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  • European Record Video 30way

    European Record Video 30way

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    Maurice finished the video of the record  Thanks to Maurice Kostros for the work of the video editing. Call it on youTube and give it a like, if you like it!Read More »
  • End of a great season

    End of a great season

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    The close of a great season After hard work on our training camps and the EU-record attempt, Marc Calluy and Brord van der Maat invited us to close the season with a ‘CF for Fun’ event the Zwarberg DZ with SkydiveRead More »
  • Season finish in Belgium

    Season finish in Belgium

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    Come to Zwartberg & finish the season with crEUw The 6 way speed competition will not take place as there were too few teams registered for it. For this the CF-season ends with Lightnings. However, CReW is still on atRead More »
  • Confirmation from the Judges

    Confirmation from the Judges

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    The Judges’ statement is as follows After checking the evidence provided, the Judges declared that our attempt to set a European record for Largest Canopy Formation, made at Paracentrum Teuge, is valid! Yes it is!!!! We now have to apply forRead More »
  • New in CF and in the record-jump

    New in CF and in the record-jump

    The story of IZA who is new in CF Life is amazing: in May I started CF and I did 15 jumps. In June I did about 15 jumps more at one of the ECF camps where I set myRead More »
  • ECF Challenge 2018, day 3

    ECF Challenge 2018, day 3

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    ECF Challenge 2018, day 3 with a new record! This morning we woke up with the 30-way dirt dive of the night before still in our minds. After a good breakfast, the clouds put us on a hold before we couldRead More »
  • ECF Challenge 2018, day 2

    ECF Challenge 2018, day 2

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    ECF Challenge 2018, day 2 This morning we are blessed again with prefect weather. With a minor change in the base and also in the other groups, the ECF got airborne, along with our fellow Dutch accuracy and wingsuit competitorsRead More »
  • ECF Challenge 2018, day 1

    ECF Challenge 2018, day 1

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    ECF Challenge 2018, day 1 The morning greated us with a big smiling sun. While Teuge was still waking up the crEUw team started her day with a general briefing, group briefings and manifesting to have the wheels off atRead More »
  • Preparing for the record

    Preparing for the record

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    Preparing & help from Performance Design Today we all got really excited. The 218 Lightnings  arrived! Gerben drove up to the DZ to check them out. Thank you to Chris Gay and Brian Pangburn from Canopy Formation Specialists for helping usRead More »
  • European CF Record 2018 preview

    European CF Record 2018 preview

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    Teuge from September 13 – 16 From 13 till 16 September the European Canopy Formation (ECF) members will organize a record attempt at DZ Teuge in the Netherlands. 34 members from 11 different European countries have responded to this invitationalRead More »
Photo by Thomas R. Seelbinder

Technical considerations for flying big formations

Flight Technology for big Diamond Formations Equipment Wing Loading General rule   Approach Docking Body Position in the Formation Communication Breaking up and starburst Safety – Emergency Standards 1) EQUIPMENT In big formations it is necessary to have canopies with similar

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Photo by Ming Chu (GB)

Preparations for the European Challenge

Points to bear in mind in preparing for record dives FAI Sporting License How to dock Grips in the formation Trim & So 1) FAI Sporting Licence You need to have a valid FAI sporting licence from the corresponding fiscal year!

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The Staff of the EU CF-Project The leaders of the project introduce themselves. Click on the images to find the sports-vita of the CF-jumpers. To get in touch with us, please use the contact form in the menu under the ‘About’

Motivation of ECF

Motivation of ECF

What do we do? We are the European Canopy Formation Team (ECF), a group of well-known European CF-Skydivers. We fly formations with open parachutes, with friends from all over Europe. We also promote networks for athletes all over the world.

Gallery Directory

Gallery Directory

Photographers of the various galleries Euro CF 2015: Ming Chu, Laurent Dreyfus and Heikki Kammonen Euro CF 2016: Ming Chu, Laurent Dreyfus and Heikki Kammonen Spring Fling, Florida 2017: Michael Tomaselli alias Chico © cutaway production Teuge Kilo-Team 2017: Laurent Dreyfus and

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