time and altitude to fly the formation, to the delight of the enthusiastic audience. Thanks to Francois’ smooth piloting, the crowd was able to see the curving formation from all sides. The vibe on the ground got more intense when the smoke pots were fired at 2.500 ft (762 m) and the crowd was ecstatic when the formation ‘burst’ half a minute later. The welcome on landing and departing the landing area was overwhelming, and was a clear indication of the excellent work the CFS team had performed.

CF 16way Flight show
CF 16way Flight show

The afternoon show was changed a bit. The 9-way diamond was replaced with a ‘flag snake’ consisting of the flags from the eight countries of the visiting team members, and the flag of China to make nine. A flag snake is a row of parachutes flying behind each other till landing. The leader flies in front, and the rest follow, each behind and above the other. So, the show consisted of a single pass at 5.000 ft (1.524 m), dropping a 4-way diamond with stinger, a 2-way downplane and a 2-way canopy war. The nine jumpers of the flag snake then exited two minutes later on their own jump run.

Chris Gay, organizer of the World Record Canopy Formations. He also leads the events, where the WR-Team (CFS) in the world presents the Discipline on many air shows.
Chris Gay, organizer of the World Record Canopy Formations. He also leads the events, where the World Record Team (CFS) in the world presents the Discipline on many air shows.

The audience did not know where to look. While the downplane came down, Chris and Kenny chased each other in the canopy war and the 5-way lit their smoke. And, if that was not enough to watch, there was also the flag snake making its way down led by the Chinese flag. Again, the cheering of the crowd was amazing and rewarding. It was a really spectacular show, which even we as performers enjoyed immensely.

Chris Gay, Leader of the Canopy Formation Specialist (CFS) with Kimmel Wu. Co-ordinating with, Kimmel, who continues the process and timing of the show to Chris.
Chris Gay, Leader of the Canopy Formation Specialist (CFS) with Amy Wei. Co-ordinating with, Amy, who continues the process and timing of the show to Chris.

Unfortunately, for the Saturday and Sunday we could only perform our low altitude show, and on the Saturday morning the exit height was limited to 2.500ft (762 meters). However, the crowd still loved the displays. They also enjoyed our forays into the crowd. This was a nice way of getting in the thick of the people, passing out CFS World Team flyers and exchanging a lot of energy with little children pushed toward us by their parents, high school students fluently speaking English and those from an older generation. What a great experience for us all.

Photos & Video of the show of the CFS Team
Gustavo Cabana from Argentina & Bruno Broken from Belgium

Behind the scenes,

To organize and perform a display closely followed by a record attempt, requires a lot of work prior to both events. A good deal of this complex organization has rested on Chris Gay’s shoulders, thank you, Chris. Team members had their own logistic puzzle to solve; in preparation for the event in China each of us had to organize a bigger main canopy, while in Perris we would be using our own for the world record attempt. For me, the pieces fell together thanks to the ECF network; Herman Slot and George Buitendijk took my L143 to the CF Camp in Denmark the end of September, which was organized by Magnus Kaizer, and switched it with for Pasi his L160 (thanks Pasi, we will switch again in Perris).

In all, the three-day air display was a success in that it promoted skydiving in general and CF in particular. Thank you CFS World Team, Chris Gay for all the organization and Kimmel Wu and Amy Wei for being wonderful hosts.

Air Sports Show Team Group Picture
Group Picture from left to right, top row
Steve Archuletta (US), Chad Neihigh (US), Martin Dumas (CA), John Betchel (US), Julie Trottier (CA), Francois Huot (CA), Nicolas Huard (CA), Andrew Preston (Sarge, OZ), Jean De Ladurantaye (CA), Eber Amaral (BR), Brian Martin (US), Chris N Warnock (US), Greg and Paige Meadows (US)
Lower row, left to right
Gustavo Cabana (ARG), Chris J Gay (US), Amy (our contact in China), Kenny Backus (US), Haytham Abo Ouf (EG) Eduardo Guillen (ARG), Henk Lunshof (NL), Chuck Backus (US), Bruno Brokken (BEL). Picture taken by our host Kimel.

Yaocheng, China, Day 1

Arrival and first practice day

Today, all 21 members of the display team for Yaocheng have arrived at the Qiaojia Apartment Hotel; one Egyptian, one Australian, two South Americans, three Europeans, five Canadians and nine Americans. For me, the trip involved three flights, starting in Groningen at 01:00 on Monday morning and ending at 13:00 on Tuesday when I arrived at the hotel. The long and draining experience of travelling to our destination is something all members of the team now share, despite our different starting points. The last members to arrive were faced with a cancelled flight from Beijing to Tiayuan and had to complete the journey via high speed train. While that makes the experience richer, it’s hard to appreciate such things if you’ve already travelled a long way and you are expected at breakfast at 6:30 in the morning.

Over the next three days we will be doing a morning show, flying a 16-way, and an evening show. The later show will involve a low pass at 5000 ft (1524 m), which will see two jumpers performing a ‘Canopy War’ and two others performing a downplane, then a pass at 7000 ft (2133,6 m) will drop a 9-way. All groups will be using smoke and/or streamers. If you are counting, you may have already figured out that in the morning we have two people on the ground; for the first two days that is Sarge and myself. So, today I was able to watch the first training jump from the ground and hear the spectators’ reactions. Of course, the spectators don’t notice the small details that we do on a training jump. We noticed that the formation did not fly very healthily, and from that have worked out how to get the right trim for the formation for the rest of the event.

The bus left the hotel at 7:10, taking the team to Yaocheng airport where the tight scheduling continued. After all, we are part of an aviation show and have to seamlessly align our performance with that of preceding performers. On top of that, a few of us still had to hook up canopies that had arrived during the night; for this event we are jumping canopies one size larger than usual, so are ‘smartly’ swapping between ourselves. The reason for up sizing is the landing area, which is small and 2,500 ft (762 m) above sea level, there is no room for error.

Today, we only made a training jump in the morning, so there was some extra time in the afternoon. Event organiser Chris Gay had plenty of organisational tasks that still needed attention, and he kept some of us busy getting the smoke pots, flags and streamers ready. Nine of us attended the Shanxi Aeronautical Sports Development Forum in Taiyan, a 1-hour and 20-minute bus ride away from the hotel. Our reason for attending this forum was that we are part of development in China when it comes to sport skydiving. Sarge addressed the attendees on behalf of the CFS World Team and thanked them for allowing us to be part of their program for the sixth time since 2011. Then, the rest of the 4-hour session was carried out in Chinese, which took its toll on us, especially those suffering from jetlag. The official photographers noticed that many of us could not keep our eyes open, they were having a hard time capturing an ‘active’ listening CF team. So, we left with the excuse of getting an early dinner and continued our sleep in the bus and then at the hotel, making sure that we will be ready for the first day of the air show.

Celebrating the CF World Team

The 100-way world record will be honoured this year

CF100-way, Photo by Bruno Brokken

Taiyuan, 9 October 2019, Henk Lunshof.

The CF World Team has members from all over the world who came together in 2003. Year after year the team trained in Australia, Europe and the United States and built many world records, 49-, 64-, 81- and then the 100-way canopy formation at Florida Skydiving Centre in Lake Wales on November 21, 2007. 142 members took part in this spectacular achievement, including 28 European CF jumpers. The 100-way record still stands and the team is about to be honoured for this ‘Path of Excellence.’

The International Skydiving Museum & Hall of Fame in Perris, California, is honouring the Canopy Formation World Record Team’s achievement with its Path of Excellence Award. The team will receive the award on October 18, 2019. Twelve ECF members will take part in this award ceremony including seven who were in the 100-way record.

The WR-Team in China, Laiwu, 2011
The WR-Team in China, Laiwu, 2011

While the award is a look back into recent CF history, the CF World Team has continued achieving new goals, setting records and performing big-way formations, including 16- and 25-way diamonds, for displays. The team’s most recent achievement was a 2 point 37-way sequential jump in March this year at Skydive Sebastian, which was a World Record and included six ECF members. From 15 to 17 October, just prior to receiving the Path of Excellence award, 44 Members of the CF World Team (including 12 ECF members) will meet in Perris and attempt to set a new sequential record.

Alongside setting new world records, the CF World Team has continued making display jumps across the world. For instance, from 11 till 13 October the team will be performing in China for the sixth time. 20 members of the World Team will meet at Yaocheng Airport in Taiyuan where they will make impressive big-way formations in celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Republic of China.

Photos & Video by Bruno Brokken from Belgium

I am honoured to be part of this excellent team and to be taking part in both upcoming skydiving events, together with camera flyers Bruno Brokken (Belgium) and Gustava Cabana (Spain). I will be sharing live updates from both events. So, keep checking this website for daily updates on the Perris record attempt and the Taiyuan displays; the adventure starts in China.

CF100-way World Record,  November 21 2007

Edwardo Guillen

Tomislav Begic
Brett Higgins
Jules McConnel
Ben Nordkamp
Andrew Preston
Michael Vaughan
Andrew Whitten

Danny Van Oosterwyck

Eber Amaral
Paulo Assis

John Scott
Lyal Waddell
Aidan Walters

Ibrahim Abo Elwafa
Ehab Mahmoud

Pasi Pirttikoski

Christophe Balisky
Olivier Huart

Tom Brand
Thomas R.-Seelbinder
Peter A. Pfalzgraf
Ralf Stolzenberg
Claudia Balisky
Holger Gnoth
Viktor Krause

Remko Bolt
Gerben Frankvoort
Eward Slot
Herman Slot
Kees Tops
Marc van Aperen
Henny Wiggers

Denis Dodonov
Stanislav Murashkin
Alexei Volynskiy
Yuri Yugov

Ian Marshall
Gavin McLeod
Doug Preston
Martin Robiette
Maria Russell
Paul Speller

Chris J. Gay
Brian Pangburn
Yuliya Korkh
Eli Godwin
Michael Lewis
Mark Gregory
Kirk Bauer
Fio Antognini
Chris Warnock
Michael Chico Tomaselli
Kirk W. vanZandt
Steve Archuletta
Scott Shumway
Sharon Shumway
Charles Backus
Bruce Barnett
Jim Bolton
Mario Bufalino
Chas Bunch
Bill R. Clement
Jim Cowan
Jamie Cromer
Barbara Cuddy
Annie DeKoker
Cliff Dobson
Brian Fairhurst
Wendy Faulkner
Bob Feisthamel
Robert Bob Felt
Frank Fowler
Allen Gutshall
Dave Hillebrandt
Jackson M. Hoffman, Jr.
Dean Keating
Kevin R. Keenan
Shireen Khavari
Mark Kruse
Andrey Kuznetsov
Bob Lievsay
Mark Lounsbury
Frank P. Matrone
Roger C. McClelland
William Bill Mershon
Cheryl Michaels
Mike Paolin
Gary Peters
Ernie Pliscott
Raul Ramirez
James Rasmussen
Bob Reger
Damien Ristaqino
Steve Sassetti
Craig D. Stapleton
Keith Thivierge
Rusty Vest
Kevin Vetter
Shaun Vineyard

flown for Joe Lambright

>> FAI Register Entry

New European CF sequential Record

CF Russia set a new European CF sequential Record!

Post from Natalya Lapshina

From 22-25 August the Russian CF Large Formation Team gathered at the Krutitsy DZ (in the Ryazan region) with the aim of building a 21-way Canopy Formation and performing two sequential formations, or more if possible. Denis Dononov the leader of the Project, had evaluated the skill-level of the skydivers and decided that this technically challenging goal – large sequential formations – was achievable.

The formal history of the CF Large Formation Team in Russia starts in 2011 when 19 skydivers registered the first Russian Record. Since then, the Large Formation Team has changed significantly but the dream of Large Formations is still in the forefront. 

We had a total of four days: two for training and two for the record attempts. The record was set during the second day, on the second jump. However, FAI rules require that the pictures of the two sequential formations show every grip in the formations clearly and simultaneously. We did not find such a picture on the jump video!   

The team took to the air again. Straightaway, on the next jump, a 21-way formation was built, with grips broken and nine canopies rebuilding: an even better result than the previous jump.  What a feeling!

Last week, the preliminary package of documents was transferred to the FAI and the Formation was assigned the status “Preliminary record claim received.” Now we have three months to submit the full package and then, we wait for the ratification. We just wait and think about the next step!

From editors, a big congrats to our Russian brothers and sisters. What a nice job. We hope you will get your ratification soon. 

ECF Challenge 2018, ratified!

The European Record is official

We are proud to announce that the FAI has ratified the following Class G (Parachuting) European record:
Claim number: 18837 
Sub-class : G-2 / Performance Records 
Category: General 
Group / Type: Largest Formation Records – Canopy Formation
Course/location: Teuge (Netherlands)
Performance: 30 parachutists

Celebred the record with Heinecken. The Dutch kind of good water
Celebrating the record. The 30-way Team from 2018

2018 was a very exciting year for CF in Europe. On 26 August our CF brothers and sisters from Russia flew a 28-way record. In doing so they broke our 25-way record of 2016. This was a very challenging starting point for the ECF group, which was working on a record attempt for September that year. Thank you CF Russia for putting up that milestone.

Whereas, in 2016, the 25-way record built by our ECF team included nine nationalities, the 2018 30-way record team consisted of jumpers from 12 European nationalities. We are proud of the growth of these events, not only the amount of members taking part but also the extent of the countries involved.
Making this record happen involved a good deal of cooperation: it was initiated by our German members; it was executed in Teuge; and, the paperwork completed by the Polish gave us a new insight into organizing and cooperativeness. 
We are very grateful to the FAI and IPC for taking the time and putting energy and effort into considering this record application before rectifying it. Thank you IPC/FAI, you are now part of our achievement as well!

So indeed also a thank you to Andreas Jankowsky for executing one of the last tasks of all the work that has been put in to this record attempt and creating this poster, a nice piece of art as a record.

European Record CF30way, September 2018
European Record CF30-way, September 2018

Last but not least a big thank you to the ECF members who performed in the record. These where: Gabriel Andrei (Romania), Marcin Bak (Poland), Michal Balonis (Poland), Mary-lou Barratt (United Kingdom), Thomas Brand (Germany), George Buijtendijk (Netherlands), Sebastian Cato (Sweden), Szymon Chelmicki (Poland), Tomas Demel (Czech Republic), Ciprian Drobotǎ (Romania), Gerben Frankvoort (Netherlands), Maciej (Gajos) Gago (Poland), Holger Gnoth (Germany), Konstantin Nikolaevich Krivosheev (Russian Federation), Martin Kučera (Czech Republic), Jari Lehti (Finland), Paweł Michalski (Poland), Indrek Pappel (Estonia), Peter A. Pfalzgraf (Germany), Izabela Pilarczyk (Poland), Pasi Pirttikoski (Finland), Matti Pirttikoski (Finland), Thomas Rohde-Seelbinder (Germany), Benedikt Simoens (Belgium), Herman Slot (Netherlands), Grzegorz Sujkowski (Poland), Kira Tsindiaikina (Russian Federation), Jaroslaw Zwierzynski (Poland), Frans van Wijngaarden (Netherlands), Dennis van der Coelen (Netherlands)

EU-Record Members right after the CF-Record Jump
EU-Record Members right after the CF-Record Jump

Not yet mentioned are those who also took the time and effort to be in Teuge or the training camps prior to the record. It means we have more potential and options to have a new goal to achieve in the future. It is also great to notice that we have two groups in Europe pushing the boundaries of CF. Where could that take us when we organize and jump together?

For beginners, we also recommend reading the post by Izabela.
Maurice finished a video of the Record-Week, as well!

If you are interested in doing CRW, come, join and have fun, because that’s what we do!

Dutch press

Dutch press opens with; ‘Best skydivers practice spectacular formation jump over Teuge’

TEUGE – The best skydivers in the world are in the Netherlands this week to jump into Skydive Teuge’s jubilee week. The association has been in existence for 50 years. Especially for that milestone, they hope to make a spectacular formation jump with all those international jumpers this weekend.
‘This is the first time that I have been to the Netherlands, I find it very exciting. I have been invited to be here, we have many countries participating, “says Don Bromley from America. The CF jumpers are practicing this week to fly together in formation, and that is quite complicated.

CF Jumpers practicing their next jump.

But with a bit of luck it will be possible this weekend to build a formation with fifty in the sky above Teuge. “Something like this has never been done before above Dutch territory,” said Edwin Boerkamp.

50 years of jumping
Parachute jumps have been taking place at Teuge airport since 1969. That started small, every weekend by a group of fanatics, but the association has now grown into one of the largest parachute centers in Europe.

A lot has changed over the years, says Peter Smit of the National Paracentrum Teuge. From the technology to the material and the regulations. ‘We are becoming increasingly professional, even when you look at jump numbers, which is of course a benchmark. We are now the third in Europe, “says Smit.

50 Years Skydive Teuge

With World-Class CF-Coaches

Skydive Teuge, is celebrating their 50th anniversary and that’s the reason for several special events this year, including a Canopy Formation event.This will be one of the biggest CF events in Europe. From June 20 – 30.

This event will be Co- organized by the 100-way CF world record organizers Brian Pangburn & Chris Gay!

We are proud to announce that there is already a great interest from Crew dogs from: several countries in Europe, Australia, Russia, USA, Canada and South America to join in this event, and we are aiming to host at least 75 CRWdogs.

Our focus is to host a week of big way Canopy Formation for a various of skill levels. Depending on the number of participants registered, and the variety of skill level what’s present, we will do all our best to manage a whole week of big way fun!

In the spirit of our previous European record events at Teuge our focus is on: safe jumps, in a good atmosphere, with skilled coaches and excellent jump facilities, among those good friends from all over the world. The boogie starts at Monday 08.00 hrs with a circle up. In the weekend before, 22-23 June there are limited slots for one-on-one coaching (4 pup slots). We expect that the participants for the boogie will come in during this weekend and get ready for the event like with the paperwork on the manifest. Some of you will have to get their AAD and or Lightning build in. When done, we expect enough crw dogs to be around to do some warm up CF jumps.

Depending on number of participants, skills, progress and motivation we can build up a formation as big as we safely can do. Basic Bigway coaching, Big Way sequential and flying pieces are on the program. The more experienced the participators are, the more we will ‘boogie’.
Three super powered grand caravans will be available and if necessary a fourth on the Thursday and Friday can be arranged.

CF Shark Team

Our coaches are: Chris Gay, Brian Pangburn,
Event Organisers/Coach: Henk Lunshof, Gerben Frankvoort, Eward Slot, Herman Slot
Like the previous European record events, experienced coaches as Pasi, Tom Brand, Peti, Scymon will be available to assist during the event.

Registration fee is € 25,-
Jump tickets are € 22,-

Contact from Skydive Teuge: Christien Meijers
Contact for crEUw: Henk Lunshof

>> Registration form <<

Accommodations on the DZ and in the neighborhood.

Spring Fling adventures ’19

Over the ocean during the daytime and at night

The European Team in Spring Fling 2019, Sebastian, Florida

Spring Fling ’19 appeared to be CF’s largest gathering ever. 153 participants from all continents took part in this great event. 20 members of the crEUw team joined in, making up the biggest group of foreign representatives.
Below is the story of one of those crEUw members, Kira Tsindyaikina.

Kira Tsindyaikina (c) Ivan Kazancev
Kira Tsindyaikina (c) Ivan Kazancev

I have a friend, Irina Yakimenko. When I had more or less 300 jumps (300 in total and about 100 CRW jumps; yes, I’ve calculated them properly) and she had about 800, she started doing 2-way CF with me (and I am endlessly thankful to her for it). She is a women’s world record holder in FS, as well as a holder of Russian and European CF records. When, in 2014, she went to the US for the women’s world FS record challenge I was thinking, why there are so many international events for FS and no international CRW events at all?

I so badly wanted to get acquainted with foreign CRW skydivers and to jump with them. In 2017, somehow Facebook directed me to the European Canopy Formation page and there I found information about the Parasummer event ( I immediately decided to take part. This post is about Spring Fling so I will leave my enormous emotions related to Parasummer for further posts. However, it was at Parasummer where I first met a lot of new friendly CRW people and fell in love with them. They immediately became a part of my CRW family.
Sebastian Cato from Sweden asked me: “are you going to Spring Fling?” “Spring Fling? What is it?” “Don’t you know what Spring Fling is? It is the most important CRW event of the year. You should take part.”

Photo David Sands

After my great experience at Parasummer I could not miss another international CRW event.

So, in 2018 I went to Spring Fling for the first time. From the very beginning I was struck by the openness and friendliness of all the people I met there; People who had never met me before helped me to sort out different issues with my rig, took me on jumps, hung out with me. I met the most experienced CRW people of the world in one place at the same time. I had chances (and took them) to jump with all the organisers and, therefore, learned from the best.

For the first time in my life I took part in jumps involving a formation being split into two or three pieces, formations with two and even three pilots, and, of course, the fraaaame!! Everyone must do it!! This is incredible!

Flying a frame through the skies asks for some extra skills, nice work (red).

At Spring Fling 2018 I took part in three jumps in a row when we built 49-, 50- and 50-ways! And I was in! It was my first time at the event, and I was in, and we were successful. With no wraps! Before these jumps my biggest formation was an 18-way. Can you imagine what I felt?

This year Spring Fling was even more incredible for me than the previous one. I took part in two world records, including the night one.

CF-37 World record dive point 1, transition and point 2.

What did I feel? I docked on the night jump, and people after me docked, and then I heard “complete” and after some time I heard Brian’s voice on the radio, “pyro pyro pyro,” and then I saw sparkles of pyro, I still can not believe we really did it. We were flying in the night sky, we were seen from the ground, and my heart was racing in happiness. I guess I was smiling until I landed, or even packed. I was really surprised when people on the ground applauded for those who were landing. It was astonishing. The most important thing is that on the ground there was a girl with the list of participants, and, once I’d landed, she asked me my name; even in the midst of the euphoria of this great event, there were people making sure that everything was organised safely and verifying that everyone landed properly in the main landing area.

Night Record, Photo Bruno Brokken

crEUw members in both Worldrecords were: Szymon Chełmicki (PL), Ben Simoens (BEL), George Buitendijk (NL), Pasi Pirttikoski (FIN), Henk Lunshof (NL), Yulia Pangburn (BLR) and Kira Tsindyaikina (RUS).

Another incredible aspect of the Spring Fling is the beach jump. I have never made beach jumps before. We built a 10-way, a diamond with a stinger, and flew above the ocean. Have you ever seen the endless ocean from above, flying for several incredible minutes with your friends and then landed on the beach?

Unbelievably, all the things described above occurred in a single week! How can the organizers do it? What an event! Spring Fling always gives me something new, and this new is always incredible. I do not know what will be prepared for next year, but I am definitely in!

These events are always a great chance for everyone to try something new. What I like, and what I am grateful for, is the organisers’ belief in newcomers, and the provision of opportunities to take part in great projects. You always have a chance, just take it.
My wish is that my beloved skydivers with whom I jump at home would come to Spring Fling with me next year. This is the best CRW experience.

Skydiving Videographer Bruno Brokken from Belgium accompanied us in Florida with his video and photographic art.
Thank you, Bruno for these beautiful shots for our discipline.