CF 2-point 16way in Poland June 2017

CF Challenge 2-point 16way

CF 2way plane, Photo by Kuba Konwent
CF 2way plane, Photo by Kuba Konwent

Sky Camp Dropzone
Kazimierz Biskupi, Poland
June 8 – June 11

We invite all crEUw Dogs to a Big Way Canopy Formation Camp. This time it will be held in the centre of Poland, at Sky Camp dropzone. The dropzone operates a PAC 750 XSTOL plane, which takes up to 17 skydivers.
The aim for the camp is to improve our big way skills and prepare for next the European Record attempts. We will try to fly multi-point 16ways.

Plane of the Sky Camp Dropzone: PAC 750 XSTOL - Photo by Kamil Stawicki
Sky Camp Dropzone’s plane: PAC 750 XSTOL – Photo by Kamil Stawicki

Some organizational details:

  • experienced load organizers: members of the World Record Team.
  • cost: tickets 100 PLN / 25€ , entry fee 100PLN / 25€
  • accommodation: on the dropzone in shared rooms. Price per bed 50PLN. Another option is ‘agrotouristics,’ which is within 5-10km of the dropzone. Price ~50 PLN. This option we will investigate when we know the number of participants, and number of places needed.
  • meals: possible to order full catering / 3 meals
  • possibility to rent PD Lightning canopies: let us know which sizes you need. Rental fee 7,50 € per jump.
CF 6way Box - Photo by Kuba Konwent
CF 6way Box – Photo by Kuba Konwent

See you there, you can’t miss it. We guarantee lots of CF fun, and Polish hospitality.

THE LIST (current April 27)

  1. Henk (NL) L. 143
  2. Seele (GER, Photos for ECF-Site) L. 143/160
  3. Marcin (PL) L. 143
  4. Michal (PL) L. 143
  5. Paweł  (PL) L. 160/176
  6. Szymon (PL) L. 193
  7. Gajos (PL) L. 143
  8. Sebastian D. (PL) L. 143/160
  9. George (NL) L. 193
  10. Dennis (NL) L.160
  11. Ben (BEL) L. 193
  12. Hyppyheikki (FIN, Video) L. 160
  13. Jukka (FIN) L.160
  14. Katrin (EST) L. 113
  15. Indrek (EST) ?
  16. Piotr (PL) L.
  17. Andrzej (PL) L.
  18. Tomasz (PL) L.
  19. Drozdzo (PL) L. 176

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Hanger, Sky Camp Dropzone, Kazimierz Biskupi, Poland
Hanger, Sky Camp Dropzone, Kazimierz Biskupi, Poland

Text from Marcin Bak

Größere Karte anzeigen

CF Boogie at Langar, England

Kicking off the UK CF season with a Boogie

Mary demonstrating how to do a great a CF exit
Mary demonstrating how to do a great a CF exit, filmed by Thomas Bird

While one of the UK crEUw dogs was at Spring Fling a few of the others were kicking off the UK season with the CF Boogie event at Langar DZ.  Inspired by the CReW boogie in the Netherlands last year, this event brought together experienced, semi-experienced and totally new CFers.  Hard work for the organisers, crEUw dogs Mark Skarratts and Mary Barratt, but totally worth it. 14 people came along, which was pretty good considering some of our usual jumpers were either off team training, out of action or still scared of the winter cold.

Marc Graham does his first CReW jump
Marc Graham does his first CReW jump at the end of the day and can’t stop grinning, filmed by Thomas Bird

We actually had splendid weather on the first day and everyone got in the air.  In fact, nearly everyone got 4 jumps in, all from 13,000ft.   Mark worked with those with more experience, putting together 3 and 4ways, and Mary took on the new pups.  Testing out a strategy she had picked up at Spring Fling 2016, Mary got the new CReW pups to film each others’ coached jumps.  This meant everyone was jumping, debriefing and learning together (so much fun, thanks Raw Dogs!).  The event saw someone doing their very first CF jump, someone doing their very first camera jump and someone else piloting a 4way for the first time.  So, at the end of the first day we had lots of happy jumpers and lots of beer.  We were hoping to go bigger on the second day but the wind didn’t play ball, so we debriefed with videos and talked about the next event at Langar, the CF Scrambles.

Mike Williams, Sam Haste and Natasha Higman build a 3way Plane
Mike Williams, Sam Haste and Natasha Higman build a 3way Plane, filmed by Max Holmes

Kilo Easter eggs in Teuge

CF KILOteam and more

One of the candidates for a new base variant, George
One of the candidates for a new base variant, George Buijtendijk
Herman tells a beginner how he approaches a large formation and is there.
Herman Slot explaining to a beginner how he approaches a large formation and is in the right place.

The first weekend took place in April and at the same time opened the 2017 season for some. In the record attempt last year we didn’t have enough experience among our ‘Big Boys’ to have them fly the 9way head of the diamond. The idea for this event and rest of the year is that we prepare the base with the Big Boys, better known as ‘KILOteam.’ In large formations, the larger parachutes are put at the top and the jumpers with the smaller canopies are continuously placed further down.


Would like to give his experience as a pilot to a big boy, Gerben Frankvoort
Gerben Frankvoort, who would like to pass his experience as a pilot to someone in the Big Boy team

There is a lot of technique to train in, such as  general piloting and wing-flying skills and details like safe footgrips, ensuring the formation is flying in a consistent heading, controlling the wing, picking up no. 4 etc, etc,. A good and fast 4way and eventual 9way diamond would be a great advantage for our project! In addition, we could then allow Gerben to be at other important locations in the formation. The first training weekend in March was canceled due to weather and the first weekend of April was also not  accompanied by the best weather. However, last Saturday and Sunday we were in the air seven times and practiced a lot. It has shown some interesting perspectives and a few CF beginners have used the jumps to experience approaching a larger formation in an echelon. It was a relaxed and successful weekend with de-briefings by Gerben and Herman.

Boarding display with some big boys
Boarding display with some Big Boys

The same weekend takes place again in May. Besides these events, the KILOteam will train together to get that base flying and, not unimportant, be part of the next European record as well.


The Easter bunny was with us in Teuge
The Easter bunny was with us in Teuge

For the next event in May all crEUw-dogs are welcome. Then hopefully with better weather and even more Big Boys. We will split up again into KILOteam and Light-team. So come and play, you are very welcome in May 20. – 21. ! Registration


What can never be missing in the Netherlands is not our sponsor at the same time. But an energy carrier in the evening after the jumps. The box on the table of Eef Dekker.
What can never be missing in the Netherlands is not our sponsor at the same time. But an energy carrier in the evening after the jumps. The box on the table of Netherlands’ CF Legend Eef Dekker.

A happy Easter festival in Teuge

CF 9way Easter-Diamond
CF 9way Easter-Diamond. Photo from Laurent Dreyfus.

Lightning event in Norway

Last weekend of April ’17

For the next CF event in Europe we need to look to the high North. Roger Vin has invited and will welcome some crEUw-dogs on the Nimbus Fallskjermklubb in Rakkestad, Norwegen. Facebook-Site.

Roger calls is a unofficial CF- Training camp in Norway, for the Euro CF Challenge 2017.

Lets declare it official! The camp is ment for:

  • Newbies and professional training together to increase knowledge.
  • Jumping Saturday and Sunday primarily, but Monday also available.
  • Pasi Pirttikoski (CF) will lead the way.

Pasi started skydiving in 1986 and since then done thousands of CRW / CF jumps. If you don’t feel confident flying in close proximity with other canopies yet, Pasi will make you love your time under the canopy! We jump at Rakkestad, for best access for those driving. We will fly with a C206 Turbin.

Good luck crEUw-dogs up north, have fun and send us some pictures 😉

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CF- 8way Web-Challenge 2017

Targets for 2017

Last year we have been fairly successful and established a European CF-Record. The 25-way that we made of course is only the beginning.

8way Box, German Team - Fast Forward
8way Box, German Team – Fast Forward

If we want to go bigger we need better performance. We need to build faster. To do so we have to get a quick 9-way base with our big canopies to save time for the whole group as it used to be in 8-way speed.
As a sample you may look at a video of the German National Team performing at the World-Air Games 2001 in Granada.

The trick about building fast is not flying at a high speed but to be in the right place at the right time and to dock without hesitation when it is our turn. Therefore we need to watch and understand the built of the formation and anticipate our slot so that we can start our final approach early enough to dock right after the grips in front of us have been taken and, of course, we need to be able to hesitate in place if there is a problem with that grip and dock right after the problem is solved.

The jumps of 2001 were not perfect but they may show how quick a bigger formation can be built.
For these reasons I want to encourage everybody to form 8-way teams and compete in 8-speed at the web challenge that is provided by the CF-committee of the IPC

By the way: Every participant in the web challenge has a chance to win a complete CF rig no matter what their score is!

Ther PETi

Text in German

Das nächste Ziel für 2017

Im vergangenen Jahr waren wir ziemlich erfolgreich und haben einen europäischen CF-Rekord etabliert. Der 25er, den wir gemacht haben, sollte nur der Anfang sein, um weitere gute Leistungen zu zeigen.

8way Wedge, German Team - Fast Forward
8way Wedge, German Team – Fast Forward

Wenn wir größer werden wollen, müssen wir unsere Leistung steigern. Wir müssen schneller werden. Dafür brauchen wir eine schnelle 9er Basis mit den großen Kappen. Ähnlich wie früher, als wir noch die Achter Disziplin im Wettbewerb hatten.
Ein Beispiel können wir uns über ein Video der deutschen Nationalmannschaft anschauen, die bei den World Air Games 2001 in Granada gestartet ist.

Das Geheimnis, schnell zu fliegen, liegt nicht mit hoher Geschwindigkeit zu docken, sondern zur richtigen Zeit am richtigen Ort (Anflugsfenster) zu sein und besonnen anzufliegen, wenn wir an der Reihe sind. Deshalb müssen wir den Formationsaufbau gut beobachten und verstehen. Unseren Slot lesen können, damit wir damit wir den Endanflug früh genug starten können und direkt nach den Griffen vor uns zu docken. Natürlich müssen wir in der Lage sein auf unvorhergesehene Griffprobleme unserer Vorderleute reagieren zu können. Die Sprünge von 2001 waren nicht perfekt, aber sie können uns zeigen, wie schnell eine größere Formation gebaut werden kann.

Aus diesen Gründen möchte ich alle CF-Springer ermutigen, 8way-Teams zu bilden um in eine Achter Web-Challange der FAI zu konkurrieren. Diese wird 2017 vom CF-Komitee des IPC auch für die Disziplin 8er Speed zur Verfügung gestellt.

Bonus: Jeder Teilnehmer in der Web-Challenge hat die Chance, ein komplettes CF-Rig zu gewinnen, egal wie er bei der Challange abschneiden wird!

Euer PETi

CF meeting point Estonia July 2017

Welcome to Parasummer boogie in Estonia!

At home with Indrek and Katrin from Estonia

This year Parasummer is held for the 18th time and again it will be in Pärnu, Estonia. During  a week long boogie there are a lot of things going on – coaching (FF, FS, WS, CF), competitions and probably they’re going to try to jump some records. No less important are the social gatherings and parties held during the week and of course the famous beach landing. There are two aircraft serving us – Pilatus Porter (10 slots) and Cessna Caravan (15 slots) and for bigger formations, it would be possible to make those two aircraft fly together.  The main CF load organizer will be Pasi Pirttikoski, and the rumor is that the goal is to practice flying 16-ways.
Parasummer 2017 July 14 – 22
Pärnu, Estonia

Unfortunately, we need two registration forms for this event:
>> KLICK << crEUdogs Registration vor this event
Parasummer Boogie Registration

CF 9way over Estonia

Information about accommodation, prizes, events etc is really well put together on the boogie-website  and when the event gets closer you can follow it on boogie-facebook-site.

Smartphone CF shot in Estonia. Good advertising for our sport.

Fun fact: Parasummer was born under the name of CFSCE’ 99 — Canopy Formation Skydiving Camp Estonia (changed to Parasummer in 2000). Despite the original idea, CF activity decreased after some years until 2014 when more CF jumpers started to gather at the boogie again. Last year we flew a 12-way kite over Pärnu bay, piloted by Pasi Pirttikoski. We would like to keep the numbers up and tradition going, so we welcome all crEUw-dogs to participate the Parasummer & the Cumulus Convention 2017 in Estonia!


Construction of a landing zone on the beach

Text and photos from Katrin Raudsik

Größere Karte anzeigen

We would like to know who is registering here so that we can organize and forecast a CF briefing. We provide the crEUw-registration form.

The list:
Katrin (EST) L.113

Diary Lake Wales, Florida

The week at Spring Fling in Florida

Spring Fling Questionnaire from Brian Pangburn!

Thanks to Henk Lunshof, for his notes in a small diary from a great week in Florida.
Sunday, April 9th

The last day of Spring Fling started with a plan for Canadian/European 9ways to fly side-by-side: a friendship jump in the spirit of the last few days. So, national anthems guided us all the way up to 14,500 feet! Due to some technical ‘CReW stuff’ the formations did not build beside each other: it had something to do with the ‘r’ in CReW. So the initial “cross the ocean” of three Europeans to the Canadian side and vica versa could not take place. Thanks to Martin Dumas, the irregular attempt of your reporter to eventually join up with the Canadian formation was accepted under a loud protesting starburst call from the rest of the Canadian formation.

Pasi from Finland tore his white 1000-jump L160 on opening
Daddy Mike Lewis still had something delicious for his crew-dog babies

The second jump was a fully integrated Canadian/Europe/USA 20way dive. The 20way flew well and was broken up into a “Blackhole”.  It was a nice formation for most to end this Fling, while some of us went for another dive. That was a 16way, which sadly involved Pasi tearing his white 1000-jump L160 on opening. Although his canopy flew, it out-sank the formation leaving the 4th place open for Frans to fill. Good CReW drill meant that slots were easily shuffled and we ended the dive with a smooth 15-way wedge.

Heading DZ Lake Wales

In the meantime, Mike Lewis had officially titled himself the whiner of the event, not being able to find a real winning whiner of this week and yes… probably still whining a bit about not having flown the night record. So, that means we must have had a great team of CReW dogs this week if one of the hosts and organizers declares himself the crybaby.

Thank you Jennifer, for taking such good care of us, even serving during the debriefs!
Thanks Betty Hill, for hosting us and planning our loads every time perfect.

Writing about organizers, I hereby thank Brian Pangburn and his team of load organizers, formation pilots and camera men for a well organized and executed event. Also, compliments to the Lake Wales staff. Jennifer, thank you for taking such good care of us, even serving during the debriefs, real class! Betty, thank you for hosting us and planning our loads as best you could, you run a nice Drop Zone. I’d also like to thank Sarah not only for her Florida host friendliness by serving us with healthy snacks and fruits to get us through the day, but also for re-editing my text. We thank the Americans for this optimal start to the CF-Season 2017, this great boogie and the hospitality for CReW dogs from all over the world.

Thanks Sarah for the friendliness, serving us with healthy snacks and fruits to take us through the day. With a friendly hug from Frank Matrone.

Signing off from blue Florida skies,
Henk Lunshof

Saturday, April 8th
CF 36way sunset-jump over Lake Wales

Unfortunately, the night jump record was cancelled as it was interfering too much with the boogie. The number of participants was very high and therefore it was better to take care of the full organization for the boogie. The next possible date for night CReW with record attempts for those who qualify on the day jumps could be November 23-26 at the Vampire Boogie, Lake Wales, Florida.

This was the last full day of Spring Fling CReW for most of us, and for the crEUw dogs it was indeed a very good day as well.
Frans started  the day with a balloon jump, a three-way balloon/CReW jump with Eduardo from Argentina and Scott from the USA. They are now claiming the world record-CReW balloon jump. But, balloon jumping in Florida is not just skydiving…. you are really getting the whole package when you have to drag the balloon basket out of the Florida swamps. Still, the effort seems to match the  joy, especially if the balloon pilot treats you to a steak takeout meal afterwards.

The board of the CF 36way from Saturday

During this swim-safari-expedition the rest of the CReW dogs were doing some hard-core CReW: filling the skies above Lake Wales airport with chevrons, blackholes, pieces-pieces and of course boxes and diamonds small and big. Although lots of slots where exchanged, due to brainlocks or to small misconceptions, we still flew our formations as planned. The day ended with a sunset 36way diamond flown for his first time by pilot Eric Gallan.  A job well done.  Of the other 35, 10 were crEUw dogs. Thanks to Pasi for his persistence in convincing the event organizers to plan this dive.
Tomorrow will be a short day for most of us because of traveling. For now most of us are satisfied and looking forward to our European season to come.

Blue Florida skies,
Henk Lunshof

Friday, April 7th
Group pictures of the crEUw dogs @ Spring Fling '17
Group picture of the crEUw dogs @ Spring Fling ’17

The night jump world record was planned for tonight. Hard decisions had to be made to select people out of the available 50+ interested CReW dogs. The selected jumpers would have to perform well in the training jumps during the day to stay in the final selection for the night jump. 5 out of the 10 crEUw dogs were selected for the training jumps, so we can be very proud and satisfied. During the windy and turbulent day-jumps prior to the actual night record jump, Mike Lewis took charge of the training and final selection. The last training jump before the record attempt was to be a 36way. 6 people would have to be cut from that and thanked for their efforts as the planned record was only a 30way. During the long wait ahead of this jump, Jason prepared himself mentally, trusting me with his thoughts that his whole row would probably be de-selected.

Team CETA with Europeans and Canadians
Team CETA with Europeans and Canadians, signed with Canadian beer 😉

But too bad, the forecast had been temperamental and the wind has remained strong and gusty throughout the day.  So, the night jump and final practice jump had to be cancelled. Our crEUw dogs Szymon Chełmicki, Frans van Wijngaarden, Pasi Pirttikosky and Jason Hobbs were kept in suspense for the next 24 hours.





Thursday, April 6th
Load Organizing with Mike Lewis and orange jackets
CF 20way in Lake Wales
CF 20way in Lake Wales

Today the Fling Spring event officially started. With almost 60 CF skydivers from Brazil to Canada and Europe, and some Americans still to arrive, it is the event to be at.

After bad weather in the morning the first load was up at one o’clock. Everybody made at least three jumps and many new contacts are made.
We are looking forward to tomorrow, especially tomorrow night when a new world night record might be flown.

Ready to start the day out of a Twin Otter









Blue Florida skies!
Henk Lunshof

Wednesday, April 5th

The shoe extractor on the left with his victim on the right. Fun is when you can still laugh afterwards.

Henk and Marion after their jump
Tuesday, April 4th
CF 12way Box: Live-Cam Photo by Szymon

Florida mornings are very CReW friendly. Unfortunately the afternoon turbulence throws a spanner in the works. Yet we fall into a warm bath of friendship and good learning during the jumps and briefings. With the arrival of Marion and Andreas (Janky), we are now complete.

Dirtdive picture from Chico of the Euro group with Jim Rasmussen as Load Organizer. Air to air pictures from Szymon Chelmicki.

Blue Florida skies,

Briefing: Photo by cutaway-Chico

Needle-Formation, open for a wingsuit-fly-through
Needle / Wingsuit check
Monday, April 3rd
CF 12way box with live-cam Henk from below
  • The Poles had a lot of fun in Miami Beach. Not without side effects.

    This is the third day Frans, Lennert and Jason are doing CReW

  • Two Polish jumpers started yesterday, the others had too much sunburn from Miami Beach 🏖😂
  • Pasi and I started today.
  • Marion and Janky are still on their way.

Met vriendelijke groeten

Announcement for Spring Fling April 2017

Extract from the CF Google Group of the US CReW-dogs

Hello Everyone!lakewales_florida
Its that time of the year again to start thinking about the Spring Fling! This year due to scheduling conflicts we will be moving the Spring Fling to Lake Wales April 7th – 9th, 2017. But there are many people making plans to jump the weekend prior and all week in-between so if you need a longer CRW fix it sounds like many people will be around to do some small and big way formations for the 9 days starting April 1st (this is no Aprils fools joke either) through the 9th. So far over a dozen people have been making plans to jump the weekend prior that I am aware of.

Please let me know if you will be attending along with your canopy size so we can have enough organizers, video, and aircraft! Thanks!

The good news about Lake Wales is the hotels are much cheaper and the weather historically has been better so we anticipate more jumps for this years event! Hope to see you there!

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Brian Pangburn
on google group

The List:
Brian Pangburn – Organizer
Mike Lewis – Organizer
Eric Gallan – Organizer
Francois Hout – Organizer
Chico (video)

We are going to the Fling Sping with a nice group
The crEUw dogs-list:

Yuliya 113 Belarus 😉
Pasi (FIN) 160
Jason (GB) 113
Simon (PL) 193
Marcin (PL) 143
Maciej (PL) 143
Michal (PL) 143
Pawel (PL) 160
Martin (CZ) 160
Frans v.W. (NL) 160
Lennert  (NL) 143
Henk (NL) 143
A. Janky (GER) 160
Marion J. (GER) 143

… have a look for updates in our diary-post or  @ CReW-google group

Plans to set a Women’s European CF record

Plans for an attempt to set a Women’s European CF record are starting to develop.

CF 9way with Mary in Florida. Photo by cutaway-Chico, USA
CF 9way with Mary in Florida. Photo by cutaway-Chico, USA

We will be warming up over the next few months, so spread the word; Female jumpers get involved!

All CF women, and those who would like to start CF and are interested in being part of this record, are invited to meet at the Parasummer Boogie (Estonia) in July. The Boogie will be good opportunity to start jumping together and preparing for a record attempt at one of the crEUw events later this year or early next year. The entry level of this project is zero CF jumps and much eagerness. Alongside the Summer Boogie we have more camps and can also arrange individual training weekends for crEUw-starters; check out our event calendar.

Boys, please come and play too while we prepare, but for the main event – the girls have got it Get involved and contact Mary Barratt.

More details to follow.

Dutch 16way in April & May 2017

CF Kilo team and more

Canopy Formation 16way
Canopy Formation 16way

Vervolg training Kilo team plus intermediates plus de eerste stappen voor een Nederlandse 16way.

This weekend, Henk would like to call all Dutchmen to fly a Dutch 16. Fake-Dutchs are welcome! We will think of something more. During the young season, we are going to have a flight where we flew our first European formation last year. On the great Dropezone in Teuge.
The registration form is available for registration. Please use it so we can plan better.

Date Training: April 15-16
Date attempt: May 20-21

The kilo team will continue training and we will make room for the rest as well. Further the first steps to fly a Dutch 16-way will be set 😉 Post from the first training.

Every hour an actual live picture of the hanger from TeugeUpdate without advertising, press F5 on the keyboard.

Vliegveld Teuge › Nord-West