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  • CF meeting point Estonia July 2017

    CF meeting point Estonia July 2017

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    Welcome to Parasummer boogie in Estonia! This year Parasummer is held for the 18th time and again it will be in Pärnu, Estonia. During  a week long boogie there are a lot of things going on – coaching (FF, FS,Read More »
  • CF 2-point 16way in Poland June 2017

    CF 2-point 16way in Poland June 2017

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    CF Challenge 2-point 16way Sky Camp Dropzone Kazimierz Biskupi, Poland June 8 – June 11 We invite all crEUw Dogs to a Big Way Canopy Formation Camp. This time it will be held in the centre of Poland, at Sky Camp dropzone.Read More »
  • Locally in Portugal

    Locally in Portugal

    The first CF Euro Camp in 2017 was held in Skydive Algarve, Portugal. The DZ has a nice Dornier G92, which is good for CF. Also there is no problem opening high. The DZ is really good for small formations,Read More »
  • Planning 2017

    Planning 2017

    Concept CF Planing 2017 Start End Dropzone Occasion Contact Jan. 30 Feb. 4 Algarve, Portugal CF Winter Camp 2017 with Pasi Pasi Pirttikosky Mar 18  Mar 19 Teuge, NL CF wake up jumps Henk Lunshof Apr. 8 Apr. 9 Langar,Read More »
  • Announcement for Spring Fling April 2017

    Announcement for Spring Fling April 2017

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    Extract from the CF Google Group of the US CReW-dogs Hello Everyone! Its that time of the year again to start thinking about the Spring Fling! This year due to scheduling conflicts we will be moving the Spring Fling toRead More »
  • Record confirmation 2016

    Record confirmation 2016

    The FAI has ratified our European record! We are proud to announce that the FAI has ratified our European record! The compilation of the formation was determined by many aspects. Other jumpers could have flown on this jump, but the interchangeabilityRead More »
Technical considerations for flying big formations

Technical considerations for flying big formations

Flight Technology for big Diamond Formations Equipment Wing Loading Set up  Approach Docking Body Position in the Formation Communication Breaking up and starburst Safety – Emergency Standards 1) EQUIPMENT In big formations it is necessary to have canopies with similar

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Preparations for the European Challenge

Preparations for the European Challenge

Points to bear in mind in preparing for record dives FAI Sporting License How to dock Grips in the formation Trim & So 1) FAI Sporting Licence You need to have a valid FAI sporting licence from the corresponding fiscal year!

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The Staff of the EU CF-Project The leaders of the project introduce themselves. Click on the images to find the sports-vita of the CF-jumpers. To get in touch with us, please use the contact form in the menu under the ‘About’

Motivation of ECF

What do we do? We are the European Canopy Formation Team (ECF), a group of well-known European CF-Skydivers. An older name for our discipline is CRW (an abbreviation of Canopy Relative Work). The term CReW is a word play with

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We thank Ming Chu, Laurent Dreyfus and Heikki Kammonen for their support and the recordings of our project. Without these beautiful shots it would be very difficult to communicate our sport.  The photos and videos shown on this website remain in the

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We are looking for authors in our team for this website! We would like to publish contributions from all countries that are with us in sport.

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