Проект CF в России

The pendant to our project, in Russia

Ground Briefing in Russia
Ground Briefing (dirt-dive) in Russia

After the last two CF national records registered in Russia (a 26-way in 2015 and 18-way sequential in 2016), participants in the Big Canopy Formation project are now preparing to set a new record with a 30-way, or bigger. The record attempts are scheduled for 15-17 September 2017 at DZ Aerograd Kolomna, which is 80 km from Moscow. The record attempt will be a part of the Russian Parachuting Championships.

Russian Canopy Formation board briefing
Russian Canopy Formation board briefing

The project is being lead by Denis Dodonov a Senior Coach with the Russian CF Team, a tenfold world CF-champion and a participant in the World Record 100-way CF formation. The participants’ experience is very diverse, ranging from world champions and well-known Russian jumpers to ‘weekend’ parachutists with just a few hundred jumps in their log books.
Recently, a Big CF camp took place at Aerograd Kolomna (24-25 June). Following on from this, camps will take place every month until September when the record attempt will happen.

Russian CF 10way with rookies on side positions, looking for the right approach. Exactly like we do it.
Russian CF 10way with rookies on side positions, looking for the right approach. Exactly like we do it.

Text Natalia Lapshina
Фотографии CF России (a russian CF wordPress Site)
Dropezone website Aerograd Kolomna

Teuge is in distress

Only up to 5000 feet from 2019?

Edwin Boerkamp of the Nationaal Paracentrum Teuge has today, 23.06, sent the following email to all members of the dropzone:

Dear Member,

This morning, Simon and I went to an information meeting with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment where we had an explanation of the intended approach and departure routes for Lelystad airport.
Those routes will operate between Apeldoorn and Teuge Airport between 6000 and 9000ft and will eventually make use of 68 aircraft a day.
This means that the airspace above Teuge will be closed above 5,000ft as of April 2019, and you can fill in what this means. Of course, we do not simply accept this and together with the airport and, in particular, the municipality of Apeldoorn, we will pursue the struggle with I & M and LVNL, but to be honest the signs are not good.
From tomorrow, you can expect messages about this in the media. Tomorrow morning at 09:00 and tomorrow afternoon around 15:00 I will be contactable at the paracenter.

Edwin Boerkamp
Nationaal Paracentrum Teuge

This would mean that we will lose one of the best dropzones in Europe and can only jump there until next year! The chances of averting this decision are obviously very low. We will, however, report to all jumpers regarding further progress.


CF editor Tomasz Cedro

A successful meeting

Tomasz Cedro
Tomasz Cedro

We did not just make nice jumps in Poland, we also got to know new CF-jumpers. One of these jumpers is Tomasz Cedro from Warsaw.

He has not only distinguished himself through his exits, but also through his willingness to write down all the information from the Polish CF scene here alongside dates, posts and suggestions for our site. The latter is not so much in the foreground. He is a fan of google groups as a forum-like way of communicating. He has already set this up for us. More on that later. For now, we welcome our new member, Tomasz (CeDeROM), to our website team.

We will also improve your exits. I’ll keep an eye on that 😉




Diary CF-Challange 2017 in Sky Camp

CF Sky Camp in Poland 2017

Day 4, June 11

A freebag lands in Kazimierz directly in the Swooping track. In this case not triggered by us, it was one of the Swoopers at the dropzone.

As expected, and greatly appreciated, the morning sun shone over the Sky Camp DZ, as if it was trying to tell us that there was a beautiful day waiting ahead of us. And so it was. Breakfast was enjoyed ‘lus blus,’ meaning ‘relax’ in Polish.

Justyna Sinica would like to stay and strengthen the crEUw cats. Marcin has brought the event to Kazimierz-Biskupi, Poland

The crEUw jumps where a continuation of the jumps made in the days before. Szymon’s bigway group was improving it’s ability to build a fast base, and to fly on heading. It seems like Szymon also engineered a lighter formation – we went up with 16 of us, or maybe it was just that the airplane was flying on the last fuel vapors in its tanks. Ether way, you did a great job Szymon and team Poland!

Also the Polish pups improved jump by jump. During the event, and also this morning, some Polish pups got individual 2-way coaching, putting it in practice later in the day. Further, not only did we welcome Justyna Sinica as Polish crEUw cat but also congratulated her on becoming the owner of a L126! We look forward to seeing her in our women’s record event later this year.

Our group finished the day with a 12-way box.

Thank you Szymon, Martin and Rudolf for organizing this event, and Sebastian Dratwa and family for hosting us. Your dropzone rocks!

Day 3, June 10

The bad weather was used for a theorientay
The bad weather was used for a briefing session

In the morning and during the first hours of the afternoon, a front choose to cover us with a wet, cold blanket, sometimes pressuring us to use umbrellas or ‘stay in.’

After much rain we made three more jumps in the late afternoon. Gerben during de-briefing on the computer
After much rain we made three more jumps in the late afternoon. Gerben from the Netherlands during de-briefing on the computer.

This time was used for briefings on safety issues and the use of our website. Later on, some chose to eat pizza in town for dinner, while others chose to grab a beauty sleep.

Just after 5 o’clock, the weather changed and the day left us slots for three more jumps. Two scrambled 4-way jumps offered us practice, fun and more crEUw bonding. A 15-way sunset jump finished the day, but clouds prevented us from completing this formation.

Too bad we had to find out, during this event, that the new Polish regulations about filling up the airplane is completely based on weight and not on number of skydivers. So the SP PAC could only carry 15 of us… So much for our KILO-boys.

Day 2, June 9

The organization had high expectations and set the starting time as 8 o’clock, leaving no room for any serious ‘holiday crEUw dog’s’ night life.

The day started with a 16-way, a 6-way box and some instruction dives.

Five jumps. Time to take a brake in the polish sun
After five jumps, time to take a break in the Polish sun
Jesse as stinger on the 6-way box.
Jesse as stinger on the 6-way box.

In both groups we gave room for our crEUw dogs to try new slots, so it was up to Szymon and George to do the piloting. In the six way, our pups practiced flying a good echelon.

In the afternoon we split up in three groups, giving everyone the opportunity for more practice. By this time, Gerben had arrived, and was ready to take one of the groups under his wing(s). The efforts payed off! Jesse Rubrech, who had worked hard over the last two days practicing flying in echelons, stung the 6-way box.

The fireplace of the dropzone Kazimierz Biskupi
The dropzone fireplace, Kazimierz Biskupi

Too bad the starburst in Peti’s group lead to wrap with a cutaway, making this the first cutaway in three years of organizing the CF Challenge.
Talking about firsts, Szymon organized his group during the whole day and ended up flying the first 16-way above Poland. With Szymon as pilot it was worth attempting to fly a two-point 16-way. We congratulate Szymon with his first big-way piloting, taking the crEUw dogs community one step further.

As you can imagine, the beer tonight tasted really good.

Day 1, June 8

Engineering board. For great jumps. Photo by Kuba Konwent
Engineering board, for great jumps. Photo by Kuba Konwent

8 o’clock in the morning @ Sky Camp Drop Zone, Kazimierz Biskupi, Poland. While the last crEUw dogs arrive, breakfast is being served on a grassy DZ covered with blue skies, which is waiting to host the third European CF Challenge. The conversations are those of friends, happy to see each other again and looking forward to the next four days of crEUw fun.

CF 6way with PETi's group
CF 6-way with PETi’s group. Photo by Kuba Konwent

While the first loads landed from their small ways,  some newer crEUw dogs dropped in as well. Today was a good day for the ‘pups’ to get introduced to bigways. Looking forward to tomorrow.









  1. Henk (NL) L. 143
  2. Gerben (NL) L. 160
  3. CFPasi (FIN) L. 160
  4. Seele (GER, Video) L. 143/160
  5. PETi (GER) L. 143/160
  6. Marcin (PL) L. 143
  7. Michal (PL) L. 143
  8. Rudolf  (PL) L. 176
  9. Simon (PL) L. 193
  10. Gajos (PL) L. 143
  11. Sebastian D. (PL) L. 143/160
  12. George (NL) L. 193
  13. Dennis (NL) L. 160
  14. Ben (BEL) L. 193
  15. Hyppyheikki (FIN, Video) L. 160
  16. Jukka (FIN) L. 160
  17. Katrin (EST) L. 113
  18. Ipa (EST) L. 126
  19. Piotr (PL) L.
  20. Andrzej (PL) L.
  21. Tomek (PL) L. 160
  22. CeDeROM L.
  23. Drozdzo (PL) L. 176
  24. Frans (NL) L. 160
  25. Zwierzak (PL) L. 160
  26. Martin (CZ) L. 160

New and trying to fly a good approach and stay in position relative to the formation

  1. The Norwegian guy (N) L. 160
  2. Pitero (PL) L. 193
  3. Sujek (PL) L. 176
  4. Dziubek (PL) L. 160
  5. Justyna (PL) needs L.126 for rent (not any more!)
  6. Jesse (NL) L. 160
  7. Tomek (CZ) L. 160
  8. Góral (PL) L. 176

Sequential CF-Training

Sequential Camp, May 25-28 in Moorsele, Belgium

The OO-FFB... fast enough if it flew
The OO-FFB… fast enough if it flew
Moorseele, camping a long the DZ makes the stay for accompening family great
Belgic logic
Belgic logic

In Moorsele, Belgium, from 25 till 29 May, thanks to the effort of Marc Calluy, the crEUw dogs could enjoy an intensive training lead by Benoit Rotty, who is multiple French/World-champion, assisted by Laurent-Stephane Monfort for video coaching.

Thursday was a slow start initially due to manifesting. Although we started around 13:00 hrs most teams made about 4 jumps. The training by Benoit was very basic, which was just the level that the teams needed as all of them are lower level CF-jumpers who have just started to jump together.

Benoit and Laurent coaching a UK team
Benoit and Laurent coaching a UK team













The teams were

  • Mary and Tash, with Pete on camera (UK)
  • Jason and Emily, with Max on camera (UK)
  • Kell and Wes (UK)
  • Henk and Lennert (NL)
  • Individuals joining the training were Frans, who was jumping video as well and Brord, Ben and of course Marc.
Marc teaching Lennert the real stuff
Marc teaching Lennert the real stuff. Photo by 189photography.smugmug.com

After the busy Thursday, with many other skydivers due to the holiday, the Friday looked promising for the crEUw dogs to get some more jumping going. But an airtraffic hold in the morning slowed us down. Even with the hold up, some of us made 5 jumps that day. Some chose to jump from 13.000ft, others took the 8.000ft exit. It was up to the individual teams whether they wanted to have more practice time on one jump (13.000 ft), which also cost the jumpers a lot of energy, or to make shorter jumps from a lower altitude, putting the pressure on the jumper to do their exercise in a shorter time frame, but with less physical input. The exercises given by Benoit were simple at first, building the technical challenge up jump by jump. A short handout of this program will be given later this month. On Saturday, the airplane was out of order for some hours, due to a machinical problem. This gave Benoit time to instruct the whole group by viewing the French training jumps on video. A lot of small details were discussed, making up for the loss of not using the beautiful blue sky for actual training jumps.

Marc, if organising means packing as well, he does
Marc, if organizing means packing as well, he does

Later that Saturday, while most of the other sport-skydivers left due to lack of lift capacity, the last diehard freefallers and tandems filled up the airplane along with the crEUw dogs, hunting for more practice till sunset, putting the record straight, concerning jump numbers per day. The day was finished together with a good plate of spare ribs or spaghetti.

Sunday was the last day to get more insight from Benoit. Some had to leave early, the UK teams used the entire Sunday, traveling home on Monday. As a side kick we also introduced one local skydiver into CF, Welcome Olivier, I hope the discipline will get you ‘hooked’.

Concluding, despite the variety of issues which slowed us down, or maybe thanks to the pace, we had a very good event in which we learned a lot about CF2 and made new friends to meet and compete with in the near future. Many thanks to Para Club Vlaanderen, Benoit, Laurent and Marc for making this possible.

With good company most dishes are delicious, and so it was
With good company most dishes are delicious, and so it was

Text: Mary Barratt & Henk Lunshof

crEUw dogs signing off
crEUw dogs signing off, thanking Benoit, Laurent and Marc for an excellent CF-sequantial camp

Kilo 16way part two

Kilo 16way Training Part two

Slider Formation Pilot Gerben. Photo by Seele
Formation Pilot Gerben Frankvoort / Front-Photo by Seele
The new super grand caravan, the PH-FST is standing for fast
The new super grand caravan, the PH-FST is standing for fast

On 20 and 21 May, the last summer-event from Teuge took place with 15 crEUw dogs from Germany, Belgium and Holland. On Saturday there were 15 participants and on Sunday 12, we made five jumps on Saturday and four on Sunday.

Teuge-Caravan PH-FST with music for much fun, Photo by Laurent Dreyfus
Teuge-Caravan PH-FST with music for much fun, Photo by Laurent Dreyfus

The diversity in participants’ skills ranged from five cf-jumps up to world record experience. The sequential jumps were mostly with two points and multiple formations. Also some very pretty ‘pieces, pieces’ dives were engineered. The KILO-team, which has done some serious training beforehand, was flying a fast base, giving us much confidence in our September meeting later this year. Teuge also introduced their new super grand caravan to us. The PH-FST, the third Caravan that DZ Teuge runs, brings us, guided with music, up to 9000 ft in less than eight minutes! The subwoofer for the music is easy to hear and brings all jumpers into a positive mood until the exit and is even missed under our open canopies. What a silence. At least now everyone knows what the actual idea was to leave the plane, Focus!

Canopy Formation, Photo by Laurent Dreyfus
Canopy Formation, Photo by Laurent Dreyfus

Laurent did some pretty good camera work again, thank you Laurent, while Seele tried some experimental photo-foot-grabbing in front of the formation, you can see the results in some of the photos here. Also, compliments to Eward for engineering the dives, Gerben for flying the formation like a boss and Herman for his clear and structured briefings, great job guys. A huge thanks to Febe Smits for even looking us up in the briefing room to manifest for the next jump, Febe you are great!

aero-arch demonstration of Henri van der Poel / Front-Photo by Seele
aero-arch demonstration of Henri van der Poel / Front-Photo by Seele








Now we are looking forward to the upcoming summer with the new CF-Challenges in Poland, the summer boogie in Estonia and for some of us national championships in August.

Text: Henk Lunshof


CF vertical / Photo by Seele
CF vertical

The complete List from the weekend:

Diamonds side by side, Photo by Laurent Dreyfus
Diamonds side by side, Photo by Laurent Dreyfus

Laurent (Video, NL)
Gerben (Pilot, NL)
Eward (engineer, NL)
Herman (coach, NL)
Tom (GER)
Seele (GER)
Peti (GER)
Wilco (NL)
Henk (NL)
Frans (NL)
George (NL)
Roland (NL)
Henri (NL)

Ben (BEL)
Onno (NL)

A part of the weekend-group, Photo by Laurent Dreyfus
A part of the weekend-group, Photo by Laurent Dreyfus

A photo gallery-selection of both weekends

Teuge Kilo Project 2017


Kilo Easter eggs in Teuge

CF KILOteam and more

One of the candidates for a new base variant, George
One of the candidates for a new base variant, George Buijtendijk
Herman tells a beginner how he approaches a large formation and is there.
Herman Slot explaining to a beginner how he approaches a large formation and is in the right place.

The first weekend took place in April and at the same time opened the 2017 season for some. In the record attempt last year we didn’t have enough experience among our ‘Big Boys’ to have them fly the 9way head of the diamond. The idea for this event and rest of the year is that we prepare the base with the Big Boys, better known as ‘KILOteam.’ In large formations, the larger parachutes are put at the top and the jumpers with the smaller canopies are continuously placed further down.


Would like to give his experience as a pilot to a big boy, Gerben Frankvoort
Gerben Frankvoort, who would like to pass his experience as a pilot to someone in the Big Boy team

There is a lot of technique to train in, such as  general piloting and wing-flying skills and details like safe footgrips, ensuring the formation is flying in a consistent heading, controlling the wing, picking up no. 4 etc, etc,. A good and fast 4way and eventual 9way diamond would be a great advantage for our project! In addition, we could then allow Gerben to be at other important locations in the formation. The first training weekend in March was canceled due to weather and the first weekend of April was also not  accompanied by the best weather. However, last Saturday and Sunday we were in the air seven times and practiced a lot. It has shown some interesting perspectives and a few CF beginners have used the jumps to experience approaching a larger formation in an echelon. It was a relaxed and successful weekend with de-briefings by Gerben and Herman.

Boarding display with some big boys
Boarding display with some Big Boys

The same weekend with the KILOteam took place again in May. Read the post of the second date and look at the photo gallery of both events.


The Easter bunny was with us in Teuge
The Easter bunny was with us in Teuge
What can never be missing in the Netherlands is not our sponsor at the same time. But an energy carrier in the evening after the jumps. The box on the table of Eef Dekker.
What can never be missing in the Netherlands is not our sponsor at the same time. But an energy carrier in the evening after the jumps. The box on the table of Netherlands’ CF Legend Eef Dekker.

A happy Easter festival in Teuge

CF 9way Easter-Diamond
CF 9way Easter-Diamond. Photo from Laurent Dreyfus.

Lightning event in Norway

Last weekend of April ’17

Norway lives CF. On parachute and by car
Norway loves CF – with parachutes and on cars. Sebastian, Indrek, Roger, Pasi and Jukka

For the next CF event in Europe we need to look to the far North. Roger Vin has invited crEUw-dogs to join the Nimbus Fallskjermklubb in Rakkestad, Norwegen. Facebook-Site.

Roger calls it a unofficial CF-Training camp in Norway, for the Euro CF Challenge 2017.

CF Diamond with a stinger over Norway
CF Diamond with a stinger over Norway


Lets declare it official!

  • The camp is meant for newbies and professionals training together to increase knowledge.
  • Jumping Saturday and Sunday primarily, but Monday also available.
  • Pasi Pirttikoski (CF) will lead the way. Pasi started skydiving in 1986 and since then has done thousands of CRW / CF jumps. If you don’t feel confident flying in close proximity with other canopies yet, Pasi will make you love your time under canopy!
  • We jump at Rakkestad, for best access for those driving.
  • We will fly with a C206 Turbine.

Much fun crEUw-dogs up North, have fun and thanx for the pictures.

Norway crEUw dogs
Norway crEUw dogs: Roger, Indrek, Sebastian, Jukka and Pasi

CF_Rakkestad 2017 from Roger V on Vimeo.

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CF Boogie at Langar, England

Kicking off the UK CF season with a Boogie

Mary demonstrating how to do a great a CF exit
Mary demonstrating how to do a great a CF exit, filmed by Thomas Bird

While one of the UK crEUw dogs was at Spring Fling a few of the others were kicking off the UK season with the CF Boogie event at Langar DZ.  Inspired by the CReW boogie in the Netherlands last year, this event brought together experienced, semi-experienced and totally new CFers.  Hard work for the organisers, crEUw dogs Mark Skarratts and Mary Barratt, but totally worth it. 14 people came along, which was pretty good considering some of our usual jumpers were either off team training, out of action or still scared of the winter cold.

Marc Graham does his first CReW jump
Marc Graham does his first CReW jump at the end of the day and can’t stop grinning, filmed by Thomas Bird

We actually had splendid weather on the first day and everyone got in the air.  In fact, nearly everyone got 4 jumps in, all from 13,000ft.   Mark worked with those with more experience, putting together 3 and 4ways, and Mary took on the new pups.  Testing out a strategy she had picked up at Spring Fling 2016, Mary got the new CReW pups to film each others’ coached jumps.  This meant everyone was jumping, debriefing and learning together (so much fun, thanks Raw Dogs!).  The event saw someone doing their very first CF jump, someone doing their very first camera jump and someone else piloting a 4way for the first time.  So, at the end of the first day we had lots of happy jumpers and lots of beer.  We were hoping to go bigger on the second day but the wind didn’t play ball, so we debriefed with videos and talked about the next event at Langar, the CF Scrambles.

Mike Williams, Sam Haste and Natasha Higman build a 3way Plane
Mike Williams, Sam Haste and Natasha Higman build a 3way Plane, filmed by Max Holmes

CF meeting point Estonia July 2017

Welcome to Parasummer boogie in Estonia!

At home with Indrek and Katrin from Estonia

This year Parasummer is held for the 18th time and again it will be in Pärnu, Estonia. During  a week long boogie there are a lot of things going on – coaching (FF, FS, WS, CF), competitions and probably they’re going to try to jump some records. No less important are the social gatherings and parties held during the week and of course the famous beach landing. There are two aircraft serving us – Pilatus Porter (10 slots) and Cessna Caravan (15 slots) and for bigger formations, it would be possible to make those two aircraft fly together.  The main CF load organizer will be Pasi Pirttikoski, and the rumor is that the goal is to practice flying 16-ways.
Parasummer 2017 July 14 – 22
Pärnu, Estonia

Unfortunately, we need two registration forms for this event:
>> KLICK << crEUdogs Registration vor this event
Parasummer Boogie Registration

CF 9way over Estonia

Information about accommodation, prizes, events etc is really well put together on the boogie-website  and when the event gets closer you can follow it on boogie-facebook-site.

Smartphone CF shot in Estonia. Good advertising for our sport.

Fun fact: Parasummer was born under the name of CFSCE’ 99 — Canopy Formation Skydiving Camp Estonia (changed to Parasummer in 2000). Despite the original idea, CF activity decreased after some years until 2014 when more CF jumpers started to gather at the boogie again. Last year we flew a 12-way kite over Pärnu bay, piloted by Pasi Pirttikoski. We would like to keep the numbers up and tradition going, so we welcome all crEUw-dogs to participate the Parasummer & the Cumulus Convention 2017 in Estonia!


Construction of a landing zone on the beach

Text and photos from Katrin Raudsik

Größere Karte anzeigen

We would like to know who is registering here so that we can organize and forecast a CF briefing. We provide the crEUw-registration form.

The list:
Katrin (EST) L.113