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  • Yaocheng, China, Day 1

    Yaocheng, China, Day 1

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    Arrival and first practice day Today, all 21 members of the display team for Yaocheng have arrived at the Qiaojia Apartment Hotel; one Egyptian, one Australian, two South Americans, three Europeans, five Canadians and nine Americans. For me, the tripRead More »
  • Celebrating the CF World Team

    Celebrating the CF World Team

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    The 100-way world record will be honoured this year Taiyuan, 9 October 2019, Henk Lunshof. The CF World Team has members from all over the world who came together in 2003. Year after year the team trained in Australia, EuropeRead More »
  • New European CF sequential Record

    New European CF sequential Record

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    CF Russia set a new European CF sequential Record! Post from Natalya Lapshina From 22-25 August the Russian CF Large Formation Team gathered at the Krutitsy DZ (in the Ryazan region) with the aim of building a 21-way Canopy FormationRead More »
  • ECF Challenge 2018, ratified!

    ECF Challenge 2018, ratified!

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    The European Record is official We are proud to announce that the FAI has ratified the following Class G (Parachuting) European record:Claim number: 18837 Sub-class : G-2 / Performance Records Category: General Group / Type: Largest Formation Records – Canopy FormationCourse/location: Teuge (Netherlands)Performance:Read More »
  • Dutch press

    Dutch press

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    Dutch press opens with; ‘Best skydivers practice spectacular formation jump over Teuge’ SourceTEUGE – The best skydivers in the world are in the Netherlands this week to jump into Skydive Teuge’s jubilee week. The association has been in existence forRead More »
  • 50 Years Skydive Teuge

    50 Years Skydive Teuge

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    With World-Class CF-Coaches Skydive Teuge, is celebrating their 50th anniversary and that’s the reason for several special events this year, including a Canopy Formation event.This will be one of the biggest CF events in Europe. From June 20 – 30.Read More »
  • Spring Fling adventures ’19

    Spring Fling adventures ’19

    Over the ocean during the daytime and at night Spring Fling ’19 appeared to be CF’s largest gathering ever. 153 participants from all continents took part in this great event. 20 members of the crEUw team joined in, making upRead More »
  • The Spring Fling 2019

    The Spring Fling 2019

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    The list is growing up Update! (2019 Feb 8) We now have 120 people registered – WOW! So we are on our way to be even larger than last year. While we wait for the snow to melt and areRead More »
  • European Record Video 30-way

    European Record Video 30-way

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    Maurice finished the video of the record  Thanks to Maurice Kostros for his work editing this video. Watch it on youTube and give it a like, if you like it!Read More »
  • End of a great season

    End of a great season

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    The close of a great season After hard work on our training camps and the EU-record attempt, Marc Calluy and Brord van der Maat invited us to close the season with a ‘CF for Fun’ event the Zwarberg DZ with SkydiveRead More »


The Staff of the EU CF-Project The leaders of the project introduce themselves. Click on the images to find the sports-vita of the CF-jumpers. To get in touch with us, please use the contact form in the menu under the ‘About’

Motivation of ECF

Motivation of ECF

What do we do? We are the European Canopy Formation Team (ECF), a group of well-known European CF-Skydivers. We fly formations with open parachutes, with friends from all over Europe. We also promote networks for athletes all over the world.

Gallery Directory

Gallery Directory

Photographers of the various galleries Euro CF 2015: Ming Chu, Laurent Dreyfus and Heikki Kammonen Euro CF 2016: Ming Chu, Laurent Dreyfus and Heikki Kammonen Spring Fling, Florida 2017: Michael Tomaselli alias Chico © cutaway production Teuge Kilo-Team 2017: Laurent Dreyfus and

Photo by Thomas R. Seelbinder

Technical considerations for flying big formations

Flight Technology for big Diamond Formations Equipment Wing Loading General rule   Approach Docking Body Position in the Formation Communication Breaking up and starburst Safety – Emergency Standards 1) EQUIPMENT In big formations it is necessary to have canopies with similar

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Photo by Ming Chu (GB)

Preparations for the European Challenge

Points to bear in mind in preparing for record dives FAI Sporting License How to dock Grips in the formation Trim & So 1) FAI Sporting Licence You need to have a valid FAI sporting licence from the corresponding fiscal year!

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We are looking for authors in our team for this website! We would like to publish contributions from all countries that are with us in sport.

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