ECF Challenge 2018, ratified!

The European Record is official

We are proud to announce that the FAI has ratified the following Class G (Parachuting) European record:
Claim number: 18837 
Sub-class : G-2 / Performance Records 
Category: General 
Group / Type: Largest Formation Records – Canopy Formation
Course/location: Teuge (Netherlands)
Performance: 30 parachutists

Celebred the record with Heinecken. The Dutch kind of good water
Celebrating the record. The 30-way Team from 2018

2018 was a very exciting year for CF in Europe. On 26 August our CF brothers and sisters from Russia flew a 28-way record. In doing so they broke our 25-way record of 2016. This was a very challenging starting point for the ECF group, which was working on a record attempt for September that year. Thank you CF Russia for putting up that milestone.

Whereas, in 2016, the 25-way record built by our ECF team included nine nationalities, the 2018 30-way record team consisted of jumpers from 12 European nationalities. We are proud of the growth of these events, not only the amount of members taking part but also the extent of the countries involved.
Making this record happen involved a good deal of cooperation: it was initiated by our German members; it was executed in Teuge; and, the paperwork completed by the Polish gave us a new insight into organizing and cooperativeness. 
We are very grateful to the FAI and IPC for taking the time and putting energy and effort into considering this record application before rectifying it. Thank you IPC/FAI, you are now part of our achievement as well!

So indeed also a thank you to Andreas Jankowsky for executing one of the last tasks of all the work that has been put in to this record attempt and creating this poster, a nice piece of art as a record.

European Record CF30way, September 2018
European Record CF30-way, September 2018

Last but not least a big thank you to the ECF members who performed in the record. These where: Gabriel Andrei (Romania), Marcin Bak (Poland), Michal Balonis (Poland), Mary-lou Barratt (United Kingdom), Thomas Brand (Germany), George Buijtendijk (Netherlands), Sebastian Cato (Sweden), Szymon Chelmicki (Poland), Tomas Demel (Czech Republic), Ciprian Drobotǎ (Romania), Gerben Frankvoort (Netherlands), Maciej (Gajos) Gago (Poland), Holger Gnoth (Germany), Konstantin Nikolaevich Krivosheev (Russian Federation), Martin Kučera (Czech Republic), Jari Lehti (Finland), Paweł Michalski (Poland), Indrek Pappel (Estonia), Peter A. Pfalzgraf (Germany), Izabela Pilarczyk (Poland), Pasi Pirttikoski (Finland), Matti Pirttikoski (Finland), Thomas Rohde-Seelbinder (Germany), Benedikt Simoens (Belgium), Herman Slot (Netherlands), Grzegorz Sujkowski (Poland), Kira Tsindiaikina (Russian Federation), Jaroslaw Zwierzynski (Poland), Frans van Wijngaarden (Netherlands), Dennis van der Coelen (Netherlands)

EU-Record Members right after the CF-Record Jump
EU-Record Members right after the CF-Record Jump

Not yet mentioned are those who also took the time and effort to be in Teuge or the training camps prior to the record. It means we have more potential and options to have a new goal to achieve in the future. It is also great to notice that we have two groups in Europe pushing the boundaries of CF. Where could that take us when we organize and jump together?

For beginners, we also recommend reading the post by Izabela.
Maurice finished a video of the Record-Week, as well!

If you are interested in doing CRW, come, join and have fun, because that’s what we do!

Dutch press

Dutch press opens with; ‘Best skydivers practice spectacular formation jump over Teuge’

TEUGE – The best skydivers in the world are in the Netherlands this week to jump into Skydive Teuge’s jubilee week. The association has been in existence for 50 years. Especially for that milestone, they hope to make a spectacular formation jump with all those international jumpers this weekend.
‘This is the first time that I have been to the Netherlands, I find it very exciting. I have been invited to be here, we have many countries participating, “says Don Bromley from America. The CF jumpers are practicing this week to fly together in formation, and that is quite complicated.

CF Jumpers practicing their next jump.

But with a bit of luck it will be possible this weekend to build a formation with fifty in the sky above Teuge. “Something like this has never been done before above Dutch territory,” said Edwin Boerkamp.

50 years of jumping
Parachute jumps have been taking place at Teuge airport since 1969. That started small, every weekend by a group of fanatics, but the association has now grown into one of the largest parachute centers in Europe.

A lot has changed over the years, says Peter Smit of the National Paracentrum Teuge. From the technology to the material and the regulations. ‘We are becoming increasingly professional, even when you look at jump numbers, which is of course a benchmark. We are now the third in Europe, “says Smit.

50 Years Skydive Teuge

With World-Class CF-Coaches

Skydive Teuge, is celebrating their 50th anniversary and that’s the reason for several special events this year, including a Canopy Formation event.This will be one of the biggest CF events in Europe. From June 20 – 30.

This event will be Co- organized by the 100-way CF world record organizers Brian Pangburn & Chris Gay!

We are proud to announce that there is already a great interest from Crew dogs from: several countries in Europe, Australia, Russia, USA, Canada and South America to join in this event, and we are aiming to host at least 75 CRWdogs.

Our focus is to host a week of big way Canopy Formation for a various of skill levels. Depending on the number of participants registered, and the variety of skill level what’s present, we will do all our best to manage a whole week of big way fun!

In the spirit of our previous European record events at Teuge our focus is on: safe jumps, in a good atmosphere, with skilled coaches and excellent jump facilities, among those good friends from all over the world. The boogie starts at Monday 08.00 hrs with a circle up. In the weekend before, 22-23 June there are limited slots for one-on-one coaching (4 pup slots). We expect that the participants for the boogie will come in during this weekend and get ready for the event like with the paperwork on the manifest. Some of you will have to get their AAD and or Lightning build in. When done, we expect enough crw dogs to be around to do some warm up CF jumps.

Depending on number of participants, skills, progress and motivation we can build up a formation as big as we safely can do. Basic Bigway coaching, Big Way sequential and flying pieces are on the program. The more experienced the participators are, the more we will ‘boogie’.
Three super powered grand caravans will be available and if necessary a fourth on the Thursday and Friday can be arranged.

CF Shark Team

Our coaches are: Chris Gay, Brian Pangburn,
Event Organisers/Coach: Henk Lunshof, Gerben Frankvoort, Eward Slot, Herman Slot
Like the previous European record events, experienced coaches as Pasi, Tom Brand, Peti, Scymon will be available to assist during the event.

Registration fee is € 25,-
Jump tickets are € 22,-

Contact from Skydive Teuge: Christien Meijers
Contact for crEUw: Henk Lunshof

>> Registration form <<

Accommodations on the DZ and in the neighborhood.

Spring Fling adventures ’19

Over the ocean during the daytime and at night

The European Team in Spring Fling 2019, Sebastian, Florida

Spring Fling ’19 appeared to be CF’s largest gathering ever. 153 participants from all continents took part in this great event. 20 members of the crEUw team joined in, making up the biggest group of foreign representatives.
Below is the story of one of those crEUw members, Kira Tsindyaikina.

Kira Tsindyaikina (c) Ivan Kazancev
Kira Tsindyaikina (c) Ivan Kazancev

I have a friend, Irina Yakimenko. When I had more or less 300 jumps (300 in total and about 100 CRW jumps; yes, I’ve calculated them properly) and she had about 800, she started doing 2-way CF with me (and I am endlessly thankful to her for it). She is a women’s world record holder in FS, as well as a holder of Russian and European CF records. When, in 2014, she went to the US for the women’s world FS record challenge I was thinking, why there are so many international events for FS and no international CRW events at all?

I so badly wanted to get acquainted with foreign CRW skydivers and to jump with them. In 2017, somehow Facebook directed me to the European Canopy Formation page and there I found information about the Parasummer event ( I immediately decided to take part. This post is about Spring Fling so I will leave my enormous emotions related to Parasummer for further posts. However, it was at Parasummer where I first met a lot of new friendly CRW people and fell in love with them. They immediately became a part of my CRW family.
Sebastian Cato from Sweden asked me: “are you going to Spring Fling?” “Spring Fling? What is it?” “Don’t you know what Spring Fling is? It is the most important CRW event of the year. You should take part.”

Photo David Sands

After my great experience at Parasummer I could not miss another international CRW event.

So, in 2018 I went to Spring Fling for the first time. From the very beginning I was struck by the openness and friendliness of all the people I met there; People who had never met me before helped me to sort out different issues with my rig, took me on jumps, hung out with me. I met the most experienced CRW people of the world in one place at the same time. I had chances (and took them) to jump with all the organisers and, therefore, learned from the best.

For the first time in my life I took part in jumps involving a formation being split into two or three pieces, formations with two and even three pilots, and, of course, the fraaaame!! Everyone must do it!! This is incredible!

Flying a frame through the skies asks for some extra skills, nice work (red).

At Spring Fling 2018 I took part in three jumps in a row when we built 49-, 50- and 50-ways! And I was in! It was my first time at the event, and I was in, and we were successful. With no wraps! Before these jumps my biggest formation was an 18-way. Can you imagine what I felt?

This year Spring Fling was even more incredible for me than the previous one. I took part in two world records, including the night one.

CF-37 World record dive point 1, transition and point 2.

What did I feel? I docked on the night jump, and people after me docked, and then I heard “complete” and after some time I heard Brian’s voice on the radio, “pyro pyro pyro,” and then I saw sparkles of pyro, I still can not believe we really did it. We were flying in the night sky, we were seen from the ground, and my heart was racing in happiness. I guess I was smiling until I landed, or even packed. I was really surprised when people on the ground applauded for those who were landing. It was astonishing. The most important thing is that on the ground there was a girl with the list of participants, and, once I’d landed, she asked me my name; even in the midst of the euphoria of this great event, there were people making sure that everything was organised safely and verifying that everyone landed properly in the main landing area.

Night Record, Photo Bruno Brokken

crEUw members in both Worldrecords were: Szymon Chełmicki (PL), Ben Simoens (BEL), George Buitendijk (NL), Pasi Pirttikoski (FIN), Henk Lunshof (NL), Yulia Pangburn (BLR) and Kira Tsindyaikina (RUS).

Another incredible aspect of the Spring Fling is the beach jump. I have never made beach jumps before. We built a 10-way, a diamond with a stinger, and flew above the ocean. Have you ever seen the endless ocean from above, flying for several incredible minutes with your friends and then landed on the beach?

Unbelievably, all the things described above occurred in a single week! How can the organizers do it? What an event! Spring Fling always gives me something new, and this new is always incredible. I do not know what will be prepared for next year, but I am definitely in!

These events are always a great chance for everyone to try something new. What I like, and what I am grateful for, is the organisers’ belief in newcomers, and the provision of opportunities to take part in great projects. You always have a chance, just take it.
My wish is that my beloved skydivers with whom I jump at home would come to Spring Fling with me next year. This is the best CRW experience.

Skydiving Videographer Bruno Brokken from Belgium accompanied us in Florida with his video and photographic art.
Thank you, Bruno for these beautiful shots for our discipline.

The Spring Fling 2019

The list is growing up

Update! (2019 Feb 8)

We now have 120 people registered – WOW! So we are on our way to be even larger than last year. While we wait for the snow to melt and are looking for things to do during that blizzard, how about sewing some pack connectors on your main lines so we can do some cool out of the ordinary dives. Pack connectors should be installed 6.5 to 7 foot below the bottom skin of your canopy. (the theory is to have one foot from your head to the bottom skin) How to sew instructions are attached to this email.

If you have already registered – remember to prepay prior to March 1st and $ave. ($75 prior to March 1st – $100 after March 1st)

If you have not already registered – Derrick Bommarito and Andrew Draminski have been working to automate our registration process. Please use the following link to register

If you are a new CRW pup you will need to be ready to jump Saturday morning, March 9th, at 8am for one-on-one jumps and 2-4-way formations to prepare you.
A CRW safety seminar will start at 8am followed by the 1-1’s
Please mail Brian Pangburn your weight and canopy-size.

The format/schedule below is a guideline to what we hope to accomplish but is subject to change with weather

March 09-17th – Sebastian, Florida

  • Saturday 9th –The first day is dedicated to train the new CReW pups 1-on-1. Anyone is welcomed to come early and jump but no
  • organizers will be available.
  • Sunday 10th – 8-way multiple point dives. Diveworx and/or 8-way speed type formations
  • Mon/Tues 11/12th – 16-ways highlighting rows 3/4 wing lock up proper techniques
  • Wed 13th – Wing docking seminar (this day could/will be substituted/swapped on any weather day)
  • Thurs 14th – 8-way box –diamond rotation competition (4-way diamond to 4-way diamond rotation competition)
  • Friday/Saturday 15/16th Sunrise until noon – 36 to 49 ways (the goal is to get a good solid base and swap almost everyone [90+%]
  • in/out to be on one large formation. Probably 4 or 5 total large formations) —– Then noon until sunset 9-20 ways.
  • Sunday 17th 4-way sequential competition. Draw to be done at sunrise. 4 Rounds. (Conclude by 2pm so people can fly out)

Spring Fling Event Fee is $75 if you pay before March 1st – $100 March 1st or after. Please Paypal to or make other arrangements. Beach jumps on a good weather day if permitted. ($35/jump includes transportation back to DZ) You must have floatation gear to do any beach jumps and a gear check is required before boarding the airplane.
Night jumps if interested. (9-way’s or smaller and will look at the best weather day or days) You must bring your own night gear.

The List

  1. Brian Pangburn – Organizer March 9-17th 160
  2. Eric Gallan – Organizer March 9-17th 176
  3. Jim (Razz) Rasmussen – Organizer March 9-17th 176
  4. Chris Gay – Organizer March 9-17th 160
  5. Chris Bohn – Organizer March 9-17th 160
  6. Gerben Frankvoort – Organizer March 9-17th 160
  7. Francois Huot – Organizer March 13-17th 193
  8. Scott Lazarus – Organizer March 9-17th 160
  9. Chico (video) Mar 9-17 143
  10. Yuliya Pangburn (video) Mar 9-17 113
  11. Hairy Bob (video and/or 143) Mar 9-17 143
  12. Denis Zhuravkov (Video) 126
  13. Dave Hillebrandt (Video) March 9-17 160
  14. Jackson Hoffman (video) March 9-17th (1-1) 176
  15. Royal Hamilton Jr. March 9-12th (10) 143
  16. Sergio Obando March 12-16th 176
  17. Carmen Juneau March 8-17th 143
  18. Jon Yonke March 8-17th (40) 160
  19. Chad Neidigh March 12-16th 176
  20. Steve Cannistra March 11-17th 126
  21. Magaly Sandoval March 12-16th 113
  22. Leandro Donikian March 10-17th 126
  23. Joseph Thompson March 9-17th 176
  24. Mikey Goodin March 11,12, 15, 16 143
  25. Mark Klingelhoefer March 9-17th 160
  26. Fabio Campanha March 15-17th 143
  27. Feisty March 9-17th (1-1) 160
  28. Dan Purdy March 9-17th 143
  29. Simon-P Bouchard March 13-17th 143
  30. Eduardo Guillen March 13-17th 143
  31. Kira Tsindiaikina March 9-17th 113
  32. Yuriy Martynenko 160
  33. Andrey Kalinin 160
  34. Frank Matrone March 9-17th (1-1) 160
  35. Dominic Matrone March 9-17th 143
  36. Dawn Hillebrandt March 9-17th 126
  37. Eber Amaral March 9-16th 160
  38. Matt Faivre March 9-17th 143
  39. Ken “Kermit” Kniech Macrh 9-17th 160
  40. Kel Spittle March 9-17th (10-20) 113
  41. Emerson Hyppolito Sept 10-17th 126
  42. z_Dave Harper March 9-13th (0) (143) 143
  43. George Buijtendijk March 9-17th (1-1’s) 176
  44. Carl Turpin March 9-17th 143
  45. Joseph F. Neff March 9-17 (12) 143
  46. Yana Nesterenko March 9-10th 126
  47. Dirk Walther (March 9-17) (8-pilot150)) 126
  48. Bruce Barnett March 14-17 143
  49. Ben Lamay F1 (160) 160
  50. Justin Price May 11-17 (160) 160
  51. Onno Hoevers March 8-15th 160
  52. Melanie Benner March 9-11 (0) 126
  53. D-Sands March 9-17 160
  54. Walt Appel March 10-16 160
  55. Kathleen Appel March 10-16 113
  56. Hanna Albrecht March 11-17 113
  57. Kim Lewis March 9-10 (5) 126
  58. Paul Neely 160
  59. Shireen Kharavi March 11-16 113
  60. Pasi Pirttikoski March 10-16 160
  61. Szymon Chelmicki March 9-17 218
  62. Maciej Gago March 9-17 143
  63. Tomasz Cedro March 9-17 193
  64. Jarek Zwierzyński March 9-17 160
  65. Ben Simoens March 9-15 193
  66. Vincent Coulombe March 13-17 143
  67. Sean Jones 143
  68. Henk Lunshof March 2-17 (2-way) 143
  69. Lennert van den Berg March 2-17 (2-way) 143
  70. Nicolas Huard March 13-17 143
  71. West Guest March 10-16 143
  72. Andy Guest March 10-16 126
  73. Simon Perry March 10-16 126
  74. Marcus Muir-Smith March 6-17 (2-way) 143
  75. Jason Hobbes March 6-17 (2-way) 126
  76. Jean de Ladurantaye March 13-17 143
  77. Garth Baker March 13-17 160
  78. Peti Pfalzgraf March 10-16 160
  79. Chris Warnock March 10-17 176
  80. Max Holmes March 9-17 (25) 2-way 160
  81. Nelson Pereira March 10-17 176
  82. Matti Pirttikoski March 10-17 176
  83. Sarah Blaschke March 9-12 / 16-17 126
  84. Simon Coulombe March 13-17 176
  85. Michel Rainville March 9-17 160
  86. Derrick Bommarito March 9-13 176
  87. GeTang March 11-16 143
  88. Brian Martin March 11-17 160
  89. Martin Dumas Mrch 13-17 143
  90. Julie Trottier March 13-17 113
  91. Sean Chu March 9-17 (12) 143
  92. Andreas Jankowsky March 9-17 160
  93. Marion Jankowsky March 9-17 143
  94. Melvin Paige (peanutt) March 9-17 176

… and more up to 120 CReW-dogs (and cats 😉

European Record Video 30-way

Maurice finished the video of the record

Thanks to Maurice Kostros for his work editing this video.
Watch it on youTube and give it a like, if you like it!

End of a great season

The close of a great season

9-way being build, Wings and lockers row three are on their way to dock. 2 croped, Picture by Marcel Leën
9-way being built. Wings and lockers of row three are on their way to dock. (Picture by Marcel Leën)

After hard work on our training camps and the EU-record attempt, Marc Calluy and Brord van der Maat invited us to close the season with a ‘CF for Fun’ event the Zwarberg DZ with Skydive Flanders.
An invitation which we accepted gratefully. On arrival, the manifest tried to get everybody ‘appy,’ but their attempt burbled away the morning jumps. We were more pleased with the package the weather lords had stored for us. The promised Saturday of sun was followed by rain during the night and an unexpected great sunny Sunday closed the weekend package.

And BBQ it is! (Picture Tom Brand)
And BBQ it is! (Picture Tom Brand)

The BBQ setting on Saturday evening was a great compliment to the weekend. After a nice day of jumping, the group of crEUw jumpers, from Berlin to as close as Antwerp, were pleased to  be presented with such a well-prepared feast. Any onlooker  might have thought that a gruesome bunch of friends were celebrating someone’s birthday. What a party it was and indeed a day to celebrate.  😉


9-way with with Tobi's first time dock as tail. Also at the back Wouter practicing the echelon. Picture by Marcel Leën)
9-way with with Tobi’s first time dock as stinger. Also, to the side, Wouter can be seen practicing the echelon. Picture by Marcel Leën)

So, during this weekend, Zwartberg DZ transformed in to the place to be for CF-minded skydivEUrs. Evi Mellebeek took her first steps into CF under the fatherly care of Marc. 4 jumps on the Saturday transformed her into a real crEUw cat with enough CF skills to join the bigways on the Sunday. Thank you Seele for offering your canopy to Evi. This weekend also saw the first steps into big-way CF for Wouter Haas and Tobi Koch. Tobi did well; as may be expected for an experienced swooper and Storm CF competition jumper he showed an ability to make the nice no-momentum-docks we like to see in big way. Also Wouter, who had made his first CF jumps during the skill camps at Texel DZ, fought his way through the echelon, completing his progress with some docks on the big-ways during the Sunday dives. Congratulations Evi, Tobi and Wouter, it is great having you on board with the crEUw team. Also a big welcome to CF goes to Marcel Leën, and thanks for doing the CF video work for the first time this weekend.  We like your work so far and hope to see it progress as well Marcel’s, which can be seen here.

Post stacks with the Dutch stack in front by Herman, Wouter and Henk. Picture Marcel Leën)
Post stacks with the Dutch stack in front by Herman, Wouter and Henk. Picture Marcel Leën)

It was also good to hear that Skydive Flanders is thinking about buying a set of four CF canopies. Actually this is not such a strange idea. The goal of a sport club is to facilitate its members in exercising the sport, especially in the first stages of their involvement with the sport. If you buy student rigs for the first jump students, why not for the first steps in a discipline? The crEUw team is very interested in this way of supporting and promoting the CF discipline. Good luck DZ Zwartberg with this initiative, we will follow this with interest.
Also nice to see that during the CF for fun event Koen and Wim, members of Skydive Flanders, were doing their CF2-way Storm jumping as well.

Engineers @ work
Engineers @ work

We came to appreciate DZ Zwartberg for the endless care offered. However, this took an abrupt down turn when one of the DZ-officials wanted to explain the very basics of the left hand circuit to Tobi. That was a bit over the top for our proud swooper who takes care of canopy control courses in Germany. Nevertheless, we did appreciate the general level of care offered by the staff, especially the smooth pick-up after an off DZ landing.
The jumps of this weekend were again of the high quality that we’ve come to expect from the engineering of Herman and Gerben. Thank you guys for keeping us safe and making the FUN happen.
For those who would like to join the fun … we will not sleep this winter. Just give us a shout if you would like to do CRW.

crEUw skies, Henk

Season finish in Belgium

Come to Zwartberg & finish the season with crEUw

CF 2way plane, Photo by Kuba Konwent
CF 2way plane, Photo by Kuba Konwent

The 6 way speed competition will not take place as there were too few teams registered for it. For this the CF-season ends with Lightnings.

However, CReW is still on at Zwartberg during the weekend of 6 & 7 October 2018 so let’s close the summer season with fun and good jumps. We already have 11 crEUw members coming from several countries and with different skill & experience levels. There will also be one skydiver introduced to the magic of good CReW.

Friday morning 10:00  there will be a ‘Go or No-go’ call.

  • You can register by sending an email to
  • Camping and hotel arrangements are possible.
  • BBQ Saturday night!
  • There are no more slots for CF instruction… Sorry, Come back next Spring.

The List

  1. Brord, event-organiser
  2. Marc Calluy, doing CFi
  3. George
  4. Gerben
  5. Hermen
  6. Henk
  7. Ben
  8. PETi
  9. Holger
  10. Tom
  11. Tobi
  12. Frans
  13. Wilco
  14. Koen
  15. Wim
  16. Wouter Haas (pup)
  17. Jean Fonck (pup)
  18. Evi Mellebeek (pup)
  19. ………

Who’s the next to join us?
Forget about family and other social issues, you’ve got a whole winter for that!

Come to Zwartberg & do CReW!

Größere Karte anzeigen

Confirmation from the Judges

The Judges’ statement is as follows

After checking the evidence provided, the Judges declared that our attempt to set a European record for Largest Canopy Formation, made at Paracentrum Teuge, is valid!

Yes it is!!!!
We now have to apply for the record at the FAI.

Please notice the names of the Judges. Thank you Judges Rina Gallo, Vera Asquith, Judy Celaya, Gary Taylor, Jenifer Gordon, H. Allen Heits and Nicolas Bernard for taking the time to judge our attempt, we owe you one!
Also a big thanks to Bert Ham for gathering the evidence at the DZ and making sure our record could be ratified. Next time you meet up with one of the record holders, remind them they owe you one 😉

The ECF 30-way record formation participants are:
Ciprian Drobotă, Dennis van der Coelen, Frans van Wijngaarden, Gabriel Andrei, George Buijtendijk, Gerben Frankvoort, Herman Slot, Holger Gnoth, Indrek Pappel, Izabela Pilarczyk, Jari Lehti, Jarosław Zwierzyński, Kira Tsindiaikina, Konstantin Krivosheev, Matti Pirttikoski, Maciej Gago, Marcin Bąk, Martin Kučera, Mary-lou Barratt, Michal Balonis, Pasi Pirttikoski, Paweł Michalski, Peter A. Pfalzgraf, Sebastian Cato, Simoens Benedikt, Sujkowski Grzegorz, Szymon Chełmicki, Thomas Rohde-Seelbinder, Tom Brand, Tomáš Deml.
On Camera: Laurent Dreyfus, Maurice Kostros and Tomsz Burza.

New in CF and in the record-jump

The story of IZA who is new in CF

Izabela Pilarczyk, focused on her jump
Iza, focused on her jump

Life is amazing: in May I started CF and I did 15 jumps. In June I did about 15 jumps more at one of the ECF camps where I set my own first CF-record, a 14-way! After a 2.5 month break from CF and waiting for my new CF canopy, I did 5 jumps on it before I went to the ECF Challenge 2018 in Teuge.

Rekord-Load with two Grand-Caravans and Izabela Pilarczyk
Record-Load with two Grand-Caravans and Izabela Pilarczyk

At this event, during the 6 jumps on the first 2 days, I learned more techniques and how to approach a formation.  At the very last moment I customized my risers  to let me fly comfortably with the formation. This worked great and on the third day I was selected for the record formation!  On the first 30-way we flew, we came just 2 seconds short of having the last grip correct. On the second attempt we DID IT. The formation flew for a full 37 seconds! We also did a third jump to get 4 other team members in the record formation as well. Too bad this last formation got stuck on 28.

Slot 30 for Izabela and her new canopy
Slot 30 for Iza and her new canopy

The most stressful moment was when I was approaching as the last one and I glanced to the side at a beautiful colourful wall of 29 canopies flying high above me and I realized that all these 29 guys were waiting only for me to complete the new EU CF Record. I noticed this disturbing thought and immediately corrected myself and got rid of it, and concentrated only on 2 guys I wanted to dock on: Tom and Kira. I saw nothing else, only their legs. The sound of “complete” coming from them sounded like applause to me, and victory, victory for the whole 30-way team. After break off and landing I nearly got crazy, crying with happiness.

Izabela Pilarczyk
Izabela, happy packing after a great experience

Thank you every one for making it complete.
Herman Slot, Gerben Frankvoort, Gajos, Yuliya for coaching; Henk Lunshof for managing the Record and helping with getting my new canopy on time; Simon for everything: coaching, motivation, inspiration, my new PD Lightning.
Also a big thank you to the crEUw team. You introduced me to CF in a great manner. You guys are great to jump with.

crEUw skies,

From the editor
Iza is a veteran in skydiving with more then 5700 non CF jumps. But still the skills and speed of progression she has shown can be yours as well. Come and jump with us, we will teach you. You may fly a much bigger formation with us next time 😉

ECF Challenge 2018, day 3

ECF Challenge 2018, day 3 with a new record!

30way Canopy Formation

This morning we woke up with the 30-way dirt dive of the night before still in our minds.

After a good breakfast, the clouds put us on a hold before we could make the first attempt. Too bad, we were just 5 seconds short of completing the formation on the first attempt.  But, after another cloud interruption, at 14:05 we succeeded in establishing a new European record! In anticipation of an official confirmation by the Federation Aeronautique International (FAI), we are confident enough to claim the record of 30 participants.  Whereas, in the first attempt a cloud blocked the view from the ground making it difficult to observe the last seconds of the dive, in the  second attempt  it was very clear to see from the ground that the formation was built well in time. With this  record we broke the 28-way record that was flown by our Russian comrades on 26 August. But, with Konstantin Krivosheev and Kira Tsindiaikina also in this record the 30-way is also partially Russian. Thank you Konstantin and Kira for joining us. If you are now expelled from your club… we can offer you asylum.  😉

The Russian Delegation. Kira Tsindiakina with her CF-Teacher, Konstantin Krivosheev
Russian Delegation. Kira Tsindiakina with her CF-Teacher, Konstantin Krivosheev > click it <

As a good tradition we offer all those who trained hard during the season to have their chance in a record dive. Because of that, a second record team was formed by taking out 4 participants and putting in Piotr Czubak, Tomasz CEDRO, Justyna Sinica and Cristinel Popescu who could not join the first attempt. Unfortunately, this second dive did not result in a second record.

Although we reached our record goal, we will continue to train at Teuge airport this weekend. We are looking back on a successful event and will now aim our arrows at our next challenge. As part of the 50th anniversary of the Parachute Centre at Teuge, in June 2019 we will try to realize the largest formation ever over Europe, a 64-way formation. This will be done by also inviting our CF-friends from overseas and far down under.

EU-Record Members right after the CF-Record Jump
EU-Record Members right after the CF-Record Jump

Celebred the record with Heinecken. The Dutch kind of good water
Celebrating the record with Heinecken. The Dutch kind of good water

ECF Challenge 2018, day 2

ECF Challenge 2018, day 2

CF 17way
CF 17-way. The Base for the next jumps. Photo by Laurent Dreyfus

This morning we are blessed again with prefect weather. With a minor change in the base and also in the other groups, the ECF got airborne, along with our fellow Dutch accuracy and wingsuit competitors who are competing in the Dutch Nationals. We wish them a sporty and exciting competition.

All groups made 2 jumps before lunch. On the third jump of the day the base was expanded to a 16-way with promising results. So, the group was excited enough to pack their chutes for the last practice dive of the day.

Iza is very happy with her Lightning 113, small
Iza is very happy with her Lightning 113

Speaking of packing, 2 Polish members are packing with a bit more excitement than the rest. Szymon Chełmicki and Izabela Pilarczyk only got their new Lightnings just before this camp and put some jumps on them the weekend before. Szymon will be ‘the engine’ of the big-way, as number 4 he will push the top of the formation forward, giving it the drive we need. But, Iza must certainly be the luckiest one. with just 28 CF jumps in her pocket she is doing well with her brand new Lightning. Although Iza just started CF in May this year, she is a veteran with 5700 jumps, gathered together over the past 3 decades. Together with her sky-sister Agata, who also ordered a Lightning 113, she will be doing CF-2 back home. Good luck Iza with your plans and through this post again a big thanks from Szymon, Iza and the crEUw team to Performance Design for having their Lightnings just in time!

After two days of great weather the fairy tale seems to be over. Grey clouds rolled in during the late afternoon. The jumps in the afternoon were disturbed by ‘bumpy’ air. So we closed it for today, looking forward to tomorrow, ready to go bigger.

16-way base is excited and satisfied
16-way base is excited and satisfied