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  • crW cats record experience

    crW cats record experience

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    ‘crW cats’ get together at Parasummer This year, CF at the Parasummer boogie included the first meet for women interested in joining the Women’s (crW) European CF record attempt, which is currently planned for 2018. While some of the moreRead More »
  • Pärnu in Estonia

    Pärnu in Estonia

    Parasummer 2017 Fifteen crEUw jumpers from Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, The Netherlands, UK, Poland and (this year, for the first time) Russia joined together at the Parasummer Boogie 2017 in Pärnu, Estonia. For the first time in Parasummer history a wholeRead More »
  • Meet the world at your home DZ

    Meet the world at your home DZ

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    Web Challenge The FAI have launched a web CF challenge for all CF competition disciplines. The competition consists of three rounds, each of which may be practiced as often as desired and the best performance, in the opinion of theRead More »
  • CF- 8way Web-Challenge 2017

    CF- 8way Web-Challenge 2017

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    Targets for 2017 Last year we were fairly successful and established a European CF-Record. Of course, the 25-way that we made is only the beginning. If we want to go bigger we need better performance. We need to build faster.Read More »
  • Проект CF в России (Project CF in Russia)

    Проект CF в России (Project CF in Russia)

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    The complement to our project, in Russia After the last two CF national records registered in Russia (a 26-way in 2015 and 18-way sequential in 2016), participants in the Big Canopy Formation project are now preparing to set a newRead More »
  • Teuge is in distress

    Teuge is in distress

    Only up to 5000 feet from 2019? Edwin Boerkamp of the Nationaal Paracentrum Teuge has today, 23.06, sent the following email to all members of the dropzone: Dear Member, This morning, Simon and I went to an information meeting withRead More »
  • CF editor Tomasz Cedro

    CF editor Tomasz Cedro

    A successful meeting We did not just make nice jumps in Poland, we also got to know new CF-jumpers. One of these jumpers is Tomasz Cedro from Warsaw. He has not only distinguished himself through his exits, but also through hisRead More »
  • Diary CF-Challange 2017 in Sky Camp

    Diary CF-Challange 2017 in Sky Camp

    CF Sky Camp in Poland 2017 Day 4, June 11 As expected, and greatly appreciated, the morning sun shone over the Sky Camp DZ, as if it was trying to tell us that there was a beautiful day waiting aheadRead More »
  • Sequential CF-Training

    Sequential CF-Training

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    Sequential Camp, May 25-28 in Moorsele, Belgium In Moorsele, Belgium, from 25 till 29 May, thanks to the effort of Marc Calluy, the crEUw dogs could enjoy an intensive training lead by Benoit Rotty, who is multiple French/World-champion, assisted byRead More »
  • Kilo 16way part two

    Kilo 16way part two

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    Kilo 16way Training Part two On 20 and 21 May, the last summer-event from Teuge took place with 15 crEUw dogs from Germany, Belgium and Holland. On Saturday there were 15 participants and on Sunday 12, we made five jumps onRead More »
Technical considerations for flying big formations

Technical considerations for flying big formations

Flight Technology for big Diamond Formations Equipment Wing Loading Set up  Approach Docking Body Position in the Formation Communication Breaking up and starburst Safety – Emergency Standards 1) EQUIPMENT In big formations it is necessary to have canopies with similar

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Preparations for the European Challenge

Preparations for the European Challenge

Points to bear in mind in preparing for record dives FAI Sporting License How to dock Grips in the formation Trim & So 1) FAI Sporting Licence You need to have a valid FAI sporting licence from the corresponding fiscal year!

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What do we do? We are the European Canopy Formation Team (ECF), a group of well-known European CF-Skydivers. We fly formations with open parachutes, with friends from all over Europe. We also promote networks for athletes all over the world.

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Photographers of the various galleries Euro CF 2015: Ming Chu, Laurent Dreyfus and Heikki Kammonen Euro CF 2016: Ming Chu, Laurent Dreyfus and Heikki Kammonen Spring Fling, Florida 2017: Michael Tomaselli alias Chico © cutaway production Teuge Kilo-Team 2017: Laurent Dreyfus and

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