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  • Gransee is preparing for the May training

    Gransee is preparing for the May training

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    We just made our first jumps in Gransee this year Dear CF Jumpers of Europe! This year we are going to try the next stage, a 36-way Diamond. The past years have shown that we have a lot of talentedRead More »
  • tEUge crEUw

    tEUge crEUw

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    April 21 & 22 we do crw @ Teuge Friday the KILO boy’s will fire up! Who like’s to join them? Saturday we start 08:30 Sunday at 09:30 uur wingload, 1.37 Cost € 10,- possible higher to cover the cameramanRead More »
  • Preview Berlin-Gransee May 2018

    Preview Berlin-Gransee May 2018

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    CrEUw dogs Training Camp Pentecost-Weekend May 19. – 21. (Sa. – Mo.!!) Monday is a Pentecost holiday in Germany Arrival-day shoud be Friday May 18 Flugplatz Gransee, Ziegelscheune, 16775 Gransee The camp im May is meant to prepare for theRead More »
  • Florida Spring Fling Diary 2018

    Florida Spring Fling Diary 2018

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    Spring Fling in Lake Wales was going on March 22 – 25 We are on the last day of one full week of the Spring Fling event and we are looking back with much satisfaction to a time of friendshipRead More »
  • Preview Spring Fling 2018

    Preview Spring Fling 2018

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    Brian Pangburn has posted a preliminary info for Spring Fling 2018 Still making plans for the Spring Fling. Thank you everyone for your feedback and suggestions. We should have a fantastic week in March. Please continue to let us knowRead More »
  • Our community, ECF after the third year

    Our community, ECF after the third year

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    A look back at European Canopy Formation project ‘crEUw’ by Henk Lunshof crEUw is a composite of CRW (canopy relative work, the old name for CF) and the EUropean cooperation. This cooperation has made CF and the interest for it,Read More »
  • CF experience report 2017

    CF experience report 2017

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    The best at the end of the season. We will enjoy jumping in Teuge for as long as it’s still possible. Politicians are about 70% through the decision-making process and in the end parachuting in Teuge will probably be sacrificedRead More »
  • CF experience 2017

    CF experience 2017

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    Experience for bigger things! The Teuge CF crew is hosting the last crEUw big way event for 2017 and are happy to welcome you to Teuge DZ from September 28 till October 1. The goals are: – 16-way base trainingRead More »
  • Russian Record Weekend 2017

    Russian Record Weekend 2017

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    25 way approved & Record plan shifted to 2018 On 15-17 September members of the Russian Big Canopy Formation Club gathered at DZ Aerograd Kolomna to build a Record 30-way Formation. The weather had different plans and in reality gaveRead More »
  • Flight route planning via Teuge

    Flight route planning via Teuge

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    The latest email to Teuge-DZ Members Mail from Sept, 14 On the basis of all media reports on Lelystad’s proposed alternative flight route, and the consequence of this for Teuge and Paracenter, we have had a crisis consultation today. ThisRead More »
Technical considerations for flying big formations

Technical considerations for flying big formations

Flight Technology for big Diamond Formations Equipment Wing Loading General rule   Approach Docking Body Position in the Formation Communication Breaking up and starburst Safety – Emergency Standards 1) EQUIPMENT In big formations it is necessary to have canopies with similar

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Preparations for the European Challenge

Preparations for the European Challenge

Points to bear in mind in preparing for record dives FAI Sporting License How to dock Grips in the formation Trim & So 1) FAI Sporting Licence You need to have a valid FAI sporting licence from the corresponding fiscal year!

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What do we do? We are the European Canopy Formation Team (ECF), a group of well-known European CF-Skydivers. We fly formations with open parachutes, with friends from all over Europe. We also promote networks for athletes all over the world.

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Photographers of the various galleries Euro CF 2015: Ming Chu, Laurent Dreyfus and Heikki Kammonen Euro CF 2016: Ming Chu, Laurent Dreyfus and Heikki Kammonen Spring Fling, Florida 2017: Michael Tomaselli alias Chico © cutaway production Teuge Kilo-Team 2017: Laurent Dreyfus and

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